We All Wear Masks

The keynote speaker at one seminar I attended made this statement – “We all wear masks”. As I pondered on what possible meanings that statement might have, I realised that this is a general summation of humanity. Regardless of whom we are and at different times in our lives, we all wear masks.

What, then, is a mask? Generally speaking, a mask is a covering for the face. It is a covering for part, or all, of the face, worn to conceal a person’s identity. It is a grotesque or humorous face worn at carnivals, masquerades, etc. Anything that disguises or conceals (e.g. pretense), is a mask. A person might be hurting badly, and conceal it with a great big smile – Masks! Psychologists say that if a person tells you several times during a conversation “I’m not lying”, he usually is lying. Masks!Lots of people have different masks for different days, and perhaps different occasions. Masks are those things that allow us to assume that we are different from other people.

I read an article in Psychology Today titled “The Truth About Lying” written by Peter Doskoch. In it, Peter quoted a study of psychologist and lying expert Bella DePaulo, Ph.D, who had carried out research and concluded that “occasionally a person will insist that he or she can be entirely truthful for three or four weeks. But no one ever succeeds.” “Everyday lies are really part of the fabric of social life,” says DePaulo, a university professor. He thinks its “because people want to be accepted, and because, sometimes telling things as they actually are, can be damaging to people’s hearts and relationships, so people stretch the truth a little, some more often that others.” The problem arises though, when the liar starts believing that he is telling the truth. He becomes seriously deluded, while people around him, except him, can see that he is being untruthful, and perhaps, crafty. Usually, it wont be very long before the majority of people discover the masks. While some lies damage relationships and destroy trust, other fibs fulfil important interpersonal functions, like smoothing over awkward situations or protecting fragile egos.

But how often do people lie, and when do they do it? DePaulo and colleagues asked 77 college students and 70 community members to keep a diary detailing each lie THEY told. The students, it turned out, admitted to lying, an average of twice a day, while local residents lied half as often. Among the study’s other findings:

* Community members lied in one-fifth of their social interactions; students, one-third. * Lying was more common in phone calls than in face-to-face chats. * One lie in seven was discovered–as far as the liars could tell. * A tenth of the lies were merely exaggerations, while 60 percent were outright deceptions. Most of the rest were subtle lies, often of omission. * More than 70 percent of liars would tell their lies again.

No one has ever succeeded in telling the absolute …

Problems of Budget Deficits

A budget deficit occurs when Government spending is greater than tax revenues. For political reasons a budget deficit often occurs. Politicians never gain votes by raising taxes and cutting spending. With many major World economies facing a large budget deficit. It is worth considering the main economic disadvantages of Government borrowing.

Increased Borrowing

The govt will have to borrow from the private sector, in the UK the government does this by asking the Bank of England to sell bonds and gilts to the private sector.

Higher debt interest payments

Selling bonds will increase the national debt, this is currently £300 billion. The annual interest payments is approximately £23 billion, this has a high opportunity cost because it requires future generations to pay higher taxes.

Increased AD

A budget deficit implies lower taxes and increased G, this will increase AD and this may cause higher Real GDP and inflation.

Higher Taxes and lower spending

In the future the govt may have to increase taxes or cut spending in order to reduce the deficit. This may cause reduced incentives to work

Increased Interest rates

If the govt sells more bonds this is likely to cause interest rates to increase. This is because they will need to increase interest rates in order to attract investors to buy the extra debt.

If govt interest rates increase this will push up other interest rates as well.

Crowding Out

Increased govt borrowing may cause a decrease in the size of the private sector (see fiscal policy)


In extreme circumstances the govt may increase the money supply to pay the debt, however this is unlikely to occur in the UK

If the govt sells short term gilts to the banking sector then there wil be an increase in the money supply, this is because banks see gilts as near money therefore they can maintain there lending to customers. However they will also be increasing the money supply by lending to the govt.

note the effect of a budget deficit depends to some extent on the cause. For example in a recession a budget deficit may be necessary to get the economy out of recession. If the government is borrowing to invest in infrastructure and education this can benefit the economy in the long term.…

Pros and Cons of Fashion

Fashion can be connected almost with every part of our life. As it comes to the matter of way we look it sometimes means the same as being accepted by society or just a specific group of people. We are not aware of wearing the same cloths as other people not only to look good for ourselves but more to gain others people love. Is it ok?

