Blow That Whistle!

America is a land of freedom guided by laws that safeguard civilized conduct. Americans can dial 911 if they see trouble and help will arrive. After the 9/11 attack on America, the NY Transit Authority issued an advisory. “If you see somethings, say something.” Public safety was worth every effort.

The complex US government has no such handy tools to report trouble. Instead, it has the 1989 Whistleblower Protection Act that calls in federal employees to report suspected misconduct.

Those in the government are either elected, appointed or dedicated as career professionals. Those elected reflect the voice of the people in theory. In reality, they are elected based on money raised for campaigns. That works in tandem with visibility on air and in appearances Appointees are chosen by the elected based on donations to campaigns often through mutual contacts. In contrast, career professionals entered the government to develop skills in service to the country..

The ingenious American Constitution entrusted government to three co-equal branches to act as checks on the others. Congress makes laws, the Executive puts laws into practice and the Judiciary decides on a course of action in case of a conflict between the other two. If the President wants a program Congress does not want to fund, the courts will decide the matter in a sequence of legal steps. That established procedure is now upended by Donald Trump as head of the Executive branch.

Donald Trump came into office as a maverick. He was already notorious as a dicey business tycoon known for skirting the law. He channelled that skill into entertainment as a media celebrity who branded the dire verdict of “You’re fidtod!” on contestants in his show. He carried that brand into the White House and beyond, particularly after he ousted an Attorney General heading the Judicial and replaced him with one viewed presidential powers as unlimited.

Thus, two branches of the government were committed to a widely disputed position that led to impeachment proceedings complicated by a Trump base that applauds the brash Trump style of defying Constitutional laws and norms. That view seems to hold that anything goes. Trump was elected as a businessman. He now has the country’s highest powers and he’s entitled to take advantage of every opportunity.

The American majority asserts that the great American presidential powers were meant to be used in service to the public goof. They were not to be squandered for personal gain.

Half the Congress agrees with the majority view. The House maintain that in line with the Constitution, presidential powers are subject to oversight by the other two branches of the government. Yet the Senate and the other two branches of the government are skewed toward the Executive headed by Trump. That riddles the way forward with potholes, particularly since the Trump brand is virulent.

Donald Trump shames, lies, threatens and acts in secret. With the aid of the Judicial branch, Trump has spread his hold on abuse of America’s presidential powers to the world at large His response to legal proceedings to check him, he simply declares that he won’t cooperate. His tweets and reversals of position have led to a chaos that finds release in leaks to the press. In return, he threatens polygraph tests for all in his administration. The only way out of the quagmire is for whistleblowers to say what they see in regard to the rule of law..

Even in less virulent times, whistleblowers go through agony before taking action. They observe, question their perception and ponder the wisdom of divulging what they suspect. They take a step maybe come upon a hindrance, back off, reconsider and then act in accordance with every dictate of the life to which they have committed

That decision must be excruciating. Whistleblowers have nothing to gain and everything to lose by coming forward with what they know. The payoff exacts a heavy price. They help the country and destroy themselves..

Protected by law., whistleblowers can count little on that recourse with a President who vilifies them sight unseen and who has declared that he will not obey the law. When they do come forward en masse, the rule of law will be restored in America and the Trump whistleblowers will be awarded the Medal of Honor for valor in battle..

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