Forward Cell Phone Lookup – What is it That You Are Not Aware Of?

Have you ever tried to lookup anyone's cell phone number by their first and last name, or by their contact address on yellow pages? Well you might have searched to find your high school friends number or an old time coworker's number. Have you ever been successful at it? Well probably you may or may not be, but what you have done is a simple people search or if we specifically look into it, it's called the forward phone lookup. But by definition, forward cell phone lookup is the process of finding an individual or businesses cell phone number by their name or address.

Are you aware that it is actually illegal for cell phones to be listed in a directory of any kind, and it is condemned by the government to assure proper privacy protection for people? In fact Washington State passed a legislation to abandon any service that provides a forward cell phone search. Other states also ban contacting cell phone owners without their consent. Well then how come you get to find the people you are concerned about? Well you can do get people cell phone number if they voluntarily accepted to list on a directory, otherwise currently it is impossible to get their number.

On January 2006, Federal Trade Commission passed a legislation that the cell phone numbers will not be available to telemarketers and you are no longer required to register on Do Not Call (DNC) Registry. They also prohibit telemarketers from using automated dialers.

If you are reading this and probably worried about telemarketers calling and the need to register on the DNC registry, there is nothing to worry as mentioned above. You are contacted only if you are willing otherwise, even if you do nothing (Not registering on DNC Registry), according to the law it's illegal for the telemarketers to contact without your consent.

While a service from Qsent called the Wireless 411 was an attempt of a cell phone directory, it only had about 45% of the people number and all those have opted in to contact them. Also the directory is not available on print or on the internet. It's available as the part of the existing 411 directory service and you can access it by calling in and requesting the specific number. But the effort has not seen any light so far, many cell phone providers are withdrawing from the directory as the day passes by.

Another company called Intelius made available of 90 million cell phone numbers on their online directory service that charged a fee for each lookup, is forced to shutdown by the government and Verizon. And on February 2008, Intelius shutdown their online directory (after Verizon threatened to sue it) which was started after the effort from Qsent is nearly collapsed. Many consumer action groups were pleased by the action that Intellius was forced to put a break on their consumer anti privacy initiatives. Verizon expressed Intellius initiative as the violation of American's Privacy, since people expect their numbers to remain private.

So, are there no White pages or Yellow Pages for Cell phones? Well that is right. OK then if you are the one that is looking for a landline phone number, you can by all means access it when you do a people search or a Background search. Also if forward cell phone lookups are illegal, a reverse cell phone search is by all means legal and there are many third party services available in the internet that is well established, authorized and legitimate.

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