Fashion can be a really great way to become part of the particular group of people. When someone looks at our clothes and admire them we are getting more self-confident and – what’s most important – we are being noticed and people want to be like us. Especially if the clothes are in elegant and stylish style.

A good impact of fashion on our mood is almost obvious. The joy we feel when looking good and wearing quality and fashionable clothes is huge. It can make us more self-confident and make us feel better in many stressful situations. We can name here wedding, interview or even engagement party. Some standards in appearance that we are part of can make us feel on good place.

So, we named so many advantages of fashion here. But are there any disadvantages? Like most of things in life nothing can be ideal the same is with fashion. The same reasons that make fashion something good in our life make it something that may lead to tearing society apart. When we want to impress people blindly in love with trends or just talk with them, we can have a bit problem here.

“Don’t judge the book by its cover” we would want to add here. If the only way of evaluating people is to judge them by their look and trendy cloths the fashion is misunderstanding. But if it is just looking good and fashion is our hobby we should go for it!…

Eva Peron – The Princess Diana of Argentina?

The latest news about the return of the famous Broadway musical Evita with Ricky Martin in a starring role has the entertainment press whipped into a frenzy. However, many of us are still wondering who Evita is, what she did, and why she deserves her own musical.

Maria Eva Duarte de Peron (1919-1952) was the second wife and political partner of President Juan Peron (1895’1974) of Argentina. She’s also popularly known by the affectionate Spanish diminutive Evita, which translates into “Little Eva”. Still a hugely popular figure in Argentina and a worldwide icon due to books, movies and musicals based on her life, many consider her comparable to another global superstar, England’s Princess Diana. Here we look at the similarities and differences of both women to see if the comparison is justified.

It’s fair to say that both Evita and Diana, despite living almost 50 years apart on different continents, had similarities;

– Both married powerful men, Diana with Prince Charles and Evita with Colonel Juan Peron. They met in 1943 when Peron had assumed the post of secretary of labor and social welfare in the military government that had recently come to power. Two years later they were married in 1945 when Evita assisted Peron with his release from prison after his incarceration by military opposition. Peron’s presidency in 1946 assumed soon after, and Evita’s close relationship with Peron gave her access to a lot of power.

– Both Diana and Evita shared an affinity for the poor and sick; during the 1946 Presidential campaign Evita directed her efforts towards the “descamisados” (shirtless poor) and her efforts for woman’s suffrage saw laws passed in 1947 that allowed women to vote in the 1951 elections for the first time in history. She also devoted several hours every day to meeting with poor people and visiting hospitals, orphanages, and factories. Additionally, she supervised the newly created Ministry of Health, which built many new hospitals and established a successful program to fight different diseases.

– Much like Diana, Evita was a figure constantly in the public eye. As a result she, like Diana, was immensely fashion-conscious. Her clothes and hairstyle were avidly studied, commented upon and copied.

– Both women died young, Evita of cervical cancer at the age of 33. In both cases, there were huge outpouring of public grief. All activity in Argentina ceased; movies stopped playing; restaurants were closed and patrons were shown to the door. The crowd outside of the official presidential residence after the announcement of her death was so dense that the streets were congesting for ten blocks in each direction. The streets of Buenos Aires overflowed with flowers that were stacked in huge piles, and within one day of Evita’s death, all flower shops in Buenos Aires had sold out.

– Just as Diana’s legacy and reputation has endured after her death, Evita’s passing doesn’t seem to have stopped her international fame. In 1980, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Timothy Rice’s Musical “Evita” won a major …

Mormonism and the Law of Attraction

Is there a conflict between what Mormons believe, and the principles of the law of attraction? To me that is an easy question to answer because; I believe that not only are there no conflicts between the two, but they are actually the same thing just worded differently.

