Benefits Of Limited Government

While Conservatives and Liberals take shots at each other, a uniquely American political philosophy has been slowly gaining more strength. Libertarianism has grasped the imagination of an increasing number of people. As the Government encroaches on the liberties of more and more people, Libertarianism is where many people are turning for answers. What exactly are the advantages to the limited and restricted government philosophies espoused by Libertarians?

Its been said that many people’s perspective on history is pretty much focused around the time of their lives. Add in the dumbing down of the public education system and the ideas and debates of the Founding Fathers are not a topic many people are familiar with. The U.S. Constitution,the Federalist Papers and the arguments that raged around their conception are not well known by most people. Yet the principles and ideas that were eventually embraced following these debates gave birth to not only the most free and powerful nation on earth but also the most benevolent and generous.

In a time of increasing political unrest its important to realize what makes the United States so great. With so much information flowing through our society it’s important to read and study as much as possible. Having and accepting more responsibility for our actions is a primary philosophy for Libertarians and results in a stronger informed citizen. The less government involvement in the affairs of its citizens leads to more freedom to succeed or fail. Writings by F.A. Hayek and Milton Freidman discuss how less involvement by the government leads not only to a more reliant, informed and free citizen but also a stronger and vibrant economy.

It’s important people can see how we came about the many rights we enjoy today, how unique they are and most importantly how fragile they can be. Reading the Federalist papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers are excellent ways to understand the formation and relationship of citizens with their government. In the United States the Founding Fathers had a strong suspicion of governments turning to tyranny and therefore put many restrictions on the U.S. government. This restricted or limited approach to government has not only lead to U.S. citizens enjoying an unprecedented amount of freedom and prosperity, but it has also enabled the U.S. to be a force for good in the world.

Free speech, the right to assemble and private property are just a few of the rights enjoyed by Americans that are not enjoyed by a large chunk of the world. Throughout the world countries with more freedom have frequently been helped by the U.S.A. Amazingly, today in the U.S. and other parts of the world individual and economic liberties are under assault. The Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation and numerous other resources are available to help people not only learn the importance of the American experience but also to move forward in regaining the rights we’ve lost and retaining the ones we still have.

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