Importance of Bankruptcy Laws

Bankruptcy laws have been introduced to provide some relief to debtors. Generally, people fall in debt trap knowingly or unknowingly, but it does not mean that they have no right to live freely. If debtors are unable to repay the amount of debts towards creditors, then they can file bankruptcy. Financial experts consider bankruptcy as a last option to eliminate the debts completely. There are many other options available in UK market too like debt management, IVA, debt consolidation loans etc. According to a common law, bankruptcy involves the liquidation of assets. It means when an individual becomes bankrupt then court sells the property of debtor to recover the amount of creditors. It does not mean that all assets will be sold out. Few assets or properties can be exempted from the liquidation depending upon the type of bankruptcy you filed.

There are many bankruptcy laws exist in UK market. Debtors are free to choose any type as per the requirement, debt amount and kind of debt. There are few important chapters in it like bankruptcy chapter 7, chapter 11 and chapter 13. Bankruptcy chapter 7 contains the liquidation of assets. Chapter 11 is available only for companies, organization, partnership firm, industries etc. Under chapter 13, courts allow debtor to repay the debts with low interest rate. It is advisable to hire a best bankruptcy attorney, lawyer or experts. These people are professionals and can help you in worse situation as well. Individual should file bankruptcy petition with the help of attorney because they know what to write and how to write in document.

Bankruptcy petition is document through which you file bankruptcy and let the court know that you are unable to repay the existing debts. According to bankruptcy laws, after filling bankruptcy, creditors are not allowed to contact you for repayments. Court issues notice to all creditors and ask them not to contact debtor unless the case is over. Now days, bankruptcy courts concentrate on creditors as well and try to provide them some relief from loss.…

Current Economic and Marketing Trends That Will Shape the Next Generation

The primary purpose of our publication is to provide useful and effective information while at the same time providing an understanding of current trends in the marketplace, and then subsequently joining together these concepts into a meaningful conclusion to provide companies with an effective result. An effective outcome, from my perspective, is to purely think about the trends shaping our economy, and having the insight to project these trends into your sales and marketing strategy.

We continually look for new and innovative ways for companies to look beyond the daily scope of their business. First and foremost, consider the purpose. The operative word is “trend”, so let’s begin by providing a definition:

Noun: a general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Verb: change or developing in a general direction.

The most effective way to construct your plan is to immerse yourself into a profound appreciation of the economic landscape in America, and the trends shaping this landscape. In past publications, despite my overwhelming desire, I have steered clear of the political composition, unfortunately, as business executives, we need to consider the path we are headed and how we can intellectually capitalize on this potentially negative trend and transform it into a positive development.

Consider the media environment and broad message America has been digesting each and every day. Russell Brand, the world’s greatest intellect is a prime example. In a recent interview; he proclaimed that a ‘socialist revolution and massive redistribution of wealth is necessary in America, he believes in heavy taxation of corporations and an increase in punitive responsibilities for energy companies exploiting the environment. ‘ This is the rhetoric our young people are hearing and the message being embraced by the Obama administration and the liberal media. How ridiculous. Who is Russell Brand, and since when does a British comedian become an expert on the capitalistic revolution?

We need to begin by exploring the failure of our current president and political system. No world leader in history has made so many errors and provided so few options. The last five and a half years will shape our economy and business trends for decades well into the future. One failure after another is well documented: the economy, Benghazi, Solyndra, the stimulus package, health care reform, foreign policy, the national energy policy, partisan politics, social reform, the campaign to divide America through class warfare. Not to mention the fact that his administration has been and will be documented as the worst selection of cabinet members in history.


  • The federal debt as a percentage to GDP (Gross Domestic Product) has exceeded 100{512b763ef340c1c7e529c41476c7e03bc66d8daea696e1162822661d30dde056} in every year since 2007. See the graph below.
  • The number of people receiving benefits under the federal government has grown from 94 million people in 2000 to more than 128 million in 2011. This means that over 41{512b763ef340c1c7e529c41476c7e03bc66d8daea696e1162822661d30dde056} of the U. S. population receives at least one benefit.
  • A large portion of the American public have two kinds of income: (1) money they earn and