For example, in the classic law of attraction book “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting,” the author, Lynn Grabhorn, says that the way to attract anything into your life is to determine what it is that you want and then to imagine what it would feel like if you already had it. The Mormon Church, just like all other Christian churches teaches that God will bless us with the desires of our heart if we ask in faith. So whether you call it faith, or a feeling, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

And I like to compare the teaching of Mormonism and the principles of the law of attraction; because a clearer understanding of one, leads to a better understanding of the other. For example, a common misunderstanding of the law of attraction is that you just have to feel good, and suddenly everything you want will just appear. But a key component of the law of attraction is to “act as if” you already had what you want. This is perhaps better explained by the scripture that Mormons like to quote which says that “faith without works is dead.” Taking inspired action is both a gospel principle and a part of the law of attraction.

My favorite Biblical example of Christ teaching people to “act as if,” is the story of the leapers who called out to Christ, asking him to heal them. His instructions to them were to go show themselves to the Chief Priests. Why? Because it was the custom of the day that when someone was restored to health after being seriously ill, that they had to have the Chief Priest certify them as “clean” before they were aloud back into society. So Christ was telling the leapers to go ahead and do what they would do if they were healed. He was telling them to “act as if” they were healed. They acted, and they were healed.

I am a life coach who specializes in the law of attraction; I am also a practicing Mormon. And I have found that my religion is a great aid to me as a life coach. One thing that Mormons teach is that time is pretty much meaningless to God. Think about it, if God knows right now, everything that has ever happened, and everything that will ever happen, then the concept of “time” certainly changes.

And playing around with “time” is one of the best techniques that I know of to apply the principles of the law of attraction. This worked wonders with a client I was working with that was so stressed out about a major crisis in her life that it was making her physically ill. She …

Six Types of Human Values

Human beings need different things to live in this world. However, nothing in this world is available free of cost. Everything has a price and one has to pay the right price to get ones need satisfied. However, we value the things based on our needs and the needs depends on the basis of our value system.

First, there are basic necessities like food, water, air, shelter, and clothing without which survival of the body itself is not possible. However, once these necessities are satisfied, man moves to satisfy his higher needs like the social needs, security needs or the need of self-actualization.

However, every person does not follow the same path as his path would depend on the inherent values of the person. These inherent values are acquired by the man by virtue of his nature and also by his nurture. The effect of the family, society, nation and individual makes every person unique as he develops a unique set of values. These values decide the priority and lifestyle of the person. The values make the personality of the person and decide the growth of the individual, family, society, nation and the humanity.

1. Individualistic Values

The most inherent value of a person is individualistic which means valuing the self over anything else in the world. This is also the most natural value which is inherent in every animal of the world. The animals live for themselves without much bothering about the other animals. The only exception would be the mother animal which takes care of her child animal till the child grows up sufficiently to support itself.

The modern world has been moving more and more towards individualistic values where the interest of the individual is considered to be the most “right” and needs to be protected over everything else. The individualistic value support freedom as it believes that every person has the right to decide what is good for him.

Every child starts with individualistic values and he wants everything in the world for the self and wants everyone to serve him. When the need of the child is not satisfied, he cries and do everything to get the need satisfied.

2. Family Values

The human specie may be the most powerful specie in the earth but it is also true that human specie is also the weakest specie. A human child does not learn to even walk for one year. If the child of the man is allowed to survive of its own, it just can not survive. The support of family is must for the growth of every human child. It is for this reason that human specie over the year has invented the concept of family that lives like one unit and supports a new born child till it becomes strong enough to support itself.

The concept of family has given rise to the family value where a family is considered to be the basic unit of the society instead of the individual. The …

The Fine Line Between Politics, Rhetoric, Vitriol, And Mean-Thinking

Much of what the general public observes, is, at least, somewhat, manipulated, etc! Politicians spend an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money, performing acts, such as political polling (to try to measure the popularity and preferences of certain issues, and/ or policies), using empty rhetoric, and making often – unfulfilled promises, rather than focusing on producing the service, their constituents deserve and need! How, therefore, might the public, be ready and prepared to evaluate when, what they hear and witness, is pure politics, mere rhetoric, vitriol – based, or simply mean (and nasty).

