How Do Filipina Girls Celebrate Birthdays?

Birthdays are important to just about everyone. Don’t we all look forward to our birthdays? Somehow, we think that something’s good is bound to happen, and usually there really is.

In the Philippines, the need to relax on your birthday is being taken seriously. In fact, many agencies, both government and non-government alike, allow their employees to go on a birthday leave of absence so they can choose to spend their special day in any manner they want.

Despite it being recognized as important, birthdays are not normally celebrated with much fanfare by Filipinas, unless they are celebrating their milestone years. Grand celebrations are usually made when one reaches the age of 18 and the next big celebration comes at the age of 50. Celebrations for events like these are often done in hotels where guests wear formal dresses or long gowns and are treated to a sumptuous dinner and to-die-for deserts, and a whole night of dancing and fun.

In between those years, birthdays are celebrated more privately, almost insignificantly from the prying eyes of the public. But it does not mean that birthdays are being taken for granted. Not at all.

How Filipina girls celebrate their birthdays depend on several things like budget, mood, and availability of friends. With enough money, the Filipina celebrator might take this as an opportunity to pamper herself. She would go to a spa, to a salon, or she treat herself by shopping till she drops. She would then treat her friends to lunch or dinner, go barhopping or disco-dancing, or out-of-town. There are many beautiful sights in the Philippines, and driving to these places is a better way to celebrate one’s birthday. It gets you closer to nature, which is always a good thing.

On the other hand, if it’s not yet salary time and the Filipina has no extra money to spare, she will have a much simpler celebration. Perhaps, she will hear mass in the morning, go to work and then go home, bringing with her a few servings of the local noodles (locally known as pancit) for her family.

If you happen to have a Filipina girlfriend who happens to love surprises just like many other Filipina women, try to surprise her on her special day. Organize a surprise birthday party for her by coordinating with her best friends and then setting up the venue, the food, and the surprises. If you wish her to spend her birthday with just you, you can set it up that way, too, but of course, while there’s a good chance your Filipina girlfriend will agree to this, keep in mind that she might also want to spend her day with her family. So don’t monopolize her time. If she sees you are concerned that she spends her time with her family, she will be drawn even closer to you.

Regardless of how do Filipina girls celebrate birthdays, there are several things that will not be missing – pancit (or any other kind of noodles) and loved ones.