How to prepare for a meeting with a personal injury lawyer

It is crucial that in case of an accident, you get a competent personal injury attorney to represent and fight for your claims to the end. Moreover, it is only essential that you get compensation, which you rightfully deserve in the first place.

When you shortlist potential experienced attorneys with preceding reputations, you should conduct a physical meeting. So, how do you prepare for a meeting with a Sandy personal injury lawyer? Remember, your first meeting is crucial, as it is the only way for you to establish the right attorney for the job. 

You can prepare for a successful meeting in the following ways:

  • Prepare the questions to ask in advance

Before even thinking about anything else, you need to know what is taking you to the meeting. You need to know if your appointment can handle the claim the way you want. Therefore, you’ll need a series of questions to ask. It is, however, important that you write all the questions down in advance so that you don’t forget about essential points. Also, arrange the questions in order of seriousness and importance, starting from the most important one moving downwards.  

  • Prepare necessary witnesses in case the attorney asks for them

People don’t like to be summoned on legal capacity without prior permission or knowledge. If you want to have a successful claim battle, you must prepare your witnesses in time. To evaluate the weight and probability of your case, the attorney may also need a one-on-one session with material witnesses. So, you also prepare adequately for that.

  • Have the right evidence and documentations

After contacting all the possible witnesses and informed them of your intentions to meet a personal injury lawyer, you’ll need to have all your material evidence and documentation in order. For instance, you can get original copies of the policy cover and contract between you and an insurance company. You can also prepare a detailed report of communications between you and the insurance company and a record of premiums already paid. Also, be prepared to give out any evidence/ document that your attorney may ask for.

  • Have the facts of the case in writing

It will be much easier when you present most things you have against the claim to your lawyer in writing. When you write, you’ll elaborate on the situation well without leaving essential parts. Prepare the facts of the case when your mind is settled so that you don’t leave out anything which your attorney should know. Also, the lawyer will have an easy time discerning what to focus on.

  • Choose a physical meet up

Finally, some attorneys can pose to be so busy that they can’t schedule a physical meeting within a convenient time. Always inquire about this early so that they don’t force a video conference meeting with you. You can still let the attorneys choose their perfect time for engagement. A physical meeting yields to an in-person consultation that will be fruitful in the long run. Face

A Game from My Childhood

When I was growing up, I would play a lot of dominoes with my grandfather. In many of the games that we played, he would beat me, but occasionally I would win some against him. Now that I’m older, I can’t really play with my grandfather because I live far away from him. No one else around me really knows how to play the game, so I looked online for some challenging dominoes games. I ended up at, and learned that I could play games online against other people for money.

At first, I found the online games to be easy. All of the games that I played against my grandfather made the other players seem weak in comparison. This meant that I was able to win a lot of money early on. After playing for a while, the games became much harder. The more skilled players were coming out of the woodwork, and I started to lose games. It felt just like the old days when my grandfather would put down some pieces and shatter any chance I had of winning. It gave me an adrenaline rush that made me want to play more in order to win back the money I lost.

I wonder how many of the other online dominoes players got as good as they did. They might have had someone older to show them the ropes like I did with my grandfather. Then again, there are probably some players that have only played the game online and became skilled at the game by playing in some intense online matches, like the ones that I faced after the initial crop of players. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is someone out there who has never lost a game in an online match. You would have to be some kind of domino god to pull that off.…

How Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Save Time

The period after suffering a personal injury can be both stressful and frustrating. You will be devastated and angry, and at some time, you do not even know where to get started. You will be acting with impulse, and this puts you at risk of making irreversible mistakes. It is advisable that you seek the help of the attorney, and let the expert represent and guide you on what to do after such a fateful event. Most people think that the only time they need a personal injury lawyer is if they will be going to court. The truth is, whether you decide to settle the issue with the at(fault party on or outside the court, having reliable lawyers such as Halperin Law Center forms with a range of benefits all from increasing the chances of getting compensation to ensuring that you get the best value compensation. Most importantly, having an expert handle your case will help you save time in a range of ways, and if you are skeptical about this, here are some of the ways in which a personal injury attorney will help you save time. 

