Executive Protection – EP Team Advice For Visiting Goa, India

A total of ten individuals have been found dead under suspicious circumstances in Goa, India recently. Panic has spread throughout the tourist town of Goa after two bodies were found dead on the beach. Charred remains of another victim was found several hours later and the bodies of two more women were discovered a few days later nearby. Goa Police said they were investigating the possibility of a serial killer on the loose.

Executive protection (EP) teams visiting Goa, India should try to fit into the tourist scene. Make themselves and their client’s invisible. Serial killers can’t attack what they do not observe. Keep your EP team watchful and relaxed. EP team members should remain on-guard even when the client is in areas considered safe. Careful planning and teamwork is a minimum requirement when visiting this area.

Assaults on foreigners, especially women tourists and inability of the Goa Police to handle such crimes have embarrassed the state government. Recently the Goa tourism department setup up a Special Tourist Security Force (STSF) to tackle the rising number of crimes against tourists.

Never flirt with trouble in Goa, India, advise your client that all points of the area are considered risky at night. Avoid local beach restaurants and bars altogether after dark, this includes Calangute Beach, the many restaurants and bars in and around Baga Beach, Anjuna Beach and Dona Paula Beach. Other famous beaches to avoid after dark include Miramar Beach, Agonda Beach, Mandrem Beach, Morjim Beach, Miramar Beach, Palolem Beach, Siridao Beach, Patnem Beach, Keri Beach, Lemos Beach, Mandrem Beach, Morji Beach, Asvem Beach and the beach fronting Goa Beach Resorts offer all the modern tourist facilities in Goa.

Do your homework and detailed advance work when traveling to this location. Your team’s EP strength is founded on pre-knowledge of the airport, routes, venues, client hotel, medical facilities and safe havens. At all times in in Goa, India keep your EP team low-key, but always having your client under attentive guard. While on EP assignment in Goa, your EP team’s day should be well-organized, their work planned, and their objectives clearly set. Don’t let the “paradise image” of in Goa, India cloud your professional judgment approach the assignment in a professional manner. Keep this security advice at the top of your mind. Keep safe and God speed.

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