How to Deal With an Overprotective Mother-In-Law

To many individuals, marriage is a life-long relationship. It starts when a man and a woman decide to live together as man and wife. Normally, there is a little ceremony during such a moment, where a number of friends and family members come to witness the start of the marriage. However, even without such a ceremony, when a couple decides to get married, they are recognized as husband and wife. It is soon after marriage when many couples start to face challenges such as how to deal with an overprotective mother-in-law. This happens when a female parent of the married couple becomes too protective to her ‘child.’

To some parents, it is quite simple to let children go and have their own families when they become adults. However, to some individuals, it is not that simple. Some parents refuse to admit their children have grown up and got married. They want to stay close to them to ensure their spouses are treating them right.

Although both male and female can be overprotective to their married children, the case is more prevalent in female. They are the so called mother-in-law. It does not matter whether it is their son or daughter who is married; they always want to be protective. At times they are protective for genuine reasons while at other times they are guided by selfish motives. Nevertheless, there are a number of things you can do to ensure to keep such parents from wrecking havoc to your marriage, in case you are married to their son or daughter. Below are some tips on how to deal with an overprotective mother-in-law.

1. Institute a base of trust between her and you. Give her reasons to trust you and believe you are capable of taking good care of her son or daughter without being pushed to do it.

2. Establish communication channels with her. This way, you will learn why she is so protective. Probably you are not the problem. Rather, she might be the problem and is only overacting because she feels you are taking her son or daughter away from her.

3. Avoid being too possessive of your spouse. This way, the mother-in-law might drop her militant attitude and stop being overprotective to her son or daughter.

4. Cultivate friendship with your mother-in-law. By so doing, she might cease seeing you as a threat and start considering you as a friend.

5. Get people you trust and who she respects to discuss with her how you feel about her attitude and over protectiveness.

6. Do not attempt to stand between her and your spouse. Doing that would make her more protective, since she will feel you are trying to rob her of your spouse’s affection.…

Critical Review of Saladin’s Achievements in the Era of the Crusaders

Saladin was a prominent figure in the Medieval history. He was the most famous of the Muslim military heroes. His achievements were not limited to the military sphere alone, but transgressed across the political, diplomatic and administrative arenas. He succeeded to unite the Muslims and defeated the Crusaders and recapture Jerusalem.

His Youth

Saladin was born in Tikrit (present Iraq) in the year of 1138. His father, Najmuddin, was a Kurdish from Azarbaijan. On the night of his birth, his father, Najmudin, decided to move to Aleppo and worked for Imaddin Zangi, the powerful Turkish governor in northern Syria.

He received a taste of military life under the guided eyes of his uncle, Asaddin, and the academic and religious elements from his father. Following the tradition in those days, Saladin was trained to be expert horse rider and handled various weapons of combat, such as the sword in and archery. While growing up, Saladin was an ordinary undistinguished youth, with a greater interest in religious studies, rather than military achievement.

Uniting the Muslims.

Egypt became the stepping stone for Saladin’s ambition to recapture Jerusalem. This opportunity came when he was part of the triumphant army sent to Egypt by the Emir of Damascus to face the onslaught of the Crusaders. Upon the death of the vizier and his uncle, (army commander Asaddin), he was appointed as the Vizier of Egypt, keeping alliance to the emir in Damascus. When the Emir in Damascus died, Saladin proceeded in his plan to unite the fractional Muslims states with single minded intention to stage a holy war.

Battle of Hattin.

This is the beginning of the downfall of the crusaders. The exhausted army was trapped. So great were the losses in the ranks of the crusaders in this single battle that the Muslims were able to overrun over nearly the entire Kingdom of Jerusalem. One by one their stronghold fell under the power of Saladin, Acre, Toron, Beirut, Sidon, Nazareth, Caesarea, Nabulus, Jaffa (Yafo), and Ascalon (Ashqelon) within three months.

Saladin’s main achievement was the capture of Jerusalem (1187). In stark contrast to the Christians who captured the city 87 years earlier, the Muslim reconquest was marked by the civilized and courteous behavior of Saladin and his troops. By 1189 the crusaders occupied only three cities in the entire Middle East. Saladin’s conquest sparked the Third Crusade, which was led by the famed military leader Richard I (the Lion-Hearted). The clash between these two great powers ended in a draw, but a treaty was drawn up that allowed Christians to visit holy sites in the area. Saladin died a peaceful death in Damascus in 1193.


Saladin’s every act was inspired by an intense and undivided mindset to the idea of jihad, or holy war, taking the example from the struggle of the prophet and the companions. He opened colleges and mosque and created a system to support the quest of knowledge. He invited scholars and commissioned them to write edifying works both in …