Here Is Your Very First Lesson in Government/Mind Control

Try and read this entire post and see how bored you feel. I can almost guarantee that you won’t make it to the very end. Even after reading that sentence, how do you feel? Like the notion of mind, control is ridiculous, correct. Be sure to keep an open mind because this is a handbook on how to recognize, fight, and defeat government and fanatical religious, mind control. You may feel the sudden urge to close this and move on to a something else; I am not surprised because this is sensitive information and our government would rather not have citizens learning it. See how long it takes before you realize that you don’t want to read this anymore. You will simply feel like the information written here is not interesting, not relevant, and not important. There are many ways to determine that this is absolutely real.

Mind control truly works, and you may have to force yourself to read this because most people who read the first paragraph simply feel like moving on to something else. Try your best to stay on track while reading this. Mind control is very effective; it is the ability to make anyone feel and think in a certain way. At times, the thought process can be very specific and feel very real. There is always a desired outcome when it comes to mind control; the way a person feels after being exposed to this clandestine invasion of mental privacy always fits the agenda of our government. When people hear the phrase “mind control”, they normally associate it with subliminal messages in our media or othertypes of imagery within our world. When I speak about mind control, I am talking about people who work for our government who practice telepathy and use it to influence individual people’s specific thoughts and feelings in favor of the government. Just remember that while reading this, you have to strongly focus on your feelings. As real as they may feel, you have to understand that government mind control is extremely effective.

The end result of mind control in this situation is to ensure that you do not want to show this information to other people, and especially to not ask people what they thought about it. Most people who read this do not pass it on to the next person. Don’t believe me? This paper describes several exercises that can absolutely prove to you that government mind control is real on the individual level. Our government uses mind control on people who read this to ensure that they do not send the information out. Pay close attention to the way that you feel while you read this.. it will start out skeptical, turn cynical, and end up having you close the page for one reason or another. You’ll feel like it’s too bogus to pass out, either too boring, or even repetitive. Just understand that some points might be repeated because this is a teaching tool for mind control. The focus is on not only what’s written in the paper, it’s also on your specific feelings, and especially whether or not you’d like to show this information to people.

If you find telepathy to be farfetched, you may also find it hard to believe that our government has been using it in the form of giving lower-income people voices in their head, or schizophrenia, since the beginning of time as we know it. Everyone thinks of schizophrenia as a mental illness but nobody addresses the serious fact that it disproportionately affects the lowest social class in every part of the world. Schizophrenia is one form of telepathy. Other things that are linked to telepathy are epilepsy, mind control, and autism. At this point, I am concerned with how the reader has received this information. Are you skeptical, or are you open-minded? If you are open-minded, do you feel like reading more?

Just remember that people who read this information are subject to mind control on the individual level. Your feelings and thoughts will be put in place exactly the way the government would like; you may find this to be ridiculous and untrue. It works very well; I will later on highlight a method that will determine whether or not you are being mind controlled. Even now as you read this, you probably feel like there is no way that an outside source is choosing the way you feel. It’s just you, right? Mind control is subtle; like I’ve said, the end result in this case is that nobody shows this paper to anyone. You may say in your head, “I’m not showing it to anyone because I don’t find it to be truthful..” Well, the government also has the ability to make you feel that way.

Bottom line is that you will not feel like showing this information to anyone, one way or another. Don’t believe me? Make a mental note now to send this out to people, because by the time you close it you will forget to do it. Mainstream science is still unsure as to why epilepsy, autism, and schizophrenia even occur since they are brain conditions. Why do members of our government give people voices for no reason? It is to reinforce the norms and exercise their telepathic skills.

Have you ever heard the saying that the rich stay rich while the poor get poorer? Well, the world doesn’t have to be this way. The Freemasons set it up in such a way that across the planet, black skin results in a higher rate of AIDS, starvation, water shortage, schizophrenia, epilepsy, tuberculosis, low-income status, and much more. If you feel like this information is not true, understand that mind control is quite effective. I can also understand that you feel like its YOU that feels like its not true, not the government. Keep in mind that the recipient of mind control is always unsuspecting. The feelings feel not only like they are yours but also they feel like they are absolutely real.

What you feel right now fits the agenda of our government. Now you may also say, “Well this is exactly what I’d normally think anyway because it seems nuts.” I can also understand that and it may very well be the case. Our government is somewhat concerned with whether or not you believe this information about telepathy, but they are most concerned about whether or not you look into the evidence, which I will explain in detail later. They are also worried about the word spreading; this information only surfaced in late 2010. They know exactly who is reading this thread and they use mind control on the individual level. Don’t think someone is in your head right now?