The attorney will attend the court meetings and sessions

Depending on the particular situation, the personal injury case might take a while before settlement. It could be that the liable party is not willing to cooperate, or there is no enough evidence to settle the case. This means that there will be several meetings at the court or with the at-fault party’s lawyer. Remember that you are in pain, and you cannot afford to be moving up and down. Having an attorney ensures that you can entirely focus on healing as the personal injury lawyer takes all the trouble of attending sessions.

The lawyer will gather evidence

The biggest challenge when filing a claim and seeking compensation comes in gathering evidence to prove that someone else’s negligence was the cause of the state you are in. It takes expertise to understand precisely what to look, and luckily, the lawyer has handled similar cases before. The expert understands what to look for and where to look for it. Unlike you, it will take the attorney the least time to gather enough evidence to prove your plea.

Fast case settlement

As mentioned, it will take the lawyer the least amount of time to gather enough evidence for the case. Also, the lawyer knows how to negotiate with the insurance provider not to forget that with expertise, there is no room for mistakes. All these advantages eliminate any delays in the case, which ensures a fast settlement of your claim.

From these, it is evident that hiring an attorney to handle your injury case is the best way to save time. You can instead focus on getting better and doing other productive things, such as running your business. You, however, need a lawyer that you can entirely rely on to enjoy these time-saving benefits. Take your time to do some research until you find

Why and When Would You Need a Law Firm

The journey of life is never smooth. One moment you can feel so fulfilled and the next thing you know you have lost everything leaving you at the mercy of prying eyes all over the world. Life is full of ups and downs, as such, we need to be extra careful in everything we do to avoid downright crashing. You can’t avoid trouble at intervals and that is why you need to take safety measures in whatever you do, be it business or otherwise. Nowadays where technology is advancing and individuals are somewhat very materialistic, having increased enormous ambitions and desires, it is almost certain that issues would set in among organizations, individuals, groups and most individuals.

The season we are now in the season of change, especially in the character and behavior of individuals. Changes are happening so quickly that we are slow towards catching up with it. In the broadest possible sense, there is a need for a panel of justice in which companies or people can ultimately put their hopes on to solve their problems satisfactorily. This justice system simply means that there is a dire need for law firms who can help companies or an individual to fight for what is right.

At intervals, various situations can crop up where you can be picked up for very light offenses such as parking in a wrong way or place. Ordinarily, you wouldn’t need the services of law firm, let alone consulting one. On the other hand, if this same situation has happened for more than two or three times and you are locked up by the authorities for it, then consulting or requiring the services of a law firm to help you with your case is very important. In some countries, handing critical issues such as when a couple gets separated and there is a need to know who gets the legal right to take care of the children or payment of taxes, injury or an accident, you obviously would need the services of an attorney.

Individuals, companies, groups as well as organizations contact the services of law firms to assist them regarding different cases that have to do with legal stuff. Moreover, different capable firms regarding law place adverts showing what their attorneys are capable of online. As such, whoever is seeking for an attorney can invariably check feedback from customers such as Lexington Firm Reviews to verify about the law firm of their choice, whom they feel will be able to assist them by giving them the right advice or solution to whatever problem they have and also have the ability to win the case in the law court if it ever gets to that level.

Law firms play a vital role in the country as they assist in maintaining peace and tranquility amongst individuals, businesses, groups and various organizations. We are advised to consult a law firm if we get into any kind of situation needing the assistance of a law firm to

Will I Get a DUI Even if I Only Have One Drink?

A .08 BAC results from several drinks for most people, but Oklahoma law allows authorities to arrest and convict drivers after just one drink.

Although most people do not reach a .08 BAC level until they have had several drinks, under Oklahoma law, it is possible to be arrested for and convicted of DUI after having just one drink. An illegally-high blood alcohol content level is only one way to be convicted of DUI in Oklahoma. Drivers are legally intoxicated if they have any amount of a Schedule I substance (such as heroin or cocaine) in their bodies or if they are impaired due to alcohol, any drug, or some combination thereof.