1. Politics as usual: Too often, we witness, politics, as usual, where the elected official, places his party and/ or political factors, over service to the nation, and its citizens! We have witnessed, in the last several years, and, perhaps, even more so, in the last 6 months, dysfunction, at a level, rarely witnessed in the past! The recent debate over health care and insurance, might have exemplified this, because it was less about the issue, and far more about politics. What ever happened to bipartisan leadership, in order to serve the public’s best interests?

2. Empty rhetoric/ promises: While we somewhat expect, candidates to make lots of empty promises, and using rhetoric (rather than reality), why do these individuals, seem to never transform, to statesmen! What good does this over – reliance on rhetoric, blaming and complaining, etc, service, unless it is solutions – oriented?

3. Vitriol: Consider the most recent Presidential campaign, conducted during 2015 and 2016. Then – candidate Donald Trump, used a wide variety of nasty names, to describe his opponents, such as Lying Ted (to describe Ted Cruz), Little Marco (for Marco Rubio), or the many nasty statements he made, directed at the then – Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. At one time or another, he referred to opponents as lacking energy, hinted at health issues (which did not exist), made nasty and mean statements about family members (remember what was said about Cruz’ father and wife), or the accusations and statements, such as Lock her up, directed at Mrs. Clinton. He often riled – up his core followers, by making inflammatory, vile – based statements, and accusations!

4. Mean – thinking: When does this behavior go too far? When it is mean – thinking, contains vitriolic, biased, prejudiced, inflammatory statements, etc, with the apparent attempt, to do little more than rile – up his political core!

We have never observed any public official, who behaved, spoke, seemed as ill – prepared, etc, as President Donald Trump! Now, more than ever, we need our other elected officials, to step forward, to protect the freedoms, rights, etc, we’ve come to expect, in America!…

Women Empowerment – Myth Or Reality

You can tell the condition of a nation by looking at the status of its women.

– Jawaharlal Nehru

Empowerment of any section of a society is a myth until they are conferred equality before law. The foundation of freedom, justice and fraternity is based on the recognition of the inherent dignity and of equal and inalienable rights to all the members of the society. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted and proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 10th December 1948, envisaged in Article 2 that “every one is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this declaration without distinction of any kind.”

It has traditionally been accepted that the thread of family weaves the fabric of Indian society. Women are considered as the hub center of the family. Still, in the era of political domination by foreigners, the women in India suffered most. A few social reform measures were taken towards the later 19th and early 20th century during the British regime. The inception of Mahatma Gandhi in the National freedom movement ushered a new concept of mass mobilization. Women constituted about 50{512b763ef340c1c7e529c41476c7e03bc66d8daea696e1162822661d30dde056} of the country’s total population, he, therefore, involved women in the nation’s liberation movement. The mass participation of women directly in the freedom struggle was the great divide in the history of (Feminist movement) empowerment of women. They shed age-old disabilities and shared the responsibility of liberation of their motherland with their counter parts. The freedom of India thus became synonymous with the empowerment of women. In this context the date of India’s political freedom (August 15, 1947) is a landmark in the history of women empowerment in India. It brought in its wake a great consciousness in our society for human dignity. It was realized that every citizen of independent India be accorded equal treatment under the law.

This is the urban age and Women along with men are here to make an impact, let’s not ignore them, let’s listen and prioritize them. In almost all societies through history, Women have occupied secondary position vis-à-vis men.

Women’s rights and issues have always been a subject of serious concern of academicians, intelligentsia and policy makers. From pastoral society to contemporary information and global society, the role of Women has changed drastically. The role of a typical “Grihani” (house wife) who catered to all the requirements of the house holds including the rearing and upbringing of children in various sub roles of daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother, aunt etc. has been played quite efficiently. The continuity of changes in socio-economic and psycho-cultural aspects of human living has influenced the role of Women. With the process of Industrialization, Modernization and Globalization showing its deep impact on the human society all over the world, the role and responsibilities of Women has attained new definition and perspective. Further this has also led to addition of responsibilities and widened the role of Women who also shares the financial responsibilities.

The Women issues have received …

7 Reasons Why You Should Migrate To Singapore

Are you considering migrating to other parts of the world to start a new chapter of your life?

Are you moving so as to look for a job? Or do you yearn to experience a different culture?

