Meanwhile – The Impact of Comic Books on Society

Comic books and graphic novels have long captured the imaginations of children, teens and adults everywhere. Many people have read comics when they were kids, occasionally hiding a comic book inside of a school book in order to read it while their teacher lectured. The frequency of which we would enjoy these tales usually decreased the more we grew into adulthood however, they still have a tremendous appeal. Comic books have usually been thought of as nothing more than mere “children’s books” however, they have come a long way over the years.

Comics and graphic novels address a range of societal issues and allow us to showcase what is happening in the world today. Some comic books act only as plot devices, some as social commentary, and others try to make us think.

Their has been a rise in interest in comics in recent years primarily due to the entertainment industry and the internet. The internet has given people new options for buying, selling and trading comic books with the online marketplace and websites such as eBay and Online comic book forums and message boards have also given comic book readers and collectors an instrument through which to connect and share their passion for this creative medium and have piqued interest in those new to comic culture.

Comics are now recognized as a valued medium and we can see their influence in just about every sector of our entertainment. From movies to television and from video games to amusement parks, comics have had a tremendous impact on our culture. As a result comics are no longer being censored in the sense of what should and shouldn’t be in them. This may be a bad thing for some but for others it is a basic part of free speech and the first amendment.…

Law of Attraction Mastery: Using Your Nightmares to Manifest Your Dreams

The point of this law of attraction article is very simple: how to use things you hate to help you get what you want. Briefly, we need to contextualize this so that we’re on the same page, but we’ll end with a suggestion about how to use things you don’t want in order to help bring you the things that you do want. And this is probably the single most helpful tool a person studying law of attraction can have: an instant, powerful reframe about horrible things.

In the law of attraction, knowing what you do and don’t want is extremely important. They’re the basis of getting what you want. And it’s easy to see that if you think about it for a minute: if you don’t know what you want, then you can never know if you got it or not because you’ve never been looking for anything-you’ve just been looking. This aimless looking is often insanely painful, and even when it’s not painful it’s rarely helpful.

Very often, I used to find myself getting mad that I “didn’t get what I wanted”… until I really thought about it and realized that I didn’t just want that thing: I’d also thought about every possible way it could go wrong and what could suck about it. I had thought and thought and thought about how it would fail. So much so that if I actually succeeded in my goals, I wasn’t sure what to do. This happened to me when I was a door-to-door salesperson: I’d get rejected so much that when people wanted to buy, it’d surprise me, and the first thing I’d want to say is, “Really? Seriously? Why?”

And I’d think this because I was never focused on the sale. I was always focused on negative things, like how I was messing up or thinking about if they were still paying attention or what I’d tell my bosses about how they just couldn’t be sold.

I hope you get the picture: I focused on the worst. And so, my days were constantly filled with my nightmares because I was not only attracting them to me in the world, I was bombarding my mind and emotions with terrible feelings about things that hadn’t happened yet-and might not happen!

So, how did I use this?

I focused on all the things that I didn’t want and turned them to positives. For instance, a thought I’ve often had is, “I don’t want people to ignore me.” This is an incredibly negative belief because it’s centered on people ignoring me as well as my want to make people not ignore me. I want to be heard! Rather, a better thought, a thought that’s a desire I can have is “I want to captivate people with my words.” And this is a very powerful desire-a desire that permeates all of my communication including this article.

The belief “I hate stupid people” (something I loathe hearing) could be transformed to “I want to …

Effects of Emerging Technologies on the Society

Advancement in technology has made the world go “gaga”. As far as technology is concerned, you can expect the unexpected or imagine the unimaginable. The world has left the stage of crude implementation. Every facet of life has been touched and affected by technology. The bewilderment of everyone is that existing technologies are fast becoming obsolete by the day; courtesy of advancement in technology. This article discusses the effects of emerging technology on the society.

Technology has affected and is still affecting people of all age brackets from all over the world. You can imagine the formats in which toddlers’ toys and items for old people are made these days. They are given touch of modernity to let them have the feel of the innovations the mind of the human person is capable of.

