8 Room Decorative Ideas with Decorative Lights

8 Room Decorative Ideas with Decorative Lights. So as not to be boring, you can be more creative playing with the best-led rope lights for lighting.

Led rope lights that are often wrapped around this Christmas tree do look simple.

The price is cheap and durable to be the right reason why you have to change the sleeping lamp to led rope lights for this beautiful decoration.

With the dim lighting, he created, led rope lights will give a romantic feel to the bedroom.

Some of the ideas below can help you create an interior in the bedroom.

8 Room Decorative Ideas with Decorative Lights

  1. Star netting.
    The above idea is perfect for you who like the application of mosquito nets above the bedroom. Very fitting for a young married couple. The presence of led rope lights above the mosquito net will make a romantic impression like sleeping under a dim star.
  2. Drapery light.
    Almost similar to the previous idea, but the installation of mosquito nets is enough on the front of the bed just sleep.
    Choose a tulle material that is white or cream and combined with decorative lights that are left protruding around the mosquito net.
    Install bohemian patterned bed linen for a unique hippies bedroom look.
  3. Letter shape.
    In addition to being applied abstractly, you can also use led rope lights to form letter combinations such as those mounted on billboards.
    But the difference is, the words that have these letter lights can be changed by your favorite words that can be uplifting.
    Apply to the walls of your work area and make the room more pleasant.
  4. Photo collection.
    Have lots of photos or funny moments that you want to use to decorate a room? When combined with led rope lights, it certainly can produce a pleasant impression.
    It’s easy after the photos are printed with a design like a Polaroid photo, hang it with a clip on the decoration lamp cord that is displayed vertically and stack it to the wall!
  5. Makeup mirror.
    Have you ever thought of having a grooming glass with bright LED lights that frame around it? Why not realized? Now, only with the led rope lights wrapped around a glass box, your makeup can be more easily applied.
  6. Light bulb.
    Decorative lights do not always have to use LED lights as light emitters.
    For a more serious look, you can replace it with a small bulb or incandescent bulb that is installed like a decorative light.
    Install vertically on the side of the window like a standing lamp and you will be clearer when reading a book before going to sleep.
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  7. Bed board.
    You can also use led rope lights for decoration and secondary lighting.
  8. Bed lamp.
    Almost similar to the previous idea, but the application of decorative lighting is left wrapped around the board of your bed.
    This idea is suitable if your bed board is made of iron cavities, so it’s easy to wrap around.


Many benefits can be obtained by having best-LED rope lights at home. In addition to making the home atmosphere more cheerful, it can also be one of the solutions to decorate the room simply without having to pay expensive fees. Well overall LED rope lights to have several benefits such as lighting, decoration.