Can I Get Workers Comp’ if I am in an Accident on the Way to Work?

Our Oklahoma City workers’ compensation attorneys explain situations in which you may be entitled to benefits for injuries sustained on the way to or from work. 


On the job accidents can happen in any occupation, leaving you suffering serious personal injuries. Workers’ compensation benefits canprotect you from paying out of pocket for medical expenses and lost wages involved. A common question concerns whether you can get workers’ comp for injuries sustained traveling to or from work. In general, these types of accidents are not included in coverage, but there are some situations in which you may be eligible. 


Workers’ Compensation In Oklahoma: Compensation for Injuries on the Job 


Workers’ compensation acts as a form of insurance for employees, protecting them in the event of job-related injuries and occupational illnesses. Administered through the Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commision (WCC),it provides the following benefits:  


  • Coverage of medical expenses related to your injury or illness;
  • Reimbursement of lost wages during recovery;
  • Short and long term disability benefits, in the event you are unable to return to your prior position or perform certain tasks on the job;
  • Job retraining, which can help you obtain a new position;
  • Benefits for surviving family members, in the event an injury or illness proves fatal. 


Workers’ compensation benefits are available for injuries suffered on the job or during the course of employment, but there are situations that are not covered. These include if you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time, blatantly violated company guidelines and safety procedures, or were injured while commuting to and from the job. 


Workers’ Compensation for Injuries That Happen on the Way to Work


Under the Oklahoma Statutes, the guidelines for collecting workers’ compensation benefits are clear. Accidental injuries and occupational illnesses are covered only if they occur on the job or during the course of your employment. If you are driving to and from work and are involved in a car accident, your injuries are generally not covered. However, there are exceptions: 


  • You travel from one client or job site to another as part of your job;
  • You were traveling either to or from a company-mandated trip;
  • You were performing tasks related to your job or as required by your employer when the accident happened, such as making deliveries or picking up supplies;
  • You are a police officer or other emergency responder who is considered ‘on the clock’ as soon as you leave your home. 


Discuss Your Case With Our Oklahoma City Workers’ Compensation Attorneys


Workers’ compensation can help you avoid paying out of pocket for injuries that happen on the job or in the course of your employment. To discuss your case and your rights to benefits for commute-related injuries, reach out to Boettcher, Devinney, Ingle & Wicker. Call or contact our Oklahoma City workers’ compensation attorneys online today to request a consultation.