Internet Technology

Let us begin with Information Technology. Gone are the days when people melted for fear of where to get information or data for their usage. Whatever information you think you need has been well written out for you on the Internet. “Internet is the world on the computer”. The internet has a wealth of information on every area of human endeavour. It is a safe place of consultation or reference for students as well as professors. The internet is a place individuals and enterprise run to locate the information they need. For instance, when you need any service, just log into the Internet, and you will see one million and one individuals and organisations who render such services. Whatever it is you need, you can find it on the internet.

The world wide web as an aspect of technological advancement, has made the production and sharing of information a breeze. With the proper use of the internet, businesses that took “ages” to be accomplished are now executed within a twinkle of an eye. Even though the internet has numerous advantages, it has some disadvantages too. A lot of unhealthy materials are available on the internet. And these to the detriment of innocent minds. In as much as good people post relevant information on the net for the use of those who need them, people with bad intentions also post harmful materials on the internet. Materials on how to indulge in bad things abound on the internet. This is because a large part of the internet is not censored.

Technological advancements have positive and negative effects on us. Let us talk about other facets of latest technologies and their effects.

Nano technology

Nano technology, like the Internet technology is spreading like a wild fire and its future effects are unimaginable. Nano technology spreads through large parts of human life. In the area of human health, nano technology is used for the treatment of cancer. It is used through the infrared to dismantle cancer tumors. Besides the health sector where nano technology has proved its relevance, it is also a force in the electronic sector. With nano, devices or applications of different types and sizes can …

How Business Firms Can Influence the Government In Making Favorable Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Monetary and fiscal policies are the two different tools taken by the authorities. Monetary policy is taken by the central bank of any country. And fiscal policy is taken by the government By nature two policies have different effect and implication. The economic condition, government vision etc influence in selecting what policy should be taken.

Basically the aim of those two policies is to promote and foster economic growth, increase the GDP, creating employment and over all make positive impact on the economy.Those policies are very much important and concerning matter for the business community. Business firms would be interested to expand their business and making larger investment if monetary and fiscal policy are in favor and keep interest of them.

The business firm can influence the government in the following ways to make favorable monetary and fiscal policy:

1. Collective bargaining:

Business communities sometimes arrange different trade shows, seminars and discussions where top government officials like finance minister, governor of the central bank are invited. On that meeting business communities can express their concern and try to convince in making certain policies. Sometime, delegates from the business community meet with prime minister, finance minister on this issue. This can be one way from which business can influence government

2. Private public partnership:

Business firms can offer government private public ownership in some industries. In doing this, government can save some capital that is shared by the private community. And another benefit of this, if government become partner then the policy will be in favor of the business sector. This concept is very much helpful if governmental policy is to boost up the economic growth and rapid industrialization.

3. Privately owned country service:

If the business sector (i.e. private firms) take initiative to do some country service like environmental clean up, waste management, and in return want some favor such as tax reduction on some specific business, it’s become another way to influence government in making favorable monetary and fiscal policy.

4. Creation of certain jobs and get privilege on any industry:

Creation of employment is another concern for the government. Government always tries to provide new job opportunities for the unemployed people and try to achieve higher employment in the country. Business firms also do business for profit motive. In doing this they need employees. If business firms assure the government that they will create certain new job opening in the market and wants to get some facilities for their business, then monetary and fiscal policy can go in favor of the business.

5. Assurance of incremental social responsibility:

Corporate social responsibility is another issue that business firms have to do in the global business world. Some issues like acid violence, dowry, tree plantation, awareness against some fatal disease etc. here business can help. In return they can demand government giving some facilities. Government thus makes some favorable monetary and fiscal policy.

Apart from the above issues there are something that business can influence government in making favorable monetary …

Ambiguity and Clarity

The communication can be meaningful and decisive provided it is specific, precise and to the point unambiguously in its context. The clarity of mind and spoken words’ cohesiveness will reflect the congeniality of the situation. The circumstances, whether political, social or cultural will be cordial and leave cherishable memories on the mind. Therefore, it is important that we must understand the meaning, definition and usage of unequivocal and comprehensibility of communication. We must also bear in mind that to be able to conclude decisively, we must communicate in an appropriate manner. Hence differentiating between ambiguity and clarity will mark the beginning of a yet another chapter in our daily life.

