Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys

Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys

Distracted driving accident attorneys use a variety of investigative techniques to determine who is to blame for an accident. These include gathering the records from the other driver’s smartphone and reviewing any video footage. They also interview potential witnesses. The most effective accident attorneys will investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident and gather as much evidence as possible.


Distracted driving is a major cause of auto accidents and is illegal. However, it can be difficult to prove that a driver was distracted while driving. The best way to prove that the driver was distracted is by obtaining evidence of the driver’s behavior. Electronic evidence can help establish that the driver was talking, changing the radio station, or daydreaming. Also, erratic maneuvers and weaving on the road can show that a driver was not fully engaged in driving.

A distracted driver may be liable for additional damages if they have caused the accident. These damages are intended to punish inattentive behavior. In New York, a distracted driver is liable for up to 10% of the damages that resulted from the accident. If the accident resulted in serious injuries, a distracted driver may be held responsible for additional losses. But make sure to hire Utah distracted driving accident attorneys to help you.

Texting while driving

Distracted driving is a dangerous practice that can lead to accidents. It can take the driver’s attention off the road for mere seconds. This can cause a crash and leave victims with severe injuries and medical costs. In addition, these types of accidents often result in lost wages and funeral costs. The law is designed to hold distracted drivers accountable for their actions.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a texting while driving accident, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit against the responsible party. You may be entitled to economic and noneconomic damages if the other driver was negligent and texting at the time of the crash. Economic damages include lost wages, medical bills uncovered by insurance, and damage to future earning potential. Non-economic damages may include emotional trauma and long-term pain and suffering.

Inattentiveness while driving

If you have been in an accident caused by inattentiveness while driving, you may be able to receive compensation from the responsible party. The value of your claim will depend on how much you injured yourself in the crash, whether you were intoxicated, and what your insurance covers. Even businesses that employ inattentive drivers may be liable for your injuries. Inattentiveness while driving is a dangerous behavior that can result in serious consequences. In Missouri, the number one cause of motor vehicle crashes is inattention. Drivers who are not paying attention to the road are 29 times more likely to crash.

Distracted driving can have disastrous consequences, especially for commercial truck drivers. Drivers may be distracted by their smart phones, radios, or food, or even other people inside their vehicle. These distractions may lead to a crash, which can result in catastrophic injuries. In fact, distracted driving caused 3,142 deaths in just one year alone.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving is a serious offense and can result in criminal and civil consequences for the driver. The driver is liable for injuries and fatalities caused by their actions. They can also have their insurance premiums increased by as much as seventy percent. This is due to the perception of reckless drivers as high risks by insurance providers. Furthermore, states that have increased speed limits have increased the number of injuries and fatal accidents.

Reckless driving involves driving faster than the posted speed limit, ignoring traffic signs, illegal passing, and driving a vehicle that is in an unsafe condition. In some cases, a person can even suffer a traumatic brain injury. In these cases, the person may be able to seek compensation for the pain and suffering caused by the accident.