Fingerprinting Services for Employment and Licensing Requirements

Often times fingerprints are required for employment, out of State CCW permits (Utah, Arizona), medical licenses, insurance licenses, nursing jobs and licenses, SEC, FINRA, ABA, Security firms, Government employees, IRS E-File providers, Peace Corps, Child identification kits, volunteer work, South African, Canadian, Australian immigration purposes, and almost any other reason that you would be required to have fingerprints completed.

The fingerprinting process can be a confusing process as every business, agency or State have their own guidelines and procedures for background checks. You may have even been given the run around up until this point. It is my personal goal to help aide and steer you in the right direction for all of your fingerprinting requirements.

There are currently two methods of fingerprinting; ink fingerprinting and livescan (electronic) fingerprinting. Although ink fingerprinting is a traditional method of obtaining fingerprints, it may be required for your state or agency. Many reasons for ink fingerprints would be for an example, a nurse living in Pennsylvania applying for a Nursing license in Nevada. The nurse would not be able to go to the local livescan service and submit the prints electronically to Nevada. The two states do not have the capability of linking their systems together. Another good example is a person applying for a Utah non resident carry permit and lives in New York. The person would have to be ink fingerprinted and then the card would be mailed to the Utah Bureau of Identification.

Livescan (electronic) fingerprinting is widely used for the employment agencies in the United States and abroad. Livescan is very efficient in the fingerprinting turn around time and it much more effective in certain cases. Typically livescan is the primary method used in your state for jobs such as nurses, doctors, school teachers, and much more.

The method of which you are required to be fingerprinted is dependent on your state or agencies requirements for having a background check run on you. It is best to research what type of fingerprint will be required or ask you human resource officer, since they will more than likely already know which fingerprint you will need.

Every state has their own fingerprinting process and as of right now the various states have contracted with different companies called “FBI Channelers”. Pennsylvania for example has obtained fingerprinting services through 3M Cogent for “FBI Channeler” purposes. The state in which you are applying for or moving to may have different companies that channel fingerprints to the FBI. As of right now most of them are not compatible with each other from state to state, meaning that you most likely are not be able to go to your local livescan business and have your fingerprints transmitted electronically to that states FBI channeler or State Identification Bureau.

Example: Jane doe (Registered nurse in PA) wants to move to Texas. Different FBI channelers so she would have to get fingerprints done by other means (ink fingerprints) and would then mail them to the hiring agency or to the FBI channeler for that particular state.

Police agencies are often too busy to handle the amount of people that are required to be fingerprinted. Many states and jurisdictions in fact require you to be fingerprinted at private or contracted fingerprinting sites.

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