Find Your Unclaimed Money – Find Out the Money Owed to You

Billions of dollars of unclaimed money owed to the public sits in the government for years while waiting for the right owner to claim it. Have you heard of this? If not, it is not surprising because it is estimated that 9 out of 10 households are owed cash that sits unclaimed year after year and they don't know about it. You maybe one of these people and you need to find out.

Maybe you are hesitant to find your unclaimed money because you are wondering where all these money came from and why they are forgotten and became unclaimed money. Every year millions of dollars become lost when banks, companies and government agencies lose track of the money they are holding due to mistakes in account numbers, names and addresses. Other sources are old pay checks, tax refunds, dividends, bonds, stocks, proceeds from insurances, forgotten deposit accounts, trust money and even inheritance that's owed to you that you don't know.

Are you now interested to find your unclaimed money? But before your search you should know that unclaimed money is eventually transferred to the government. If the organization holding this money is unable to contact the owner for a certain period of time, the money will be classed as unclaimed and will be turned over to the government, federal reserves or corporations and languish there for years waiting for the right owner to claim it.

Do not assume that you don't have one; some people never expected of having money waiting for them until one day they decided to search for their unclaimed property or money and they were shocked to find out that they have unclaimed treasures.

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