He Knew What We Were Thinking

For an office party at my work place, my boss wanted me to hire some kind of entertainment that would be fun for everyone. I could think of a couple of really fun ideas what would have been a big hit with the office workers, but those were more suitable for bachelor parties. I came up with the idea of hiring a mind reader from https://nebmagic.com/mind-reader-london/ that would be able to interact with the audience and tell exactly what they were thinking. My boss found the idea to be brilliant and couldn’t wait to see how well the mind reader performed.

In the past when we had office parties, we usually just ordered some pizza, played some music, and talked. While this was fine, the parties could have been better. There wasn’t much in the form of entertainment, so we essentially had to entertain ourselves. With a mind reader on board, we were sure to be entertained. The mind reader would be able to surprise people by figuring out what was on their minds and figuring out details about them without anyone telling them. I was interested in seeing just how much information about me he could figure out.

One by one, the office workers volunteered to have their minds read by the mind reader. They were a little skeptical that the mind reader would be able to actually do anything, but when he started sharing information about the workers, they could tell that he was the real deal. We were all shocked and confused at the same time. There was no way that the mind reader could have gotten any information on us before the party, especially since he didn’t know any of the people who worked at our office, except for me because I hired him, but I didn’t share anything.