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What Personal Injury Damages Can You be Compensated For? Under personal injury law, when you’ve sustained injury, damage to property, or any kind of loss, as the victim you may ask to be compensated by the person you hold partly or fully liable for the losses. However, types of damages may vary from one type of personal injury claim to another. It is therefore important that, as the plaintiff, you’re aware of the damages for which you can file claims. Specific Compensatory Damages Any monetary expenses sustained due to an injury are compensated under special damages. This kind of damages is unique to a particular complainant, and normally, they vary appreciably from one case to another. If you’re awarded special damages, these should compensate you fully for every single expense you incurred or money lost owing to the event that resulted in your personal injuries. All expenses suffered because of the injury are covered under special damages, and as such, there’s no restriction on the range of special damages that you can include in your claims or the amount you can ask for compensation following personal injury.
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Loss of earnings: If the injuries you suffered made it impossible to work and earn, or treatment for the injuries meant you could not report to work and earn, that amounts to compensable lost earnings.
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Lost future earnings: Some injuries are so severe that, once suffered, the victim is unable to work and earn as before for the rest of their life or a huge portion of it. Such may be the outcome of permanent or long-term disability, for example the loss of hands. Your claims can include such special damages for compensation. Medical costs: All costs you incur due to the treatment for your injuries can be compensated under special damages. Even after you’ve left the hospital, there are future medical expenses you may incur for some time or for the rest of your life due to the injuries, and these should be included in your special damages claims. Damages You Can’t Quantify It may be impossible to give a number to certain damages, but that does not mean these are not compensable. For instance, the pain you suffer as a result of personal injury may be hard to associate with any financial cost, but it’s an issue that your compensation claims should address. The same reasoning also works for psychological pain that’s also tricky to quantify. You may also be compensated for the loss of companionship. You will need to involve your personal injury attorney and other experts in the working out of the compensation figure to ask for all non-quantifiable damages. Be sure to determine all the losses and damages suffered due to injury, including both special damages and non-quantifiable damages to stand a better chance of receiving fair compensation.