Auto Accident Cases Are Not Clear Cut: How Do They Work in Michigan?

Getting sideswiped by another vehicle on the road is jolting, to say the least. When your car or truck spins out of control, or goes careening into a barrier and comes to a sudden halt, you’re left picking up the pieces. When this has happened to you, it’s difficult to know what to do after it’s occurred. Also, while you may point to the other driver as being responsible, they may indicate that it wasn’t their fault. At which time, even more is up in the air if you’re considering going to the hospital for your injuries and wonder what’ll happen next. 

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How You’ll Respond After an Auto Accident

Despite probably displaying a shaky disposition, try to gather your thoughts. The first thing to do is to assess your surface injuries as best you can. You could be in shock, so a broken bone or a fractured jaw might give some discomfort but hide the true extent of your injuries until the shock wears off. Shock is your body’s way of letting you still function in an urgent situation where danger may be close. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not more injured than it first appears. Avoid making assumptions about your health. 

What Should You Do Next?

Getting to a hospital is important. It’s necessary to get medically checked by a qualified doctor and to see what scans they think are prudent. Because they’ve treated many accident victims before, they know better what to look for than you do. Given the high cost of medical treatment and the uncertainty about coverage or insurance, it’s sensible to get appropriate treatment. That way, not only are you taking proper care of yourself, but you’re establishing the initial level of injuries. This will become more important later. 

Who is Negligent If the Other Driver Denies Responsibility?

It’s necessary to gather as much information as possible at the scene to determine who is at fault. For instance, if your smartphone is still working after the crash, taking some photos of the scene that include tire tracks on the ground, as well as video footage, is worthwhile. 

If you have a front or rear dashcam in your car, grab the micro-SD card from it and keep it safe. The information on there can be revealing. Also, tire tracks from photos are a great indicator of braking patterns, speeds, and direction of travel. A skilled accident investigator can use these to piece together what happened.

Is Hiring an Accident Attorney Worthwhile?

Negligence cases are tricky because fault needs to be shown against the defendant. When they had a duty of care with their driving, did their actions demonstrate that they failed in this duty? This is something that an auto accident lawyer Michigan state can look into and pursue on your behalf.

Whether it becomes a court case eventually or something that’s negotiated between lawyers and insurance companies, experience counts in securing the best possible settlement. When there’s the possibility of high medical costs to come, getting legal help on your side to press your case when you weren’t responsible is very necessary. Otherwise, you risk being significantly out of pocket for something that wasn’t down to you. And that’s just not right.

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