Deep State

When we look back at the down fall of America and, we will, sooner or latter the one pivotal factor that ultimately spelled the beginning of Americas decline was a piece of legislation that has been primarily overlooked, forgotten, or otherwise deemed nonessential to the American public. The significance of the Act of 1871 is that from that moment on the United States ceased being a Democratic Republic and all legislation was engineered for the sole purpose to enrich the corporate state of the United States.

Today, when we listen to Congressional hearings and all the political rhetoric that keeps the airways occupied they all evoke the Constitution. Sad to say the Constitution that they so heartily refer to is the one that is a forgery, and purposely designed to aid and legalize the illegitimacy of the now corporate United States. We have to remember that our Founding Fathers designed the original constitution to guard against outside intervention such as the European Bankers to gain a foot hold on any and all legislation coming out of our Congress. Even President Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln understood the dangers of foreign intervention on fiscal matters would have on the American public.

Back in 1871 America was still struggling to pay for the debts occurred from the war. In order to secure the needed funds to pay the war debts Congress was desperate in securing any funding. Enter the Rothschilds and the Bank of England. The Rothschilds and other European Bankers were eager to gain a foothold in America and with the United States financially strapped was a golden opportunity to do just that. But, in order for the United States to gain the much needed funds the only way the Rothschilds Bank of England would lend America the money was to incorporate the United States. Thus the Act of 1871 turned the United States into a corporation.

Before 1871 the government of the United States could only rely on the citizens in the form of taxes for all the expenditures the government occurred. the supply of currency was very limited. Money the government didn’t have was needed to stabilize the economy and the Act of 1871 was deemed necessary to stave off a debilitating depression. The Act of 1871 established the Corporation of the UNITED STATES. Note the words UNITED STATES is in capital letters which means in law is different from the United States.

The Act of 1871 also produced an alternate Constitution, which is still the one that is misunderstood as the original Constitution. The Constitution now is referred to as The Constitution of the United States of America. A change so subtle not too many noticed the difference from the original, The Constitution For the United States of America. But, this change was necessary because now foreign investors have gained influence through lending money to America all at high interest. Now, with continued international financing paved the way for the Federal Reserve to come into existence. Thus the national debt has only continued to increase.

To this day so many Americans don’t even realize that we have become not sovereigns, able to direct their own destiny but rather citizens of a corporation. We wonder why the government can get away with it’s massive abuses, such as unfunded mandates and a debt that continues to put a burden on each and every American. We have become in essence employees of the Corporate United States. The twisted, unlawful and treasonous Act of 1871 turned America away from the very fiber and core of what our Founding Fathers forged when they penned the original Constitution.

If we the people realize the scope of the travesties that have been played on the American public since 1871 there would be such an outcry of injustice Congress would have no choice but to repeal the Act of 1871. What that would do would free the American public of the strangle hold that the Federal Reserve has had over the American public. The Federal Reserve would be replaced by the Constitutional right of the US treasury to print currency all interest free and our currency would be backed up by gold. Just think of a debt free society because with the repeal of the Act of 1871 All debt would be canceled.

Today the federal government is the corporation and all Americans are bound to pay it’s debts. But if we unite and repeal this act which is illegal anyway just think of the lost freedoms and liberties that would be restored. It is time that the American people realize that a grave injustice has been played on them since 1871 and repeal the Act of 1871 before this country really does fall.

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