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Going through college can be difficult– not just academically, but also financially. Paying for college could mean working while at the same time attending school or taking out loans. If you are a student who is struggling to pay for your college education, you can’t help but ask, “Are there other ways for me to attend college without having to worry about paying anything?”

Fortunately, there is a way which helps students avail of their college education for free. If you are persistent to continue your college education, you can apply for grants for college students.

A grant is a form of financial assistance provided by the government and by various institutions. When you qualify for a grant, your tuition for a year or for a semester in college is all taken care of and you need not worry about paying for the costs incurred at the end of the year. Simply put, grants are like scholarship awards; however, you need not worry about maintaining your grades at a certain level. Grants are provided to students from all educational levels; however, in your case, you will have to apply for grants for college students.

In order to qualify for a grant from the government, you will have to submit a few documents that prove you are earning less than usual or you are incapable of maintaining your college education. Your sponsors judge whether or not your are qualified for a grant by analyzing your need. On the other hand, most scholarship programs are dependent on your academic standing. If you are unable to meet a certain grade limit after one school year or a semester, you could lose the scholarship and you might have to apply for it again. That is more complicated than applying for a grant – when you qualify for a grant, you no longer have to re-apply for it until your grant expires within a period of time.

Although grants seem to be very helpful, they too have their limitations. For one, most grants cannot assist you with your educational necessities. For example, if you need to pay for an extra-curricular activity in school, the payment will have to come from your own pocket. Grants also keep a budget limit. Compared to scholarship awards which can go as high as $30, 000 per school year, grants can only go as high as $5, 000 or $8, 000. Hence, you need to know how to budget your grant award wisely.

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