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Protecting Your Intellectual Property Intellectual property is the first thing that pops into the mind of a creator when he finishes something authentically. Any kind of product can be the creator’s output. It can belong to the branch of sports, science, arts, manufacturing, or information technology. The new original product should be proved that it was from the creator’s ideas and property. Rights from the intellectual property law will be provided to the creator once he has proven that it is his original work. The intellectual property law has different kinds of intellectual protection such as the trademark and copyright protection. The most affected group of people in the difference of copyright and trademark are the entrepreneurs, businessmen, artists, and musicians. The legal documents are the rightful answer for this clash. Any commercial business can use permanently a trademark that can be a form of design, word, number, or a combination of these. On the other hand, copyright is the one who keeps the illustration of any authentic work of composition once the product has been placed in a mode of longevity such as artworks, discs, and books. When the legalities of these two mismatched, this will then start the conflict and issue on which one of them should be the proper application. Explained below are the differences of the two. When the author finally finished and published his work, a copyright is automatically imprinted on his work. No registration is required within the U.S Copyright Office and also copyright notification is not needed. Compared to the trademark law, once a copyright is now granted to an original work, it has six significant restricted legal rights. When the consumer association has a chosen reliable trademark, the trademark’s worth is higher resulting ti a more consumed products and services. The owner of a trademark can experience more protection if his trademarks is authentically made. The copyright’s worth is based on the provided six special rights to the author by the law.
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The only protected part of the copyright is just the illustration and not the complete whole thought. The copyright has its limits therefore it cannot be obtained to some such as titles, names, phrases, and slogans. The trademark accepts and gives protection to these items not accepted by a copyright. A symbol can retain its trademark as long as it partakes on the industry actively. Unlike trademark, the copyright protection has its limit on time. It is based on the life time of its producer plus 70 years.
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In order to prevent complicated issues on using copyrights and trademarks, the users should have a careful review on the given laws of both sides so they can choose the protection that is right for their work.