6 Potential Ramifications Of Unsustainable Governing

We have come to a time, in history, when, we will, either, begin to act responsibly, or, face some unwanted, undesirable consequences! Perhaps, more than any time, in recent memory, many public officials, focus on populism, popularity, and their own personal/ public agenda, and/ or, self – interest, rather than leading the nation, towards a truly, relevant, sustainable, course of action! In the past couple of years, since Donald Trump, was elected, President of the United States, we have observed, a departure from the tradition, of paying keen attention, to the well – being of future generations, and protecting our environment, especially in the areas, of clean air and water. This administration has, continuously, focused, primarily, on perceived economic benefits, often, at the expense, of providing the finest, most sustainable future. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 6 potential, undesirable ramifications, of the apparently, unsustainable governing, we are presently witnessing.

1. Environment: While, negatively affecting the environment, often, occurs somewhat quickly, improving it, generally, requires a well – considered plan, and a concerted focus, on discipline, and looking to the future, instead of taking the path of least resistance. Unsustainable measures, such as abandoning the Paris Accords, permitting coal to be dumped in rivers, favoring fossil fuels over renewable energy sources, de – emphasizing air and water quality controls, etc, are taking us, in a non – sustainable direction, at the expense of the healthy environment, future generations, need and deserve!

2. “Honest broker,” versus Favoritism: In the past, American Presidents have attempted, to, at the very least, be perceived, as, so – called, “Honest Brokers,” in order to attempt to be able to bring, feuding parties, to the negotiating table. For example, when President Jimmy Carter, helped bring Egypt’s, Anwar Sadat, and Israel’s, Menachem Begin, to the table, at Camp David, and negotiated a peace agreement, between these two nations, both nations’ leaders, proclaimed, they could not have achieved this important step, without Carter, being an “Honest Broker,” that both leaders trusted. Compare that to the approach of President Trump, who has, proclaimed, Jerusalem, as Israel’s capitol, and recognized, the Golan Heights, as Israeli territory. If you were, one of that nation’s adversaries, would you trust our national leader, to be fair and impartial/ Why would you even, be willing to negotiate? Yet, although, historically, nation’s don’t fight, when they speak to each other, we are following a course of action, with potentially, dangerous ramifications!

3. Provocative: When public officials, focus on being provocative, adversarial, and/ or, polarizing, instead of seeking, a true, meaningful, meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good, the best, a nation can look forward to, is stagnation, instead of a relevant, sustainable plan, for the best future!

4. Health care: Should quality health care, be, merely, a privilege, or, a right, regardless of one’s socio – economic capabilities? If, we don’t begin, addressing the reasons, our health care system, is far, weaker and less effective, than other nations, our nation, and future generations, will suffer!

5. Women’s Rights: Women were given the right to vote, over a century ago, yet, this administration, continues to, appear to be, misogynistic! Shouldn’t we be, beyond that, by now? How can our nation, be, the best it can be, until/ unless, we treat, more than half the populism, fairly, and equally?

6. Constitutional Protections: Since the rights, freedoms, and liberties, guaranteed by our Constitution, have always, made America, stand – out, in a meaningful way, from most of the rest of the world, shouldn’t we be concerned, when, the Executive Branch, has focused on, abandoning the concept of co – equal branches of government (Executive, Congress, Courts)? If we don’t protect these now, what will occur, in the future?

Wake up, America, and pay attention, to what’s going on, now, and the dangers, and negative ramifications, for a sustainable future! If we don’t act, soon, how will you explain your behavior to your grandchildren?

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