Conversation Skills of an Alpha Male

Alpha males know how to talk and what to talk about. Many people cannot move on beyond the first date is simply because they lack the knowledge to start an interesting and fun conversation. Knowing how to start an exciting conversation is important as it brings down her defenses and reveals more about her to you. Mastering this set of skill will definitely bring you another step FORWARD meeting the dream girl of your LIFE. Let’s not waste any more time and I shall impart to you some tips on how to engage a woman in an interesting and fun conversation…

When you are out on a date with her, remember that you are not her employer and you are not employing her. Many males make the mistake of turning the date into a job interview session. The male starts asking questions regarding her job, family, salary, and her age. The female on the other hand will reply in her head “You are a real boring guy.” The date will be totally ruined and all the attraction that is supposed to be there is all gone.

As I mentioned before, alpha males are leaders. When it comes to conversation, alpha males are leaders too. Hence, be the leader and be the one to lead the conversation. If you think that the conversation is starting to get dried and boring, be the one to make changes. Talk about something fun or do something fun and interesting. Don’t be a beta male who do not dare to make changes.

Eye contact is the next key to making your conversation successful. To be able to make good eye contact with her is extremely important as eye contact is a good indicator of how confident you are. When establishing eye contact, it is advisable that you follow the 70/30 rule. Make eye contact with her 70{512b763ef340c1c7e529c41476c7e03bc66d8daea696e1162822661d30dde056} of the time. Making eye contact too long just shows that the guy is insecure so don’t overdo your eye contact.

Have fun. This is the next key to having a great conversation. When you are going out with her and talking to her, it is important that you add the fun element into it. Tease her in a funny way, play some small games with her. Ask her what type of ice-cream she love, what her favorite color was. You name it, the bottom line is to have fun. Say NO NO to politics and other boring stuff. Unless you are pretty sure she is really really interested in that political stuff, then don’t even think about politics. It is a really arduous task for you or anyone to make that political stuff to become interesting. Trust me; you don’t even want to try.…

Maltese Law on Property – The Contract of Emphyteusis

Article 1494 of the Maltese Civil Code (Chapter 16 of the Laws of Malta), defines Emphyteusis as follows:

“Emphyteusis is a contract whereby one of the contracting parties grants to the other, in perpetuity or for a time, a tenement for a stated yearly rent or ground-rent which the latter binds himself to pay to the former, either in money or in kind, as an acknowledgment of the tenure.”

Emphyteusis is typical of Continental law (European) and not English law. It is very different from lease or rent of a dwelling house or a piece of land. This is because unlike lease, Emphyteusis is a real right which attaches to the land being contracted and not to the person contracting such right. On the other hand, lease, being a personal right, does not attach to the land or the dwelling house being granted, but only to the person receiving the lease. The legal implications arising out of these differences are considerable, especially with regards to the rights and obligations of the contracting parties.

The contract of Emphyteusis must be made by public deed before a Notary Public. It would be null if done by means of a private writing. Lease, on the other hand may be entered into by private writing and will have the force of law. The contract of Emphyteusis cannot be changed throughout the emphyteutical period. Once the ground-rent is established, it cannot be changed.

Article 1494 provides three key phrases which need to be clarified:

i. perpetuity or for a time

There are two types of empytheutical grants: Perpetual Emphyteusis and temporary Emphyteusis. The former is a payment which must be effected annually with the legal option of redemption. Redemption renders the land freehold. Temporary Emphyteusis, on the other hand, is a contract for a number of years. (Usually in Malta the most popular number of years contracted for are 17 years, 21 years, 99 years and 150 years.)

ii. stated yearly rent or ground-rent

The ‘canone’ or ground-rent must be stated in the contract, under pain of nullity, and is to be paid yearly to the dominus, i.e. the owner of the house.


The utilista recognizes the fact that he can legally enjoy that property and must acknowledge the dominus as being the real owner of such property.

The contract of Emphyteusis is a sui generis contract whereby the dominus, who is the real owner of the property, is temporarily divested of all his ownership rights. Such rights and obligations are shifted to the ‘utilista,’ the person enjoying such grant, throughout such period. Upon the expiration of the contract, the property, with all the improvements made to it, will revert to the dominus and there will be no right to extend the Emphyteusis.

