Fascinating photos show how high society Parisians dealt with the 1920s pandemic

These fascinating pictures show how high society Parisians dealt with the last pandemic in the 1920s – by donning elegant furs and feathers before hitting the town. Pictured: A woman wraps up in a patterned jacket

A woman strikes a pose for the photographer in a sleek coat

The 100-year-old photographs capture haute couture (pictured) from the catwalk capital of the world in the later 1910s and early 1920s, when the First World War was raging and Spanish Flu was sweeping the globe

Two women stand next to one another while wearing the best of Paris fashion at the time

Owning it! With hands on their hips, these women appeared to own their style of flaring dresses and cinched waists, which seemed to be slightly more daring than the other outfits around them

The photos come from a series of three albums entitled ‘Les Actualités de I’Elégance’ – believed to be shot by society photographers at the Longchamp racecourse

Fashion is a serious business! This woman appeared to take her modelling moment very seriously and kept her face straight while showcasing her trendy ensembles

This woman opted for a glamorous floral shirt teamed with a layered skirt

All smiles! These stylish women couldn’t help but sport a beaming grin when asked to pose for a photograph at the racecourse

The racecourse still attracts some of the biggest riders to this day, situated in Bois de Boulogne park on the banks of the Seine River. Pictured, a woman poses for a photograph

Best foot forward! Despite the ordeals being experienced at the time, these spectacular images showcase how parading the latests trends during a city outing was still high on the agenda for many socialites in Paris

A woman showcases her tasseled jacket and matching dress while at the racecourse

Never too young for style! A little boy appears dressed in all his finery while alongside an elegant looking woman

Another person wraps up in a very cosy coat while at the racecourse

A hat is never too big! This captivating Parisian woman commanded attention while out and about in the French capital, thanks to her large head piece and equally elegant attire

A woman dons an eye-catching head piece while at the races

Dapper gentleman! It seems the best of French fashion wasn’t only for ladies, with this man appearing in all his finery while alongside an equally sophisticated woman

A charmingly dressed man stands alongside an equally elegant lady

Eye-catching! This lady appeared to stand out from the crowd while attending the races in Paris between 1915 and the 1920s

A woman sported a tasseled dress when at the course, pictured

Double trouble! Valued between £4,000 to £6,000, the images document a time where shortened hemlines and new materials replaced wool and fur – as women took on more practical jobs left vacant during the war

A pair of women pose for their photograph while enjoying a day out

Elegant! A lady shows off her classy frock teamed with sophisticated shoes and a sensible hat

The Longchamp racecourse was closed for the duration of the First World War but would reopen in 1919 and in time for the roaring twenties and new-found economic prosperity

Just chilling! A Parisian lady leans against a fence while wearing an elegant striped dress

A group of three women talk and look at a leaflet during a day out at the French racecourse

Sophisticated! Two women appear in their glamorous ensembles while attending a day out at the French racecourse between 1915 to 1925

A woman and her dog pose for a photograph, with the lady wearing a chic dress

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