The broad nature of this law is bad news for Oklahoma drivers. The good news is that sub-.08 BAC cases are rather difficult to prove in court. That is especially true given the high burden of proof, which is beyond any reasonable doubt. So, if you only had one drink and face DUI charges, a Ponca City criminal defense attorney can probably help.

Oklahoma’s BAC Levels

The BAC limit is usually .08, but that is not always the case. Oklahoma has a “zero tolerance” law for minors. If drivers are under 21 and they have any amount of alcohol in their systems, even wine from communion, they could be arrested and convicted.

More importantly, Oklahoma law contains some rather unique sub-.08 presumptions. A BAC below .05 does not indicate intoxication. Significantly, this BAC level does not legally indicate sobriety, either. So, officers can still arrest such people, but without a presumption of impairment, these cases are quite difficult to prove.

If the driver’s BAC was between .05 and .79, that level is basically a rebuttable presumption of intoxication. Any additional evidence could be enough to establish intoxication as a matter of law.

The field tests, which are discussed below, mean a lot in sub-.08 cases. In court, officers always testify that the defendant “failed” the tests. In non-presumption cases, jurors might overlook technical failures, such as lifting a leg at slightly the wrong angle. In a presumption case, such tick-tack failures might be enough to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Circumstantial Evidence

Oklahoma has a per se DUI law. A BAC level above the legal limit establishes intoxication as a matter of law. The extent of impairment, or the lack thereof, is irrelevant. However, in other cases, Kay County prosecutors normally must use circumstantial evidence from the DUI field tests.

Some officers have defendants perform unapproved tests, like Rhomberg’s balance test. This is the closed eyes, head back, and arms extended balance test. These test results might only be admissible for limited purposes.

The following three tests carry more weight with a judge and/or jury, because the National Traffic Safety Administration has endorsed them:

  • Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus: The DUI eye test looks for evidence of nystagmus, a condition also known as lazy eye. The test itself is fairly accurate. But alcohol is not the only

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

If you are looking for help in the legal realm, you may want to look closer at a family law attorney. While you may be familiar with this type of practitioner, you may not know the full range of things they do. These attorneys specialize in everything having to do with the family, from what happens before marriage to after you die. Discover some examples of the tasks this lawyer handles.

Prenuptial Agreements

Before two people say ‘I do,’ they may want to draft a prenuptial agreement. This document behaves like an insurance policy, setting forth agreements on how the couple will handle a divorce. While some believe this a dooming document, it is anything but that. It allows each to prioritize how they will divide things like assets and debt in the event they breakup. The goal is to simplify things during what can be a highly-stressful divorce.


Some family law attorneys help people grow their families by handling every aspect of adoption. Whether the process is private or a state-sanctioned situation, a family attorney Tampa can guide you through the convoluted and emotional process of adopting a child.

Estate Planning

Ensuring your family is taken care of after death is a priority. Some family attorneys work with people to draft estate plans focusing on the family. Second marriages have sensitive estate planning issues, mainly if there are children. A family law attorney may be able to get your wishes down and help you nominate someone to administer your estate.


The most common reason people seek out a family law lawyer has to do with divorce. With over half of all marriages ending in dissolution, an attorney who specializes in divorce is a valuable ally. This practitioner seeks the best resolution for your situation to provide for you and your children.

It is always recommended that you conduct your own due diligence when it comes to finding a representative that fits you best. Armed with some general knowledge may help further this process.

Hiking & Trails on the Big Island of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is an outdoor playground for hikers and nature-lovers.  In fact, The Big Island is one of the most ecologically diverse locates on the planet, where you can find nearly every climate (4 of the 5 major climate zones) – from tropical monsoon and ice tundra, to desert to temperate, all within an hour drive of one another.  It’s a truly remarkable place, especially considering it’s only 4,028 square miles.  So, with so many types of land to explore, it’s a good idea to plan ahead.  With that, let’s take a look at some of the best hiking trails, tours, and preparations for the trip ahead of you.

Best Big Island of Hawaii Hiking Trails

1. Waipi’o Valley

Round-trip is 6.5 miles with a medium to hard difficulty level, this trail is located in Kohala on the Northern part of the Big Island.