The ambiguity occurs when a word or phrase has more than one meaning. It is also a fact that ambiguity tends to increase with frequency of usage. Here it is important to understand the ambiguity and its common usage rather than multifaceted types and different situations. Ambiguity and its fallacies can stretch from linguistic to scientific covering commercial aspects and technicalities. It is important to know that technically or scientifically ambiguity may be ineffective in its significant way. However, linguistically it may cause a disaster or a lesser damage.

The clarity of communication, whether in words or deeds, often reflects a balanced attitude of a person. In such a situation communication clarity will make the aims achievable. The use of simple and appropriate words and phrases will make the whole episode of life an achiever. It holds water very high in political, business like, commercial and cultural fields.

There are people whose tendency is to shirk their responsibilities hence the ambiguity evolves. This will lead to chaos and confusion. Whereas, clean thoughts and clarity of mind, do reflect ideas that are full of progress and propagation. Hence, adopting an attitude which guides us towards clarity will be beneficial, both materially and spiritually.

It is defined that clarity is a balance between precise words and familiar words. It is a link to an idea which runs through the entire communication effectively.

The culminating points of discussion are focus, coherence and unity of an idea. The precision combined with proper timing resulting in clarity of communication.…

6 Great Small Talk Topics for Every Situation

Do you regard finding a small talk topic during conversations to be an arduous chore? You are not alone – many people think that making small talk is a particularly hard thing to do. But there are ways to make finding a small talk topic a much easier task.

Why is making small talk so difficult for some people? Some people find it hard because they may not be confident about their conversational skills – as is the case with foreigners who are new to using the English language. Or they might not be highly educated, so they may feel intimidated in the presence of more highly educated people or people in authority. Small talk also gets hard because, even if one person initiates conversation, the other party may not be inclined to answer or have communication problems of his own.

One party might have religious or political sensibilities that cause him to be defensive or even hostile (which is one reason why it is not recommended for conversation to focus on religious or political topics). Cultural differences may also exist, making one or both parties hesitant to pursue conversation until common ground can be uncovered.

Here are some tips that should make finding a small talk topic less difficult:

1) Ask the other party or parties a lot of questions about themselves. Not only is this the polite thing to do, it also helps move along the conversational ball.

2) Be sure to listen to the responses to your questions. It would not do to ask a barrage of questions then not pay attention to the replies of the other person. Plus, if you listen closely, the responses to your questions may lead you to ask even more in-depth questions.

3) Ask questions that are relevant to the other person – such as questions about their background, their family, any friends you have in common, or what he may like to do. This opens up areas in his life that he may have in common with you, posing an opportunity to bond.

4) Be well-read and well-informed about a host of topics. You have heard it said that it pays to read a lot and it is true – if you know a lot about different topics, you can easily conduct a conversation with people from different backgrounds. It will not be so hard to find a small talk topic then.

5) Keep the flow of the conversation on a casual keel. You might panic if the conversation takes on a very deep tone, such as when you are talking about politics or business, because then it becomes harder to find common ground that you can agree on. Topics should be light, hopefully cheerful, so that you will be able to bond better with the other party.

6) Avoid controversial topics, like asking if the other person is gay. Controversial topics might only put the other person on the defensive. Also, you and the other person might be on …

When It Comes to the Law of Attraction, Wanting Something Makes It Harder to Get

This morning I had a hard time getting out of the house. For the longest time, I couldn’t find my wallet. I checked all the usual places it would usually turn up; on the kitchen counter, by the computer, in the refrigerator… (Not kidding.) Only when my mind started to accept the fact that I may have to leave without it, is when I became able to find it. It was actually lying in a bin where we keep our dog’s food. (Still not sure how it got there, but that’s another story anyway.) This phenomenon is actually quite common. For some reason, we only find something, when we become OK with not finding it. This encompasses the whole essence of releasing your emotional attachment to something. As you scan every word of this document you will discover new ways of thinking about letting go of your wants in order to actually get them easier.