If you were looking for a decent job as well as a place where you can live comfortably, then I would recommend you “Singapore”.

In a survey conducted recently, Singapore was picked as the best city in the world for Asian expatriates to live in. Beating Japan, Shanghai and even Hong Kong.

There are many reasons for choosing to work and live in Singapore, but basically there are 7. They are:

Strong Law Enforcements –

You never get to see protests, strikes and riots in the streets of Singapore. This is the result of the strict law enforcement by the police. Anybody caught involved in any of the above events, will be jailed and fined.

Currently, death penalty still exists in Singapore. Anybody caught drug trafficking, or committed murder or kidnap would be sentenced to death.

Another benefit of living in Singapore is it is quite safe to walk alone in the streets. Though crimes do occur, the rates are relative lower than that in other countries.

The locals joke that anybody who committed a crime has nowhere to run but jump into the sea (this is because Singapore is surrounded by sea). Another joke is that before the robber can escape, the police have arrived (Singapore is so small).

Climate –

What makes Singapore so attractive to live in is its peaceful environment. There are no natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons, tornadoes and winter coldness. All you have is either rain or shine. But the air-conditioning is extremely powerful. You could say it’s winter indoor.

Networking –

Making use of the geographical location of Singapore, many big and small organisations set up bases here to have access to other parts of Asia and Middle East.

It is being used as a “Gateway”.

Even companies from China are setting up offices here to access markets in U.S.A and Europe. They are doing so partly to gain from the Free Trade Agreements signed between these countries and Singapore.

Even foreign workers are using this small country as a stepping stone to gain work experiences and improve their English so that they can move on to other developed countries such as U.S.A., Europe and Australia.

Since almost everybody is coming here, it has become the place for networking for both businesses and jobseekers.

Lenient Immigration Rules –

Do you know that Singapore is one of the countries that have the least strict immigration rules?

Anybody can come to Singapore as long as he/she obtains the necessary passes or documents.

Transport –

You can travel from one end of Singapore to the other end within an hour!

The transport system here covers the whole country and you don’t have to own a car to travel.

Public transport includes the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) trains, buses …

Air Force One Should Have An Escalator Ramp For The President

Have you noticed that our President and Dignitaries on Air Force One and Air Force Two have to walk up stairs to get in? Why? Shouldn’t they have escalators on those portable stairs? Remember how much trouble Hillary Clinton had getting into her little leased Boeing 737? If she had won the presidency in November of 2016, she wouldn’t be able to make it up all those stairs into a 747 which is twice the uphill hike as that little 737. Russian President Putin doesn’t have an escalator either but his aircraft is much smaller than a Boeing 747 like Air Force One, in fact side-by-side, it looks like a toy, although it does have a nice interior (cite: 1).

Recently, Donald Trump was in a hurry to go, so he jogged up the stairs, got into the aircraft without waving good bye to the media, and that upset the leftist media quite a bit. No matter he was just trying to get going, as he was late and also had to use the rest room. Now then, if the ground equipment – moveable staircase – was an escalator – President Trump could have turned to the crowd to wave good bye and satisfied the media so they could have the iconic picture of him at that moment.

Of course, in the interest of time – the stair case would need to be operated on double time for Trump, because he could run up the thing at that speed anyway. Still, as everyone knows when you run up a moving escalator going the same way you can really make good time, and time is money. This system needs to be electric, and still viable as a stair case when not moving. This allows regular folks, assistants and reporters to board by walking up the stairs. It also allows maintenance, security detail, and flight crew to do the same.

The escalator system should have motion sensors once activated for the President or dignitary. It should go both ways – up and down, in the down motion it should be slower, and going up at 3-different speed settings, slow, fast, and expedite. It’s interesting this doesn’t exist yet, and a wonder why we have an aircraft of this caliber without this upgraded ground equipment feature. Please consider all this and think on it.


(1) YouTube Video: “Russian IL-96!Flying Fortress!Putin’s Plane!” Russian Presidential Aircraft.

(2) YouTube Video: “Trump Didn’t Wave Goodbye to Media When Boarding Air Force One – And They’re Upset.”…