Waipi’o Valley is one of the most scenic locations in the world, giving hikers the feeling of walking through the solitude of Jurassic Park.  There is a large elevation change as you hike down 800 feet into the Valley of Kings, and once at the bottom, you’re welcomed by a tropical fairytale and a pristine black sand beach.  It’s worth noting however, that there are no shops at the bottom of the valley, so be sure to pack plenty of water and any food you wish to bring.  Be mindful to hike out with all of your trash.  Also, there are 4-wheel transports that you can hire to bring you in or out if you’re only wanting to go for the views and not the challenge.

2.Hawaii Botanical Gardens

At 1.5 miles round-trip, this is a very easy hike located in Hilo on the East side of the Big Island.

Hosting more than 2,000 different plant and tree species, this is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens on Earth.  With very little elevation changes, this is less of a hike and more of a leisurely stroll through nature at its best.  For those wanting a little more of a hike, travelers can do a 2.5 mile round-trip through the donkey trail down to Onomea Bay and Turtle Cove, which are both located just outside the gardens.

3. Mauna Loa

Another easy 1.5 mile round-trip hike, the Mauna Loa Lookout is located on in the Southeast of the island in Volcano Village.

The drive to this trail is a beautiful scenic journey passing past Kilauea Crater, through a bird park, koa forests, and old lava flows – all with plenty of turn-out points where you can park your car and get some stellar selfies with you and your friends.  The trail is a short journey, but highly rewarding at the end, where hikers are greeted by unique red lava rock, and rugged surroundings that provide amazing views of the island and coast.

4. Pololu Valley Hike

An easy 2.5 round-trip hike, this is a great beginner hike also located on the Kohala Coast.…

What is the Role of A Car Accident Lawyer in Your Accident Case?

If you have been involved in an accident and have sustained injuries or your property damaged, you might be wondering if it’s worth hiring a lawyer or how the lawyer will be of help to your case. Moreover, you might also wonder whether it’s a good idea to deal with the insurance company and settle the claim yourself. 

All these depend on the severity of your injuries and how complex your case is. This article gives you some of the roles of an accident lawyer in your car accident case.

1. Communicates with the other driver’s insurance company

One of the roles of the car accident lawyer is to contact the insurance adjuster for the people involved. The adjuster has the pocketbook, that’s why your attorney must have a good relationship and an excellent communications with the adjuster. 

2. Gathers the evidence of accountability

It is the role of the car accident lawyer to gather the evidence required to prove accountability in a car accident case. While you might have taken pictures of the accident already, the attorney has the responsibility to go back to the accident scene and see it. Even though the pictures can help the case a lot, it is still crucial for the lawyer to assess the accident scene himself/herself. 

The attorney will ensure that he or she gets all the reports concerning the accident and speak with the witnesses and the investigating police officers. An excellent lawyer knows how and where to gather the evidence to support your claim.

3. Obtains the evidence of damages

It is vital to get all documentation concerning your injuries. But you should know that it is not easy to get those records and bills from healthcare providers. Even though the records are yours technically, and you have the right to them, the health provider may not have the time to send them to you. 

Again, the doctor might not have used “great words” as to causation or disability in his/her notes.  For you to prosecute any claim successfully, you must prove, through the medical evidence:

  • That another person’s negligence caused the accident 
  • Precisely what your injury or disability is. 

Most doctors usually don’t mention the cause and level of the injury or disability in the medical records. If that happens, the car accident lawyer will write to the health provider, and ask for a particular letter asking the health provider to give his/her opinion of what caused the accident, how it caused your injury or disability, and that, due to the accident, you’ll be disabled for a specified period.

4. Negotiates the settlement 

It is the role of the lawyer to negotiate your compensation. Negotiation requires a high level of skills. A car accident lawyer is in a better position to settle a car accident claim than an ordinary person. A great lawyer knows the value of your case and knows how to process the case and do the negotiations to get maximum compensation. 

