Debates – Integral Parts of A Democratic Society

A debate enriches the people participating in it, thus contributing to the democratic system. Interactive argument on debate platforms allows participants to exchange views, making the right atmosphere for a consensus to develop. These debates are an integral part of a democratic society.

Society is an ever evolving entity and the reason behind the change is the people. It is we, the people, who prompt the change, causing the society we all live in to move on. Prevailing economic, political and social factors are behind these changes. These factors impact our lives in a profound manner, pushing us to discuss them and decide what will be better for our future.

Issues concerning us could be large or small. It could be as simple as to follow a daily talk show on the television on a given subject, or as big whether the UK must participate in any future war in the gulf. However, the debate must go on. In fact, it is the base of the democratic society as without debate, it will be autocracy and not democracy.

Democracy is the system that flows from bottom to top and not vice versa. It is people who make the Government in a democracy. An everyday man can get things to happen in a democracy and that is the beauty of this system.

A democratic society can use various platforms to debate, and each of these platforms would carry its own value. A debate could be large or small as well. A few people discussing matters in a drawing room is as much a debate as two politicians discussing Britain’s foreign policy on national television. Discussions as small as a drawing room or coffee shop level play their part in formation of a general opinion on a given matter.

Then, there is a new platform – social media. People can express themselves on social media calling a spade a spade. They can use blogs to offer their take on various subjects the society, nation and the world faces. There are online forums which can contribute to productive discussion on certain topics. People can discuss freely and even if a participant crosses the limit, the moderator can take care of it.

You can be part of the sites which are a notch higher than the usual forums and popular social media. These sites have reputed academics, who can enrich you with their issue-penetrating articles, on their panel. Reading their thoughts on a range of current issues will help you comprehend an issue in a better way. These will help you develop an analytical mind, enabling you to look on issues with the angles, you hitherto did not think of.

Any news which is worthy of making it to a debate, will find place on these sites. So if you are convinced that the issue you are in is debate news, visit these websites and you will find it. Go through the existing articles and the readers’ feedback on the given subject and you will get a handle on the subject.

If you are one of those who like to contribute to your society and nation with your input about issues, you can join such platforms. That way, you will be able to do your bit for strengthening democracy.