BP Oil Spill & How It’s Affecting the Gulf of Mexico

How can something be safe and sanitary if it has been around for nearly 4.543 billion years? That's how long ago Earth was created and the waters we are swimming in today have been around. Water is a major factor to our world and the quality of it is steadily decreasing. Pollution has gotten worse than it has ever been. Oil spills, trash, bacteria, all are taking over the bodies of water and affecting the living organisms causing severe damage to the environment. Media relations broadcast what they want us to know, not everything we typically need to know is shown. If the media showed the harsh truth, business would be out on the hunt for them and the economy would go down the drain quickly; Especially with us living in a big tourist city!

A huge factor is when the body of water closest to us, The Gulf of Mexico, was severely polluted on April 20, 2010. A massive oil rig exploded releasing 210 million gallons of oil into the waters over the duration of 87 days until they finally could cap the well head. A variety of techniques were used to address fundamental strategies for addressing the spilled oil, which were: to contain oil on the surface, dispersal, and removal. In summer 2010, approximately 47,000 people and 7,000 vessels were involved in the response works. Now six years later, CNN reports "Scientists continue to study environmental impacts, but five years after the spill, the long-term negative effects remain unclear and are, in many cases, highly disputed. BP, the company that caused the spill, is eager to point out it appears the Gulf of Mexico is healing itself. " Media reports what they're told to report, simply because our Government and local officials have not told you the truth about the oil spill. I got the chance to speak to a guy, Jeff Lawrence, who is a total conservative and was the only media that was allowed to be imbedded in all the daily operations of the oil spill by the CEO of the oil giant. He had access to people and information that everyone else did not. He went completely undercover while working alongside the company to find out the factual information we all needed to know, but would not get told. He said BP did try and clean it up but used toxins that actually did nothing but make the matter worse. It appeared to everyone that the oil was being cleaned up and removed, from what people could see washing up on shore. What you can't see is the thousands of miles of tar that line the floors of the gulf that affect every organism in the water. People are unaware of how unsafe it really is.

Health officials in Florida are warning people heading to Gulf waters to be careful of a form of flesh-eating bacteria that can be deadly. Most of us don't know much about chemical exposure, nor does the media who are liberals in this case. They tell everyone it's safe to not worry the matter is being handled. They write what they interview, they don't do the research scientists do to know the true facts. You see news stories about people dying or hospitalized due to bacteria pretty regularly, at least what they want to broadcast. They all have one common thing in their lifestyles, they came in contact with the dispersants and other toxic chemicals while in the waters or on the beaches. So where do you think all of that dispersant went when scientists say it's cleaned up? It's on the bottom of the gulf with the oil and laced in the sands on our beaches, waiting to be absorbed by human skin. The only people that are trying to convince people that there is no problem are those that are trying to protect their businesses or their property values. That is why we are left with this problem today, people think their property is more important than someone's health! People have been in meetings with Government, State, University professors and scientists, DEP, EPA, marine biologists, toxicologists and the list goes on. When asking them if it was safe to swim in the Gulf of Mexico waters, not one of them would say they felt it was safe to swim in the water around the tar mats, in fact they said they would not! And these people are all being funded with $ 500 million by companies to do their research.

Recently close to home in Navarre Beach, a mutated cobia was caught. Cobia migrate from South Florida and typically start showing up around mid-March, when the water temperatures start reaching the mid-sixties. The bite improves once April arrives and as the water temperature rises into the seventies. The cobia had what looked like the bottom of a shoe along the bottom of the fish where the gills are. Scientists come to believe the mutation was from the oil spill toxins when the fish migrate through the polluted waters on their journey to the panhandle. Not only in the south are our animals being harmed. Whales washed ashore the North Sea and were later cut open for examination and found hundreds of bags in their stomachs. Fishermen and tourists are so quick to let a piece of littler float out in the ocean and not pick it up. Tens of thousands of people visit the beaches each month, one piece of trash leads to another accumulating and take over the ocean. It's easy to forget there are animals living and hunting for food in the seas and cannot easily tell a piece of trash from prey. Trash build up in these animals body can lead to the intestines shutting down because simply they cannot process what they intake and causing death. Many thousands of sea life are compromised or killed by the pollution we allow to escape into the ocean. If the media was to post exactly how much trash is in our ocean, or how many deaths are caused because of it, tourists will no longer want to visit.

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