How businesses can effectively avoid premises liability lawsuits

Premises liability claims can be very expensive and can affect a business. As a business owner, it is important to always anticipate possible scenarios that could occur and it will be practical to consult a personal injury lawyer VA Beach to avoid getting involved in a damaging and expensive lawsuit or claim.

Why you need to be aware of premises liability regulations

Premises liability regulations are not just limited to businesses or commercial establishments. When someone gets injured on another person’s property, the former may be able to seek compensation for injury or damage caused.

It is therefore important for property owners to take the responsibility of ensuring that they maintain safe conditions within their property to prevent injuries. In the event of a personal injury within the premises of a property, the injured party seeks legal representation from any reputable personal injury law firm Virginia Beach to protect their rights to compensation entitled to them.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been an estimated 19,565 deaths for a variety of accidents, with slip and fall cases topping the list and are categorized under premises liability.

But take note, property owners are not generally liable or accountable for injury or damage caused by activities or actions of any person or party on conditions that are obviously and openly dangerous.

How to avoid premises liability problems

Whether you are running a business or a private citizen, it is your responsibility to be aware that whoever gets into your property is protected under the premises liability law. 

For instance, landlords renting out property can be sued for negligence by their tenants in the event of a personal injury due to poor or lack of preventive maintenance within the rental property. The landlord always assumes the primary burden for compensating injured parties and can be costly enough that it can affect business cash flow and time to attend to lawsuit hearings.

Get insurance

Consider securing basic commercial general liability insurance. While it may sound like an added cost, it gives you a high level of confidence that could save you a lot of money if some untoward accidents happen and you shoulder the burden to compensate the injured party.

Inspect the property

Make sure to conduct regular checks on your property and be keen on identifying areas that pose potential risks to safety, such as loose floorboards, slippery floor surfaces, uneven flooring, dilapidated ceilings, cracked walls, etc.

Make sure to take the necessary steps to have these fixed or reconfigured to provide optimum safety for you and others.

Do not wait for accidents to occur

Whenever you find structural or design problems that could cause accidents, take immediate action to have it corrected right away. Common problems such as plumbing leaks or pipe cracks can lead to hazardous conditions that can cause injury, so make sure to have it corrected or repaired right away before it gets worse and increases the risk of injury.

Provide warnings where necessary

If such conditions are could not be corrected immediately or urgently due to supplies or parts not readily available, providing conspicuous and clearly visible warning signs is a must. A “wet floor” sign is a classic and simple yet functional and effective warning system that can avoid accidents from happening.

As any personal injury lawyer VA Beach would strongly advise, it is always practical and prudent to take all the necessary precautions to avoid monumental problems. After all, prevention is always better than cure.

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