Anger In Society Today

In this day and age, anger is a major player in every society. People are driven by anger, meaning that they do not have any self control and the decisions made by them are actually decisions made by anger. We could even go so far as to call society an ‘Anger Driven Society’, where everyone is prone to anger outbursts.

If we observe our society for a while, we may be astonished to see that even children and teenagers are prone to anger outbursts as well. They are turning their negative energy into negative ways by attempting suicide, substance abuse, getting involved in violent activities, drinking alcohol, and so forth. Anger management is an issue that faces people of all ages and backgrounds. This is evident by the number of adolescent and teen anger management programs that are becoming commonplace. There are even free anger management advice lines for parents with troublesome pre-school kids.

Stress is playing a greater role in life nowadays and the stressors are so many that one may almost feel incapable of coping with them. The result is that each and every person is in a potentially hostile mood and if their trigger point is just slightly pressed, they will go out of control. This is not an example of a healthy society, and we should seek ways and means of anger management to turn all our negative energies collectively into positive energies and protect the foundations of a peaceful society.

On a governmental level, every country’s officials are angry amongst themselves and everybody wants things to go their way. Religious leaders throughout the world can be as angry as anyone and they want to impose religion on everyone. But let’s also remember that no religion teaches it is correct to impose things on anyone or talk rudely to anyone, or deceive someone, or to steal from someone, or to cheat someone, or to hurt someone. I can go on and on with the list and it will never end.

Every one of us is subjected, I guess almost daily, to some situations in which we just get mad and express ourselves in a negative way and think that our anger will resolve the issue. We expect someone will be intimidated by our anger and will do what we want them to, but it does not happen like this, it is not normal and the general point of view is that such people are in need of strong anger management therapy.

Honesty and decency is the best policy, but today, it is very difficult for an honest and decent person to survive in such society, because an honest person cannot hurt or cheat anyone. They expect honesty from everybody else that they are dealing with and they reserve the right of getting angry and reacting to the situation, in which they are being deceived, but they do not lose their control and never forget their principles of anger management.

They will often use diplomacy and negotiation …

Skating and the Newton’s Laws

Physics is what drives the skates, be it the traditional roller skates or the new age inline skates. The world is all about science. And when it comes to talking about the science behind working of things, it is physics bang on.

Newton’s law of motion are comprised of three basic laws. Instead of going from laws 1 to 3, let us go in the order of how the skater begins skating and finally stops. This way the understanding of underlying laws becomes easy.

Starting the skating process

The skater begins the process of skating by pushing the toes and heels on the ground, opposite to the direction in which he/she wants to move. Here the energy from the muscles (potential energy) is transferred to the wheels (kinetic energy) of the skates. The skater moves because, the ground exerts an equal and opposite force to the wheels, thereby making it spin.

This is governed by Newton’s third law of motion which states that, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”. The action here was to push the ground with the skates and the equal and opposite reaction was to push the skater forward.

While this happens, the wheels spin because of a torque which is produced by friction from the ground. This friction is called static friction. This force causes one surface to slide over the other. It happens so that when the roller blades move forward, the surface of Earth moves backwards to let the skater move. Sounds bizarre?! Well, the Earth is so huge that you hardly notice that it is going few millimetres to the other side!

Repeating the process to gain speed

To go on this entire process is repeated over and over again to gain speed. This is governed by Newton’s second law which states, “The rate of change of momentum is proportional to the imposed force and goes in the direction of the force”. It means if you push twice as hard, the acceleration is going to be twice as much.

It also indicates that if you push the other way, you will decelerate, that is, reduce your speed. It also suggests that heavier the body (or the person), more force is required to accelerate. Hence, lighter the person, faster is the acceleration going to be.

Gliding with momentum

After a while the skater will start gliding or coasting. This occurs solely based on momentum gathered from the high speed gained earlier.

Newton’s first law of motions states this as, “A body remains at rest or in motion with a constant velocity unless acted upon by an external force”. That is, the skater will continue to coast unless he/she stops by applying brakes or he/she bumps onto someone or falls and trips due to loss of balance.

This is how physics and skating are related by Newton’s laws of motion. Next time you skate, experience it from physic’s eyes.…