Why and When Would You Need a Law Firm

The journey of life is never smooth. One moment you can feel so fulfilled and the next thing you know you have lost everything leaving you at the mercy of prying eyes all over the world. Life is full of ups and downs, as such, we need to be extra careful in everything we do to avoid downright crashing. You can’t avoid trouble at intervals and that is why you need to take safety measures in whatever you do, be it business or otherwise. Nowadays where technology is advancing and individuals are somewhat very materialistic, having increased enormous ambitions and desires, it is almost certain that issues would set in among organizations, individuals, groups and most individuals.

The season we are now in the season of change, especially in the character and behavior of individuals. Changes are happening so quickly that we are slow towards catching up with it. In the broadest possible sense, there is a need for a panel of justice in which companies or people can ultimately put their hopes on to solve their problems satisfactorily. This justice system simply means that there is a dire need for law firms who can help companies or an individual to fight for what is right.

At intervals, various situations can crop up where you can be picked up for very light offenses such as parking in a wrong way or place. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t need the services of law firm, let alone consulting one. On the other hand, if this same situation has happened for more than two or three times and you are locked up by the authorities for it, then consulting or requiring the services of a law firm to help you with your case is very important. In some countries, handing critical issues such as when a couple gets separated and there is a need to know who gets the legal right to take care of the children or payment of taxes, injury or an accident, you obviously would need the services of an attorney.

Individuals, companies, groups as well as organizations contact the services of law firms to assist them regarding different cases that have to do with legal stuff. Moreover, different capable firms regarding law place adverts showing what their attorneys are capable of online. As such, whoever is seeking for an attorney can invariably check feedback from customers such as Lexington Firm Reviews to verify about the law firm of their choice, whom they feel will be able to assist them by giving them the right advice or solution to whatever problem they have and also have the ability to win the case in the law court if it ever gets to that level.

Law firms play a vital role in the country as they assist in maintaining peace and tranquility amongst individuals, businesses, groups and various organizations. We are advised to consult a law firm if we get into any kind of situation needing the assistance of a law firm to

Will I Get a DUI Even if I Only Have One Drink?

A .08 BAC results from several drinks for most people, but Oklahoma law allows authorities to arrest and convict drivers after just one drink.

Although most people do not reach a .08 BAC level until they have had several drinks, under Oklahoma law, it is possible to be arrested for and convicted of DUI after having just one drink. An illegally-high blood alcohol content level is only one way to be convicted of DUI in Oklahoma. Drivers are legally intoxicated if they have any amount of a Schedule I substance (such as heroin or cocaine) in their bodies or if they are impaired due to alcohol, any drug, or some combination thereof.

The broad nature of this law is bad news for Oklahoma drivers. The good news is that sub-.08 BAC cases are rather difficult to prove in court. That is especially true given the high burden of proof, which is beyond any reasonable doubt. So, if you only had one drink and face DUI charges, a Ponca City criminal defense attorney can probably help.

Oklahoma’s BAC Levels

The BAC limit is usually .08, but that is not always the case. Oklahoma has a “zero tolerance” law for minors. If drivers are under 21 and they have any amount of alcohol in their systems, even wine from communion, they could be arrested and convicted.

More importantly, Oklahoma law contains some rather unique sub-.08 presumptions. A BAC below .05 does not indicate intoxication. Significantly, this BAC level does not legally indicate sobriety, either. So, officers can still arrest such people, but without a presumption of impairment, these cases are quite difficult to prove.

If the driver’s BAC was between .05 and .79, that level is basically a rebuttable presumption of intoxication. Any additional evidence could be enough to establish intoxication as a matter of law.

The field tests, which are discussed below, mean a lot in sub-.08 cases. In court, officers always testify that the defendant “failed” the tests. In non-presumption cases, jurors might overlook technical failures, such as lifting a leg at slightly the wrong angle. In a presumption case, such tick-tack failures might be enough to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Circumstantial Evidence

Oklahoma has a per se DUI law. A BAC level above the legal limit establishes intoxication as a matter of law. The extent of impairment, or the lack thereof, is irrelevant. However, in other cases, Kay County prosecutors normally must use circumstantial evidence from the DUI field tests.

Some officers have defendants perform unapproved tests, like Rhomberg’s balance test. This is the closed eyes, head back, and arms extended balance test. These test results might only be admissible for limited purposes.

The following three tests carry more weight with a judge and/or jury, because the National Traffic Safety Administration has endorsed them:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus: The DUI eye test looks for evidence of nystagmus, a condition also known as lazy eye. The test itself is fairly accurate. But alcohol is not the only

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

If you are looking for help in the legal realm, you may want to look closer at a family law attorney. While you may be familiar with this type of practitioner, you may not know the full range of things they do. These attorneys specialize in everything having to do with the family, from what happens before marriage to after you die. Discover some examples of the tasks this lawyer handles.

Prenuptial Agreements

Before two people say ‘I do,’ they may want to draft a prenuptial agreement. This document behaves like an insurance policy, setting forth agreements on how the couple will handle a divorce. While some believe this a dooming document, it is anything but that. It allows each to prioritize how they will divide things like assets and debt in the event they breakup. The goal is to simplify things during what can be a highly-stressful divorce.


Some family law attorneys help people grow their families by handling every aspect of adoption. Whether the process is private or a state-sanctioned situation, a family attorney Tampa can guide you through the convoluted and emotional process of adopting a child.

Estate Planning

Ensuring your family is taken care of after death is a priority. Some family attorneys work with people to draft estate plans focusing on the family. Second marriages have sensitive estate planning issues, mainly if there are children. A family law attorney may be able to get your wishes down and help you nominate someone to administer your estate.


The most common reason people seek out a family law lawyer has to do with divorce. With over half of all marriages ending in dissolution, an attorney who specializes in divorce is a valuable ally. This practitioner seeks the best resolution for your situation to provide for you and your children.

It is always recommended that you conduct your own due diligence when it comes to finding a representative that fits you best. Armed with some general knowledge may help further this process.