Enablers and The Law of Attraction

Enablers are those who give off a certain vibration that draws into their experience those who need to be saved, or rescued in some way.

Like magnets, enablers attract those individuals that drain them mentally, physically, spiritually and sometimes financially.

Because enablers are blind to themselves and their own wounded self image, they are often times bewildered by the circumstances they have created.

They are confused by how it is they continually attract others who wind up taking advantage of them. They complain about their situations, the people they claim to love, and blame situations and people for why they can’t move on, get ahead, or be happy.

Enablers are attracting into their experience what they desire. Because they desire to be taken care of by others, they attract those whom need to be taken care of.

The paradox for any enabler is this. The goal, they think, is to get the other person to take responsibility for their life in some area. All the while the enabler ‘says’ this is what they want for the other, he/she is taking part in enabling behavior of some kind. Maybe the enabler is giving the other person money, or a place to live. Maybe the enabler is covering up a drug problem. Maybe the enabler is doing for the other what the other must learn to do for themselves.

Enablers ‘give off’ one message consciously, but emit a different message on a vibrational level.

In order to stop enabling others, enablers first need to learn to take care of themselves on every level.

You cannot attract healthy love, when you do not love or respect your own self. If you haven’t figured out how to look in the mirror and embrace the magnificent being that is staring back at you, you are mistaken if you think you can ever love anyone else enough to teach them to take care of themselves.

When you go out into this world empty, you get that in return; more emptiness.

Instead, when you go within, detach from the opinions of others, and learn to connect to the divine source that lies within you as well as every creation, you learn to fill yourself with the power that creates universes.

And when you finally love you, you begin to realize that anyone who does not mirror back to you the same consideration, and respect you bestow upon them, is not your equal.

You also learn to appreciate time, and grow in patience. For what you are inside, you manifest on the outside.

The more you love you, the more you are able to attract one who loves you as much in return.

Don’t ever try to love anyone, unless you have first learned to love the divine being you are!


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