There’s a well known saying that goes like this, “If you want something bad enough, you’ll get it.” In fact, the opposite of that is true. The more you want something, the more you end up pushing it away. I know you may find it hard to make sense. Many people wonder, why wanting something actually pushes it away from you.

Think of it this way. When you want something, you in essence are noticing that you don’t actually have it. Let me repeat that last sentence, because you need to remember it. When you want something, you in essence are noticing that you don’t actually have it. When you send your vibes about lacking anything, out into the universe, that’s precisely what you will receive.

So how do you get around this? Seems almost impossible doesn’t it? How do you want something without wanting it? After all, if you don’t at least conjure up the desire for it; there won’t be the motivation to go out and get it.

Now you’re probably thinking I’m going to ask you to think like a monk or sage and, “let go of your earthly desires.” But if you’ve read any of my material, you would definitely know that’s not my style. In fact, I’m salivating over a fire red sports car as I’m writing this piece.

It’s ok! You can absolutely want and desire things, but you need to do it in a certain way. Here’s the trick.

You can want something, but don’t let that want turn into a need. The moment your “want” turns into a “need,” negative feelings about it start to come up. Frustration and depression may arise from the fact that you don’t actually have it. Keep the want playful. Think of it as ordering something from an online store, like Amazon or Overstock. The moment you push the order through, how do you feel. You’re probably excited and optimistic about your item arriving at your door in the near future, right? That’s how attracting something should feel. When you feel the …

A Law May Be Harsh, But it is Still the Law

Web 2.0 technologies offer the potential to improve significantly the quality of education. However, the impact of copyright and control technologies may limit educators and students to continue to engage freely with a variety of information sources.

This poses a great challenge to institutions in understanding such implication within the bounds of intellectual property law which is by itself is also challenged by the move toward collective creation. A single work of art may contain multiple copyrighted works owned by different people. This is the harsh reality of the law that many educational materials run the risk of inadvertently violating copyrights.

The law may be harsh, but it is still the law. Until such time that it is declared unconstitutional, it deserves to be respected and obeyed no matter how unfair the said law is. When the courts declare a law to be inconsistent with the Constitution, the former shall be void and the latter shall prevail.

Laws are repealed only by subsequent ones, and their violation or non-observance shall not be excused by disuse or custom or practice to the contrary. No judge or court shall decline to render judgment by reason of the silence, obscurity or insufficiency of the laws. In case of doubt in the interpretation or application of laws, it is presumed that the lawmaking body intended right and justice to prevail.

The term “law” in its widest sense means any rule of action, norm or conduct, or expression of uniformity. In its most comprehensive signification, law is applicable indiscriminately to all objects of creation, whether animate or inanimate, rational or irrational, as well as to intangible processes.

Law is the factor that holds organized society together. Where such element does not exist, there is only a lawless group. To the extent that a group of men are held together as a society by such factor, to that extent it has a legal system, crude or highly developed as the case may be.

The concrete statutes, customs or judicial decisions prevailing are only so many facets of that overriding, super eminent factor. When a particular rule or act promotes the efficacy of this factor, it is a lawful act or a good rule; if it derogates from the effectiveness of this element, it is an unlawful act which should be changed.

The burden of proving that a law is unconstitutional is reposed on the individual suitor or challenger because of the presumption of constitutionality of a law. Laws are meant to be followed; otherwise, there will be chaos, disorder. Law is like a nuclear force that holds the atom together, without it there shall be destruction.…

The Importance of Law Enforcement in Our Society

Without proper law enforcement, the rule of the law would mean nothing. There would be no one to protect you from harm and violence. Humans are social creatures, and we tend to live in cities, villages, and communities, where interaction among our peers is almost inevitable. Unfortunately, there would almost always be those who would not respect your rights as a human being, or would not do their social, financial, and moral responsibility as a citizen. They will try to steal from you, threaten you, and take advantage of you. That necessitates for the role of the police being the ones who would enforce the law, by catching or deterring people who would violate the rules of the law, and to protect your rights as a citizen.

