Border Security, Versus, The Wall

How many times, will we have to, endure, this constant, political rhetoric, which equates, border security, with using billions, of dollars, to build, a wall, along our Southern border? Perhaps because, as a candidate, Donald Trump, consistently called for a wall, his core supporters, and he, feel it's essential, even though, the vast majority of experts, state, it is an ineffective, overly expensive way, of proceeding? Or, is this merely, another example (albeit, an extreme one), of appealing to one's base, in order to serve a personal / political agenda, and / or, self – interest? Since no one, can truly, read someone else's mind, we can't be certain, but, we certainly realize, a shutdown is extremely costly, in many ways, to the government, the overall economy, and many innocent individuals, who are impacted, by it! The President's supporters, and President Trump, proclaim, he is fulfilling a campaign promise, but, in fact, he isn't, because, as a candidate, he consistently stated, it would be paid for, by Mexico. In addition, stating, opponents, are for Open Borders, and attempting to bring fear, by his proclamations, rhetoric, and vitriol, are, less than the whole story! In fact, with that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some of the differences, between, a wall, and effective border security.

1. Border security: I have not heard, anyone, proclaim, or indicate, there are no challenges, nor need, to secure our borders, in a safe, smart, effective manner, but, rather, it appears, the difference, is , whether, the issue is about a wall, or, rather a comprehensive plan, and relevant, sustainable solution, for this challenge! Most experts state, not only is a wall, extremely expensive to build, and, then, maintain, but, despite proponents claims, most drugs, etc, are not smuggled across the border, in other areas, but, rather, brought into this nation, through border crossings, but hidden, among legally imported products. We must stop using symbols, and simplistic solutions, instead of looking at the overall issue, in a well – considered, open – minded, manner.

2. What a wall symbolizes: Throughout history, walls have symbolized restricting freedoms. Who doesn't remember, President Reagan's famous, call, to take down the Berlin Wall (eventually finalized during President Bush / 41's administration)? Think about, nearly, any other wall, between nations, and whether it represents, freedoms, and liberties, or something else! Beware of following, simplistic, rhetoric / vitriol – filled approach, and demand, meaningful, relevant, sustainable solutions!

3. The realities of building a wall: Besides the excessive costs, how can a meaningful wall, be built along the entire 2,000 mile, expanse, of the Southern border? If it was such a danger, and necessity, why is it, that every Congressional representative, serving the area, along the border, opposes it? Seeking Eminent Domain, addressing areas bordered by water, etc, is, both, ill – advised, and irresponsible!

Shutting – down, partially, our government, hurts many Americans, and has, specifically, threatened the well – being of over 800,000 government workers, who either have been forced to work, without pay, or have been furloughed. Wake up, America, and tell your representatives, you've had enough of this irresponsible representation, and wasteful focus, rather than addressing true solutions, in a cost – effective way!

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