How to Get Into the Action Habit

Discover the difference between Mr. Activationist and Mr. Passivationist

Here's something leaders in every field agree on: There is a shortage of top-flight, expertly qualified persons to fill key positions. There really is, as the saying goes, plenty of room at the top. As one executive explained, there are many almost-qualified people, but there is one success ingredient often missing. That is the ability to get things done, to get results. Which one are you? Are you an activationist or a passivationist?

Every big job- whether it is operating a business, high-level selling, in science, the military, or the government-requires a man who thinks action. Principle executives, looking for a key person, demand answers to questions like "Will he do the job?" "Will he follow through?" "Is he a self-starter?" "Can he get the results, or is he just a talker?" I know I have been tested many times being a Physical fitness trainer, Nutritionist, and Wellness coach where results and success are the bottom line. I always have to perform and go the extra mile to help my clients and customers succeed with their health and fitness goals and needs. I know the commitment that takes on my side and on their side. Afterall, we are a team even when things get tough we have to push through those plateus and possible backsliding days or weeks. It is the end result that really counts.

All these questions have one aim: to find out if the fellow is a man of action.

Excellent ideas are not enough. The thought of getting healthy and fit are not enough. An only fair idea acted upon, and developed, is 100 percent better than a terrific idea that dies because it isn't followed up by action.

The great self-made merchant John Wanamaker often said, "Nothing comes merely by thinking about it."

Think of it. Everything we have in this world, from satellites to skyscrapers to baby food, is just an idea acted upon.

As you study people – both the successful and the just average – you find they fall into two classes. The successful are active; We'll call them activationist. The just average, the mediocre, the unsuccessful are passive. We'll call them passivationist. Again which one are you when it comes to your health and fitness goals are you a activationist or a passivationist? A doer or a "don'ter"? You can only be one or the other you choose.

We can discover a success principle by studying both groups. Mr. Activationist is a doer. He takes decisive action, gets things done, follows through on ideas and plans. Mr. Passivationist ia a "don'ter." He postpones doing things until he has proved he shouldn't or can't do them or until it's too late.

The difference between these two groups shows up in little and big things in life my friends. To acquire new good habits takes time and continuous action. Whether your having a good day or a bad day you still need to follow through with your obligations to yourself and others. Remember we all have the ability to lead within us it is a choice in life no matter whether it is to become a business owner, a doctor, a priest, a teacher, or to tackle our health and fitness goals. Are you going to be a activationist or a passivationist? You decide! Have a healthy and happy day!

References: Dr. David J. Schwartz, Ph.D

By, Natalie Pyles

Health and Fitness Expert, Nutrition Specialist, Wellness Coach, Author, & NSA Speaker

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