In the old days, Emphyteusis used to be granted by land owners to farmers who tended the land. Sometimes the agreement would be that as acknowledgment, rather than paying money, the farmer would deliver to the dominus part of the produce, …

Criminal Defense Attorney – The History

The related concepts of crime and law have a long history out of which has emerged a variety of legal systems and juridical forms that necessitate the existence lawyers. Lawyers are a highly trained professional class that is concerned with the study and practice of law, and a criminal defense attorney deals with law that concerns crime.

Specifically, a criminal defense attorney defends those who have been accused of a criminal offense. A criminal defense attorney prepares a case in an attempt to protect their clients’ civil liberties and have them declared not guilty. In lieu of that, a criminal defense attorney will try to have the sentence given be as light as possible.

The legitimacy of law, in political theory, extends from some kind of governing body. The state, as both a theoretical construct, and an actual existing body of government, has historically often been the force behind the legitimacy of systems of laws. In Western political philosophy, it has been argued that a state must be established to protect humans from each other. The role of the criminal attorney is to act as a mediator in disputes involving harm or other criminal acts.

From Western political thought emerged the concept of the nation-state, which pairs nationalist feelings of patriotism with the form of the state. The Revolutions of 1848 throughout Europe played a role in the increase of nationalism, as well as liberal democracy and the court systems we see in Europe and North America today.

Through this process of nationalism, nations each developed their own particular legal systems that share a common ancestor, but exhibit a wide range of variation that depend largely on the culture from which they derive. However, in cultures that allow people to defend themselves in a criminal court, a lawyer is absolutely necessary.

The presentation of documents and verbal discussions had to be coordinated in a hierarchical fashion, as the legitimacy of the law comes from above in the chain of command. The necessitated the existence of courts and judges. Courts serve as official meeting places for lawyers as well as opportunities for judges to decide cases. Some cases are decided by judges, but most criminal cases are decided by juries, whom the criminal defense attorney must convince their client is innocent.

In modern legal systems, lawyers are still under the authority of judges, who in turn must answer to the state; however, lawyers also have a larger role, because people are allowed to defend themselves in court. In criminal cases, a defendant can defend him or herself with legal representation. In a criminal court, a lawyer can prosecute or defend individuals or groups in the interpretation and enforcement of laws. The decisions of courts set precedents that increase the likelihood of future court cases being determined in the same way.

As you can see, this profession has a long history and could not have achieved its current form without the technology of writing and the accumulation of laws in their written …

What Does a Legal Cashier Do? Choosing the Right Law Job

The legal cashier’s job can be ideal for someone who finds the idea of working for a solicitors or law firm appealing but doesn’t have the experience or desire to work directly on legal matters. Normally a legal cashier is responsible in one form or another for the finances of the company. As the financial needs of solicitors and law firms are quite unique, a niche has opened up for those with the skills and expertise to carry out these kinds of jobs.

There are a number of different jobs which could be described as a legal cashier:

Legal Accountant – The responsibilities of a legal accountant are in many ways similar to a traditional accountant however there are some distinct difference unique to the industry. For example the large transfers of money for house purchases and legal fees are quite different to that of a traditional business. Though the tasks carried out by a legal accountant may differ from other industries many of the skills required to carry out the role are quite transferable.

Financial Controller – typically a financial controller has a lot more strategic role than a legal accountant, they might not be as involved in the day to day, invoices, payments and bank reconciliations but are still heavily involved in how a legal firm manages it finances.

Accounts Manager – This might be a role for someone working within a legal firm who has extensive accounts experience yet isn’t a qualified accountant. They don’t have the legal ability to carry out accounts like their professionally qualified colleague but might still carry out very similar tasks on a day to day basis.

Practice Manager– a far more administrative role typically, though it may still involve aspects of a finance common to most legal cashier roles. A Practice manager would normally have responsibility for the teams responsible for the administration and non legal functions of the firm.

Legal cashiers can also often be given the responsibilities within a company beyond the financial. These tasks often include

Marketing– while legal firms might not instantly seem like they require a great deal of marketing just like every business they need new customers. For most firms they would never reach the size where they could afford or justify a full time member of staff dedicated to marketing the firm. However often the responsibility of attracting new customers can be passed to someone with the appropriate skills. Often a legal cashier has just the right mix of abilities and enthusiasm to be given the task of marketing.

HR – the responsibility for human resources is another important part of a business which a small legal firm may not be able to dedicate a member of staff. As legal cashiers often manage a large number of the firm’s staff often HR can be allocated to them.

Administration – the amount of paper work and administration that a team of practicing solicitor can create is surprising. Consequently there is a team of …