I’m not surprised because it seems nuts, but just remember that the government is keeping tabs on this one and making people feel like it’s nuts. If you want to try and figure out whether or not someone is choosing the way you feel, say the following sentence in your head. “The government you work for gives poor people schizophrenia. It’s obvious because you hear voices in your head. Quit your job before you get killed, we are watching you on camera.”

Keep reading, and I’ll explain why this is the way it works. The reason it is worded that way is because the ones who are employed by the government to mind control people in response to this situation have yet to make the connection between their jobs and schizophrenia. They hear voices in their head that are actually your own thoughts worded; the voice sounds exactly like your voice! When you say this sentence in your head, they actually hear it and they make the connection between their job and government dirty work. This is the number one way to determine whether or not you are being mind-controlled because the way you feel about saying this in your head will clearly be a government response. Aside from looking into the evidence, which I will explain in detail later, attempting to say that sentence in your head will lead you to down the path of even more mind control. You will either be completely sidetracked, you will feel like it’s bogus, or you will feel like it’s not working. When I mention the word feel, I mean that the feeling will absolutely overpower you. After about a minute of trying, you’ll go about your normal life and you will forget about this situation. See how long you can say that in your head; if you feel like not doing it, then you need to keep doing it. The end result will be that you will not show this information to people, you will not take this situation seriously, and you will not look into the evidence. This is the most groundbreaking information on mind control that has ever been written and everyone who reads it is subject to mind control from our government. Most of all, you will not try and say that sentence in your head. If you do, you will get sidetracked by some other feeling or thought. This is the number one way to determine whether or not you are being mind controlled, so try it out! Others have read this and have admitted to being mind controlled while reading it. Let’s see if you catch it. If you do begin to think about what you’ve read here and whether or not you need to take action, you will simply just not feel like telling anyone and you will go about thinking about something else in your life.

If you try to think about what I’ve written or try to analyze whether or not this is real, you will end up drifting into a different thought process that is unrelated to this, or you will simply feel like it is not true or not important. Try and say that sentence in your head; I can almost guarantee that you will get sidetracked. Most of all when you think about this situation, you won’t find it to be serious.

You are probably interested in how they know that it’s exactly you and how it’s possible for the government to use mind control on an individual level. Cameras exist in homes across America in the form of a cable box. Our government also uses mock insects as cameras; they look so real, are so small, and come with panoramic vision and full sound. The odds are that you may feel like explaining this information to someone but you will also have a thought in your head that they may find you crazy. That is a specific form of government mind control. If you are reading this thread, you are being mind controlled because the government watches me as well. My friends, family, and anyone else who is close to this situation are mind controlled in an even more extreme way. They know what each and every one of these people think about; most of them are unable to defeat the mind control that is clouding the way that they process this situation. As a result, they simply don’t feel like mind control is real, they do not feel like looking into the evidence, and most of all they will not say that sentence in their head. What makes it more extreme is that the government knows every individual detail of these people’s lives, in the sense that they end up choosing what they think about. When someone who is close to me thinks about this situation, about two or three minutes later they are mentally preoccupied with something else that is going on in their lives that is personal. Some of my friends have figured this out and find it disrespectful. The government so adamant in covering this up that they are willing to stomp on peoples’ individuality and mentally violate them in order to keep things in place with respect to their agenda. Back to the topic of schizophrenia.

When I say that schizophrenia is used as a means of reinforcing the norms I mean that race, intelligence, and social class are three factors that collectively influence our beliefs about each other as a society.

This pattern exists not only in America but across the entire planet. Blacks have been used for experiments for centuries; even the Tuskegee Experiment was conducted by our government in the 1970s, and that involved injecting poor blacks with syphilis to sees what would happen if the condition was untreated. In this day and age, Blacks are used for experiments in the form of having disproportionate rates of schizophrenia and epilepsy, since nobody has realized up until now that these are actually caused by government telepathy. When hundreds of telepaths connect to one single being, it can easily induce a seizure. Our government conducts these attacks on citizens and even pets. Why pets? Once again, if this condition only occurred in humans, people may find it suspicious and possibly link the condition to telepathy. Just like Blacks in America disproportionately have epilepsy, the Belgian Mallinois Shepherd Dog, a breed generally used as police dogs, also suffers higher rates of epilepsy. The statistics seem to indicate that this is a genetic problem, considering that it affects just one breed of dog more than others, but somehow in the end its Black humans who are always suffering. I can understand where this would occur for their social class, but why is it that it also occurs for debilitating conditions such as schizophrenia and epilepsy? I can see where one would find it nuts that our government would target certain people for no reason. Just know that no matter how nuts this may seem, there are several ways to determine whether or not this is real, especially saying the sentence in your head, or researching the Barack incident.

