Crystals – How To Activate And Accelerate The Law of Attraction (LOA) Using Their Power?

I stumbled on a forum thread discussion about crystals some time ago. It’s an exchanged between a gentleman and a lady.

“I found a crystal on the riverbed, what can I do with this stone?” asked the lady.

“If I came across a crystal on the river bed, I will throw this piece of worthless rock away”, the gentleman replied.

I shook my head. It’s a pity, I thought. Yet at the same time, I guess this is what most people will do. Not many out there understand the true power of the crystals. And for those who do, few are willing to talk or share.

The Secret took the world by storm. Many popular teachers advocate this law, it brings them fame and popularity.

Pause for a moment. Think about it. Who is the real star of The Secret? Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Bill Harris, Jack Canfield, Marie Diamond or any other teachers? No. Rather it is the Law of Attraction (LOA). I have no doubt of the existence of this law, just like the law of gravity, it’s always there, and it works.

But is LOA merely those 3 simple steps: ask, believe and receive?

There is a hidden flaw to these 3 simple steps. Do you know?

As pointed out in the book, Jack Canfield’s Key to living the law of attraction, “It is your vibrational states that attract the objects of your desire”, so focusing on what you want, and staying in the right emotion, are keys to send out the right vibes to unleash the power of LOA.

And the right vibes means transmitting your desires while feeling happy, relaxed and fulfilled.

Any traces and feeling of lack will have made the whole process of manifestation slow. It’s a rather complex feeling you have to manage, to make LOA work for you. And it’s even more difficult to sustain the good feeling constantly. Sounds profound? It is.

Let’s face it. We are human being. We have emotions. We have other priorities in life. Can you really only focus on what you want all the time? Unlikely.

What about when you go to bed at night? You stop transmitting the right vibes to attract what you want.

And also What about times when you are emotionally down? You start transmitting the wrong vibes and attract what you don’t want.

A law that looks and sounds deceivingly easy to apply turns out harder than expected. I agree there are many who succeeded in getting what they want. But I also believe there are many more failures.

Fortunately, there is an easier method. You can turn crystal stones into a desire magnet, and attract what you want.

How is this possible? Because crystal has memory effect and vibrates at it own unique frequency sending out signal to the Universe 24 hours, 7 days a week. Once you program it, the crystal aligns and sends out vibes to the Universe with your request.

So instead of you engaging …

Six Ways to Get Promoted Faster in Your Civil Service Career

While there are many similarities between attaining success in private industry, working in the public sector presents its own unique challenges. However civil service careers can still be lucrative for those employees who are ambitious and strive to advance. Here are six ways you can get promoted faster in your government job.

. First you must make a commitment to be the best you can be. You should pursue areas within your interest and resolve to be flexible in your approach to everyday situations. Work at being outstanding at what you do and knowledgeable of your subject area. Stay abreast of subject matter trends, the work of other experts and the mission of your organization.

. Study and practice techniques for getting along with others and gaining the respect of the people you work with. you must be able to work well with others to have any chance of being promoted to higher grades.

. Develop consistent work habits. Establish a productive routine and practice discipline in your work ethic.

. Become known as the person who can get virtually any task done with efficiency and excellence.

. Look for opportunities to gain influence in decision making.

. Study others who are good at managing people and supervising the work of others. Practice those same behaviors in your daily interactions.

. Follow through on your commitments and do what you say you are going to do.

Opportunities are plentiful for good people to excel in the civil service. The promise of important and exciting work, great responsibility, and outstanding rewards await those who accept the challenge and do what is required to to move up the civil service career ladder.…

Importance of Moral Values in the Present day Situation

Modern mass society presents a sharp contrast, as the young grow up. They are faced with confusions, delays and discontinuities. Adolescents in particular are uncertain about themselves. Some are in conflict with themselves, bewildered an insecure.

Values are usually influenced by the changing philosophical ideologies, cultural and religious perspectives, social, political and geographical conditions. In modern emerging society, there has been a revolutionary change in the field of values due to many factors in addition to the influence of modern culture, industrialization, modernization, urbanization, globalisation and multinationals.

Values are the guiding principles, decisive in day to day behaviors as also is critical life situations. Values are a set bring of principles or standards of behavior. Values are regarded desirable,important and held in high esteem by a particular society in which a person lives.

Value education means inculcating in the children a sense humanism, a deep concern for the well being of others and the nation.This can be accomplished only when we instill in the children a deep feeling of commitment to values that would build this country and bring back to the people pride in work that brings order, security and assured progress.

Value education refers to a programme of planned educational action aimed at the development of value and character. Every action and thought of ours leaves an impression in our mind. These impressions determine in our behavior at a given moment and our responses to a given situation. The sum total of all our impressions is what determines our character. The past has determined the present and even so the present our present thoughts and actions will shape our future. This is a key principle governing personality development. The human values are resolved having lasting impact necessary for bringing about change in thought and conduct, in the 21st century.

“If there is righteousness in the heart there will be beauty in character If there is beauty in character There will be harmony in the home When there is harmony in the home There will be order in the nation When there is order in the nation There will be peace in the world”

At the boyhood state, individual physical development is concerned, during manhood and old age intellectual and spiritual values start dominating the corporal values. Therefore while imparting moral education educators must keep in mind that the young must be educated.

Prizes may be given to the deserving persons for showing honesty, bravery, truth etc. The award should be given during school gathering. Contests may be organized on values of life.

According to Father of Indian Nation M.K.Gandhi

“If wealth is lost nothing is lost”

“If health is lost something is lost”

“If character is lost everything is lost”

Best of all things is character.…