How businesses can effectively avoid premises liability lawsuits

Premises liability claims can be very expensive and can affect a business. As a business owner, it is important to always anticipate possible scenarios that could occur and it will be practical to consult a personal injury lawyer VA Beach to avoid getting involved in a damaging and expensive lawsuit or claim.

Why you need to be aware of premises liability regulations

Premises liability regulations are not just limited to businesses or commercial establishments. When someone gets injured on another person’s property, the former may be able to seek compensation for injury or damage caused.

It is therefore important for property owners to take the responsibility of ensuring that they maintain safe conditions within their property to prevent injuries. In the event of a personal injury within the premises of a property, the injured party seeks legal representation from any reputable personal injury law firm Virginia Beach to protect their rights to compensation entitled to them.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there have been an estimated 19,565 deaths for a variety of accidents, with slip and fall cases topping the list and are categorized under premises liability.

But take note, property owners are not generally liable or accountable for injury or damage caused by activities or actions of any person or party on conditions that are obviously and openly dangerous.

How to avoid premises liability problems

Whether you are running a business or a private citizen, it is your responsibility to be aware that whoever gets into your property is protected under the premises liability law. 

For instance, landlords renting out property can be sued for negligence by their tenants in the event of a personal injury due to poor or lack of preventive maintenance within the rental property. The landlord always assumes the primary burden for compensating injured parties and can be costly enough that it can affect business cash flow and time to attend to lawsuit hearings.

Get insurance

Consider securing basic commercial general liability insurance. While it may sound like an added cost, it gives you a high level of confidence that could save you a lot of money if some untoward accidents happen and you shoulder the burden to compensate the injured party.

Inspect the property

Make sure to conduct regular checks on your property and be keen on identifying areas that pose potential risks to safety, such as loose floorboards, slippery floor surfaces, uneven flooring, dilapidated ceilings, cracked walls, etc.

Make sure to take the necessary steps to have these fixed or reconfigured to provide optimum safety for you and others.

Do not wait for accidents to occur

Whenever you find structural or design problems that could cause accidents, take immediate action to have it corrected right away. Common problems such as plumbing leaks or pipe cracks can lead to hazardous conditions that can cause injury, so make sure to have it corrected or repaired right away before it gets worse and increases the risk of injury.

Provide warnings where

What is healing crystal jewelry?

Healing crystal jewelry offers a form of protection and a way to celebrate the body through healing crystals. For hundreds of years, it has played a vital role in connecting the human spirit and body and healing the mind, being, and soul. Ancient Indians used the stones to transform the wearer into a figure of beauty while reaching perfection internally and externally. Healing crystal jewelry still serves to bring beauty and attention to those who wear it, however in more recent years, it has been discovered that the crystals bear healing qualities that facilitate easier living. Specifically, healing crystal jewelry helps one to find his/herself, something difficult to achieve without assistance. Similarly, the treasures positively influence important decisions, protect against negativity, and generate good luck and fortune. The energies emitted from crystals can help improve your moods, your health and even your mental and spiritual wellbeing.

With its unique and stunning appearance, each Zen Jewelz piece of healing crystal jewelry comes with an exclusive meaning. All our jewelry is created with close attention to detail. Each piece holds its own rare significance and spiritual substance which connect to nature. Our healing bracelets are carefully designed to enhance and inspire beauty within as well as honoring Mother Earth. This type of jewelry can work wonders in healing parts of the body, shielding against negative energies, and helping those who suffer mentally from anxiety and other conflicts.

Why shop Zen Jewelz healing crystal jewelry?

  • Everything is created to help manifest the dreams and wellness of the client
  • Each piece of healing crystal jewelry is handcrafted and made to heal the mind, body, and soul, & help balance the body’s energies
  • The energy of healing crystals is tuned into and used as a form of healing to bring forth certain spiritual qualities including wisdom, luck, health, and creativity to name a few
  • Top quality, unique luxury gemstones with the largest selection
  • Choose your wrist size at checkout
  • Customize your bracelet with sterling silver charms
    (included with every bracelet)
  • Personalized design services
  • Handcrafted in the USA – WE SHIP WORLDWIDE
  • GIA Certified with 25 years+ design experience
  • Superior customer service – Rated A+ BBB

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