Epilepsy and schizophrenia may seem a little off-track, but they are also forms of telepathy. The reason that mind control is much different than the other two chronic conditions because the recipient is almost always in perfect mental health and is absolutely unsuspecting of what is occurring. The thought processes and feelings feel so genuine that the recipient in fact does not even realize that they are being mind controlled. Just know that you are being mind controlled on the individual level due to the fact that you are reading this. If you don’t believe me, keep reading and I will outline a few methods that will prove to you that reading this passage online leads to you being mind controlled.

Based on what you’ve read far, my guess is that you are government uses mind control on those who read this thread. Mind control is your thought response to what you’re reading. Now at this point, it seems like it’s just YOU who is skeptical. Mind control makes you feel like the feeling is yours. Saying the sentence, “The government you work for gives poor people schizophrenia, it’s obvious because you hear voices in your head.

Quit your job before you get killed, we are watching you on camera,” is a method that defeats mind control. While saying it you will be sidetracked in some way, shape, or form… some citizens are getting very good at it. The objective is to tell people about this, and to get people to practice telepathy. How to practice you say? Well, it’s very, very simple. Stay focused on someone and tell them to do the same. Stay very focused and keep doing it for a few weeks. Eventually you guys will be perfectly connected. Just THINK about that person.

When person A thinks about person B and stays heavily focused, and person B also stays heavily focused, a connection will form. That’s it? Yep that’s all it takes. Remember if it feels like it’s not working, keep doing it. Other than saying the sentence in your head which I’ve written, another way to determine whether or not this is real is by researching the Barack Obama lookalike incident. Again, this information only surfaced in late 2010, so here’s the evidence portion of this paper.

Lots and lots of evidence, and nobody ever looks. Our government uses mind control on the individual level for every single person who is exposed to this information. You will find that for some reason you absolutely do not feel like looking into this, and you also do not want to tell people. The reason is because Barack Obama was mentally attacked by a citizen in late July through the use of telepathy; he had to suddenly stop being president. People are finding out, and it’s about to be a mess. This started in June of 2010.. it’s late January 2011 now, so tens of thousands of people already know since this information is making it’s way through people’s emails at an alarming rate. Once you read about the evidence which I’m about to describe, make sure you show people and ask for their opinion. That is the most important part about this message. The Barack Obama cover up incident is clear evidence that NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, Associated Press, BBC, and many more mainstream news agencies all work in tandem with our government.

The media attempted to cover this up by using stand-ins that are clearly not Barack Obama. Our government wants to make sure that people do not know about the situation because it would be linked to whether or not telepathy is real. The reason these two situations would be linked is because the person who wrote about it documented every day of the cover-up by using the news in real time, up until when Barack decided that he could not be president any longer. The telepathic citizen was also being watched by the D.E.A., who watched him document the media cover-up in real time. This proved to be important because many photos of odd-looking Obama’s in August and September were removed from the internet. There are many ways to research whether or not this is real, some better than others. One obvious piece of evidence is the Barack Obama that existed between August and October.

He didn’t make many appearances, but he is clearly a different person. Check out Barack Obama’s speech on August 9th at the University of Texas, and check out his October 20th speech at a rally for John Kitzhaber. Both speeches can easily be found on YouTube, and there are hd versions of each of them in order for you to really see the difference between this person and the real Barack Obama. Here’s where you get shell-shocked. How could they use stand-ins for our own president, especially when he has such a distinct look? Pause his face during either of these speeches. You will find many unique faces which you’ve never seen prior to August 9th. You will also find that he will never make faces like that again after October 20th.People generally make the same faces while they speak, but in late July Obama had to get pulled out. His media image was clearly still important considering that he was still the President of the United States, it’s just that the original Barack could no longer continue his job without looking sick. Barack’s facial expressions looked a certain way prior to August 9th, and also looked a certain way after October 20th. During this time period he had a lapse in speeches, and he looked very different. It’s because this person is a transitional lookalike and clearly not Barack Obama.

Barack had logged thousands of hours of speeches prior to August 9th, so the real question is why he made such odd faces during this time period. Does anyone have an actual answer? There is absolutely no reason for Barack Obama to have made such odd facial expressions for just a two-month period. The truth is that it is impossible to find him making faces like that prior to August 9th because it is simply a different person. Try and find similar facial expressions in any other Barack speech; you will be unable to do so.

A more comprehensive way to research, this would be to find back issues of newspapers such as New York Times and USA Today during the months of August and September. During August and September, our president had a tremendous drop in speeches, media appearances, and regular resolution photos. He looked normal for his entire term, with the exception of July when he looked very sleepy and sick throughout the month. All of a sudden in August, his face looked extremely different in the news and he made less appearances compared to the rest of his term; when the photos did appear in the news, they were often low-resolution and even at times profile shots, photos of him wearing hats and sunglasses, and most importantly different shaped heads and different faces. Aside from the guy who spoke on August 9th and October 20th, there were several other Barack lookalikes that were used strictly for photos in the news.

