10 Mistakes to Avoid in Australian Partner Visa Applications

Nobody would want to spend over $7, 000 dollars for a partner visa only to be rejected for a few simple reasons—inconsistencies, mistakes, and wrong credentials. With the Australian Department of Home Affairs being rigid in terms of those who will be approved, you should be mindful that you will be throwing away quite a lot of money just by committing a mistake in your application.

If you are in a relationship applying for such, your relationship must be proven reliable and valid. With this, it is a very crucial task that the both of you must be able to provide only the most appropriate requirements they will need for your application.

Let us take a look at the common mistakes every couple applying for a partner is able to do which led them to be rejected—something that we cannot afford to do because primarily speaking, it is expensive. Make your every penny count.

  1.       Reliability issues.

Reliability refers to consistency. And talking about consistency, it matters. This is not only true to relationships but also in your applications. Consistency among all submitted requirements is a must if you are applying for a partner visa. With an immigration officer finding just one inconsistency, consider waving goodbye to your non-refundable application fee because they will not let it pass through them. When you are applying for such a visa, they are commonly asking for multiple documents to be submitted. Many of these requirements may have repetitive information but that is how they are checking the consistency of your presented requirements. With that being said, any inconsistency, even an honest mistake or something you overlooked, can be counted against your application. That is why it is a must that you will draw the timeline of your relationship and refer to your documents for this. It must be coherent towards one another so that its flow is consistent on both sides. You can try cross checking the timelines to your documents as a final checkup before you pass it to the immigration officer.

  1.       Conflicting evidence

This is usually true to couples who might have changed their residence over the span of the application. The application process is typically long and some couples might have moved into a new home and may not be able to declare it in the application. The immigration personnel may interpret it the other way around as if you and your partner have separated already. So it is a must to update such to your immigration officer so they would understand that you just moved into another residence but that does not mean that you have terminated your relationship. Evidence of your relationship should not have conflict with one another or else, expect that you will not get that visa you are aiming for.

  1.       Insufficient evidence

If having conflicting evidence would hurt your application that is also the case if you have submitted insufficient evidence of your relationship towards one another. The most common mistake every couple makes in their