How to Be a Good Person in Society

How are some people more attractive than others? How are some people loved by everyone? Let me tell you it is not because of the physical beauty, but it’s because of their nature, because of their behavior. In fact if you have a good nature you start looking good to the people who admire you. More people will start to like you. Well this is not a one day process, no it is a process just to show people you are good but you should develop these habits from inside and you should never forget these. You should change yourself forever to be good.

First of all what you need is physical appearance, it does not mean that you should look like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, but it’s your dressing sense, the way you present yourself. In fact our whole life is a kind of self marketing, where we are the product and other people who look at us are the customers. So always wear a clean dress let it be formals or casuals.Keep your beard trim or a clean shave, keep your nails, teeth, mouth clean. Always look clean, so that people will at least try to know you, rather than running away from you just by seeing your look. Remember first impression you give to others will be the best and a long lasting one.

Always wear a smile on your face, what I mean by saying is smile at people at every casual meet. Greet them with a Good morning or Good evening depending on the time you meet. If you meet some one younger than you ask them if they had food etc.

One main reason by which people fail to create a good impression is that, they do not look into eyes while speaking, it shows their lack of confidence. So always look into peoples eye when you are speaking to them. If you meet some one whom you know through your profession then shake hand with them while you depart. To be kept in mind while giving a shake hand is that, give a firm shake hand, you should not hold their hand too loosely nor too tightly.

Do not boast about yourself in front of others, let others do that for you. People know it very well that the ones who give all credit to themselves are very low esteemed. So even if you get a gold medal in Olympics do not boast it. If you have really done a good job, then people will come to know anyways and they will ask about it by themselves.

Do not treat people according to their status or wealth, speak equally to all and naturally people will start respecting you. I am not saying that you should treat a beggar as well as a mayor the same, but treat equal people equally.

Never let a chance to make friendship with anyone, try to expand your contacts because you cannot tell when someone might come handy, also do not make friendship only to take advantage from them, such contacts do not last long. Do not forget your old friends when you get new ones, remember one thing that friends who were with you when you had nothing are the real friends.

Respect you parents more than anyone, forgive any mistakes if they do, because they were the ones who forgave your first mistake of life. Forgiving others mistake is one of the best habit you can develop. Attend public functions so that people will come to know your presence. Keep yourself updated with what is going on in your surroundings.

Always have interest in learning things, let it be from a College professor or from a 3 year old Kid. Learning is a never ending process. Never show off your wealth in front of others, its a very cheap behavior.

Finally what I would like to say is always make others smile, that would make them remember you forever.