Without law enforcement, if somebody did you wrong, then you have to take this person yourself and haul him before the magistrate. Furthermore, if you came home only to see that someone had broken in and stolen your belongings, without law enforcement, there would be no police detective to investigate. Moreover, the rich and the powerful might hire a detective agency to track down whoever committed crimes, but the poor might have no one to protect had they been victimized. If you have been hit by a car driven by a reckless driver, without law enforcement, they could do away with it. Of course, that would be aggravating on you part. If the beer-gutted husband is smacking, beating, or verbally abusing his wife, without law enforcement, the domestic violence might still continue on, as no law enforcement would not be there if the domestic violence would be reported. These are only few among the many other violations, which can be done against you, but nonetheless, we cannot deny how hugely important the role law enforcement plays in our society.

The rule of the law identifies that your property is yours, and therefore no one can come into your property and take it against your will. Moreover, the rule of the law likewise identifies that no person deserves to be discriminated, whether it be because of their race, skin color, sex, and gender, and that those who would discriminate must be punished by the countries’ own respective law. Additionally, it dictates that corrupt officials, rapists, murderers, and thefts must be punished. Furthermore, the rule of the law recognizes that, as a citizen, you have a responsibility to fulfill, and that you also have rights which must be dutifully acknowledged, respected, and protected by all means.…

Cultural Diversity in Nigeria: A Blessing or a Curse?

Cultural diversity is a phrase generally used in describing a society with people of different ethnic roots which manifest in their languages, mode of dressing, arts, as well as other traditional practices which are either similar or distinctively different from each group. Such traditional practices are highly valued and held with great admiration among people of an ethnic group. In Nigeria for instance, when it comes to dressing a core northerner is identified with a starchy ironed fez as a cap. In the western part of Nigeria which is dominated by Yoruba ethnic group, people generally sew their cap in a long style which is neatly folded when worn on the head. On the other hand, in the eastern side of the country the Ibo are know for their red cap which is traditional worn (but mostly) by title holders. Other minority ethnic groups within the middle belt region like the Tiv, Ngas, Idoma, Nupe, etc, also have unique cultural attributes which help in recognizing their cultural roots when appeared in the public. For example, the Tiv people in Nigeria are widely known for their a’nger, a unique traditional costume (fabric), lineally sewn in black and white features, which is generally worn by Tiv people to identify with their cultural origin.

The picture created above is that of a cultural mosaic or congress of cultures consensually residing in one community called Nigeria. However, to express how culturally diversified Nigeria is, there is need to have mental cross-section of Kaduna state which has, over the years, remained a unifying point for varying cultures.

Kaduna state is an epitome of a highly diversified sub-political entity in Nigeria with over fifteen tribes/ethnic groups. Apart from the Hausas, which dominate the northern part of the state, there are a lot of minority tribes/cultural groups settling in different parts of Kaduna state. For example, the southern part of the state has Kagoro, Moro’a, Jaba, Fantsuan, Kataf, Baju, Gbagi, Kagoma, Mada, Ninzam, Attakar, Fulani, Attukur, Koro etc. All these tribes/ethnic groups mentioned above have cultural attributes which are similar in practice or remarkable different from each other. Kagoro ethnic group, for instance, set aside January 1 of every year to celebrate her people and culture. In every Kagoro Day (1st January), there are a lot of cultural display: Dance, costumes, arts, etc. The event draws people from various parts of the country especially sons and daughters of Kagoro as well as highly dignifying chiefs within Nigeria.

On the other hand, the disparities within the ethnic groups have existed for a long time. Even in the history of Nigeria, one may agree with the writer that it was the cultural or ethnic differences which propelled polarize ideologies that made indirect rule during the colonial era to be successful in the north and failed in the south. Also, it was the manifestation of such differences that made the people of the southern part of Nigeria to demand for independence in 1958 when the northern representatives said they …