How to Make Law of Attraction Work Fast

How to make the law of attraction work fast is one of the most popular questions for people practicing the law of attraction. We tend to practice the law, see no results, get frustrated, continue harder to apply this universal law and then get frustrated even more when we don’t see results.

1. Are your visualizations real enough?

Visualization is the main technique for applying the law of attraction. This is how you communicate your desires to the Universe and ask them to deliver what you want. But are your visualizations real enough for you to believe them? Are they real and clear enough for the Universe to know what to deliver to you?

When you visualize, you should feel the whole situation is actually happening. You should not be able to tell the difference whether you are visualizing or whether it is really happening.

You should be able to feel the temperature of the room, the human warmth, the colors of the clothes you’re wearing etc…

Having an effective visualization technique is very powerful to manifesting your desires.

2. Are you canceling out your desires?

When you are having positive thoughts and apply the law of attraction, make sure that when you stop, you do not immediately tell yourself to go back to reality and think about the worries you have. Don’t tell yourself “OK. It’s back to the real world now”.

By doing this you are canceling out the positive vibrations which you have released and you are giving the Universe mixed messages.

You should be consistent on your thoughts.

3. Do you believe in the law of attraction?

The most important element to making this secret work fast, is BELIEF.

You must have belief in yourself and in the law to manifest your desires fast. When you’re saying you have a harmonious family relationship, do you actually believe so? Do you actually go home and expect the whole family to be happy or do you think about the possibilities of having arguments?

If you truly believe something, you expect it to happen. There is no doubt. When you question something, you obviously don’t have a strong belief. The law of attraction works the quickest when you have total belief.

When you are trying to attract a nice camera, have no doubt that you’ll get it. See yourself taking pictures with the camera and expect you’ll have the camera in your possession. When you expect something it means you have faith..

4. Are you thinking now?

Thinking in the present now, will speed up the law of attraction a lot. When you’re using this law for more money, you need to think as though you already have the money. You are thinking that it is happening now.

Whenever you do visualization, you imagine things that happen now. Not in the past or in the future. This is what will make the Universe manifest your desires to you, quickly.

When you combine these 4 steps, you will see results much faster. Missing any one of the steps will slow down the law of attraction. Remember not to question the law and not to wonder why it’s taking a long time. These are negative thoughts and will slow down the Universe’s work.