The reason that newspapers are important for researching this incident is because the internet removed many articles regarding this situation. There is no way to erase the news that already exists in printed form, which means that with some money it would be quite easy to blow the lid on this situation. Using newspapers, just take a look at Barack in July. He was sleepy and haggard. In August and September he was barely in the media; an absent Barack Obama for the most part. In October a better stand-in came about, but the odd part about it is that the first stand-in that was used August 9th actually stood back in as president on October 20th for the Kitzhaber speech.

This was after even another Obama spoke, so there were many different Obama’s from August through October. Seems nuts because nobody’s ever seen a distinct looking person like Barack Obama, so how could they possibly find a lookalike for a person like him? Even his voice is extremely distinct and sounds nothing like a voice I’ve ever heard in my life.

Here is a photo of Malcolm X and the Barack who spoke on August 9th.

Check out the lips, eyes, mouth, nose, and the shape of the head. Also note that both of these men play a special role in Black Politics in America. Barack Obama is not half-black and half-white. He is actually of different genetic stock, same as Malcolm X, Condoleezza Rice, Cory Booker, Wardell Connerly, Ken Blackwell, Ralph Nagin, Charles Ramsey, Harold Ford Jr and Sr, Wallace Jefferson, Julian Bond, Louis Farrakhan, Colin Powell, and many other people who hold prominent positions in Black politics. The funny thing is that these people all call themselves African-American, but take a look at their very unique features, specifically the freckles.

Google some photos of these individuals and note the similarities between their features. Compare them to a normal black person. It’s not that there aren’t blacks with freckles, it’s just that the facial features of these individuals are extremely distinct. I’d say probably 1 in 10000 black people look the way they do, maybe even less, but somehow these guys are all involved with politics. Everyone finds it farfetched that another genetic stock exists on this planet, but stay on track with the Barack evidence before deciding for yourself. Remember that you are being mind-controlled to not research the information about Barack because it just happened seven months ago and our government is using mind control very successfully. Anyone who reads this is being mind controlled to take this situation seriously. The feeling of not caring will always overpower the reader and is directevidence of government mind control. Don’t believe me? Prove me wrong and research the evidence I’ve described, especially pausing Barack’s faces for speeches prior to August 9th and after October 20th and trying to find faces like you’ve seen in those two speeches. Our government is using mind control because this is a very current situation they have to keep it under wraps.

The real evidence would be to compare Barack Obama before and after this whole mess started. Check out the new president and compare him with pictures of the old president. You will find two completely different Obama’s, and even a few in between. From January 2009 until June 2010 he looked normal. In the month of July, he looked haggard and sleepy. Since August there have been several other Barack’s in place.

Do you suspect that you’re being mind-controlled? Maybe, but probably not. It works so absolutely well that you just feel like the feeling belongs to you. It is absolute feeling control. The way to recognize whether or not you’re being mind controlled is to acknowledge the fact that the end result for our government is to make sure that you do not do any legwork or research regarding this incident, and especially that you won’t show this paper to people. They want you to forget this situation and go about your normal lives because this is potentially the most damaging information possible for our government. If you do suspect that you are being mind-controlled, or if you aren’t sure and would like to see whether or not you are being subject to mind control on the individual level, try this following mental exercise.

Say the following sentence in your head:”The government you work for gives poor people schizophrenia. It’s obvious because you hear voices in your head. Quit your job before you get killed, we are watching you on camera.” The reason that it is worded this way is simple. First off, the people who are employed to mind control you are unaware of the link between their jobs and schizophrenia. You are the ones that are telling them.

They understand that schizophrenia has to do with voices, but they haven’t made the connection between their mind control positions and the mental illness. Just know that aside from directly speaking into people’s heads, the government has the ability to specifically choose people’s thoughts and feelings on an individual level. For example, while reading the information that explains that Barack Obama has lookalikes, a person will feel like they don’t want to tell anyone even though there is serious evidence regarding this situation. A reader will just absolutely not feel like informing others when it is extremely serious information that is not going to be covered by the news media.

If you’re reading this in your home and you suspect that you experienced mind control, turn to your cable box and give it the finger. That’s just to let our government know that you may just tell someone about this information. Mind control can be very specific, like I’ve mentioned. It’s not as if you feel like Barack doesn’t have lookalikes. It’s more like you stare at the faces and they just look like the same person, even though they are clearly different people. It is very overpowering and they have been using it in response to many situations, just to make sure that the lid doesn’t get blown. The date is January 23, 2011. Please tell everyone about this!

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