Fingerprinting Services for Employment and Licensing Requirements

Often times fingerprints are required for employment, out of State CCW permits (Utah, Arizona), medical licenses, insurance licenses, nursing jobs and licenses, SEC, FINRA, ABA, Security firms, Government employees, IRS E-File providers, Peace Corps, Child identification kits, volunteer work, South African, Canadian, Australian immigration purposes, and almost any other reason that you would be required to have fingerprints completed.

The fingerprinting process can be a confusing process as every business, agency or State have their own guidelines and procedures for background checks. You may have even been given the run around up until this point. It is my personal goal to help aide and steer you in the right direction for all of your fingerprinting requirements.

There are currently two methods of fingerprinting; ink fingerprinting and livescan (electronic) fingerprinting. Although ink fingerprinting is a traditional method of obtaining fingerprints, it may be required for your state or agency. Many reasons for ink fingerprints would be for an example, a nurse living in Pennsylvania applying for a Nursing license in Nevada. The nurse would not be able to go to the local livescan service and submit the prints electronically to Nevada. The two states do not have the capability of linking their systems together. Another good example is a person applying for a Utah non resident carry permit and lives in New York. The person would have to be ink fingerprinted and then the card would be mailed to the Utah Bureau of Identification.

Livescan (electronic) fingerprinting is widely used for the employment agencies in the United States and abroad. Livescan is very efficient in the fingerprinting turn around time and it much more effective in certain cases. Typically livescan is the primary method used in your state for jobs such as nurses, doctors, school teachers, and much more.

The method of which you are required to be fingerprinted is dependent on your state or agencies requirements for having a background check run on you. It is best to research what type of fingerprint will be required or ask you human resource officer, since they will more than likely already know which fingerprint you will need.

Every state has their own fingerprinting process and as of right now the various states have contracted with different companies called “FBI Channelers”. Pennsylvania for example has obtained fingerprinting services through 3M Cogent for “FBI Channeler” purposes. The state in which you are applying for or moving to may have different companies that channel fingerprints to the FBI. As of right now most of them are not compatible with each other from state to state, meaning that you most likely are not be able to go to your local livescan business and have your fingerprints transmitted electronically to that states FBI channeler or State Identification Bureau.

Example: Jane doe (Registered nurse in PA) wants to move to Texas. Different FBI channelers so she would have to get fingerprints done by other means (ink fingerprints) and would then mail them to the hiring agency or to …

Benefits of Water Main Valve Repair Services

Normally done “in situ,” valve rehabilitation and repair services performed by a professional water services company are performed without shutting down the pipeline. Water services technicians are professionally trained and have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to fully service water main valves of any size or type. In addition, the experienced technicians are able to identify problems before they threaten the safety and the reliability of the water distribution system.

When a utility company hires a water services company that provides water main valve repair services, the utility company will benefit from not having the pipeline shut down thereby eliminating the costs related to dewatering and service disruptions. Experienced professionals from a quality water services company will have the skills to perform water main valve rehabilitation and repair. By using a cost-efficient and proven method, utility companies will benefit from maximizing asset life at a much lower cost than complete replacement. For instance, water main valve rehabilitation costs are normally only 10-20% of the cost of a new replacement asset, and even so, the service life of a rehabilitated valve can often equal the service life expected with a new manufactured valve.

Because the operability of large valves are vital to control and manage water distribution systems, these large valves are very expensive to replace. When replacing large valves, costs include excavation and removing the old valve. When inserting the new valve, there may be a disruption in service as well as traffic congestion. When you hire a water service company, you will have professional technicians that will perform repairs and rehabilitation “in situ.” The result is a significantly lower or deferred cost.

When looking for a professional water service company, it is important that they offer services such as water main valve exercise, valve raises, packing seals, replacement and custom sizes, op nut replacements, stock and custom sizes to fit the need of the valve, pinion shaft replacements, stock and custom sizes, pinion gear replacements, stock and custom sizes, bull gear replacements, and stock and custom sizes. In addition, other important services a quality water service should provide include valve body nut and bolt replacements, gear box repairs, refitting and replacement of worn or broken components, replacement of shear pins for butterfly valves, custom tooling to operate hand wheels, rising stems or odd shaped op nuts, replacement of operators, stops setting, timing setting for auto-shutdowns (both electric and manual), securing valves back to mounts, replacing strapping, and adding blocking in place. These water services are essential for quality water main valve repair services.

A leaking water main valve may cause panic, however, when you have hired a quality water service company that offers complete quality water main valve repair services, you will have peace of mind knowing that the repair will be done in an efficient manner and will benefit from not having the pipeline shut down thereby eliminating the costs related to dewatering and service disruptions. Check out what a quality water service company can do for your …

Federal Resume Writing Services Cuts Through the Red Tape

Writing a federal resume and completing a federal job application packet are not jobs for the inexperienced or faint of heart. Successfully cutting through the red tape that usually surrounds federal job requirements requires skill, determination and experience.

A powerful resume written by federal resume specialists gives you a big advantage over your competitors. Remember, every day literally hundreds of thousands of people apply for only thousands of federal jobs. If your resume and application package are less than stellar, you won’t stand a chance!

A great federal resume cuts through the red tape by emphasizing your academic achievements, education, transferable skills and career-matching qualifications by providing most if not all of the following information about you:

Your Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSAs): The federal government frequently requires a supplemental narrative statement that addresses a specific knowledge, skills, and abilities as they pertain to a job series or position. Providing quantitative or qualitative evidence that supports your KSAs is imperative. All KSAs are scored on a point system, and specific examples usually get the highest scores.

KSAs are also known as: Supplemental Narrative Statements, Selective Factors, Selective Placement Factors, Evaluation Criteria, Executive Core Qualifications, and Professional and Technical Qualifications.

See why you need a specialist?

Here are the basic definitions for KSA statements:

Knowledge statements are bodies of organized factual and procedural information that indicate your performance on the job will be adequate.

Skill statements mean how well you manually, verbally or mentally manipulate the data or other things as required by the job for which you are applying, for example typing tests or vehicle-operating skills, or skills in writing and editing and evaluating information.

Ability statements describe your present abilities to perform an observable activity, as opposed to whatever aptitudes you possess. Aptitudes are only the potential for performing the activity.

KSA’s are important because Office of Personnel Management ranks applicants with higher proficiency levels on a quality ranking factor above those with lower proficiency levels With quality ranking factors, the focus is on the level of proficiency the candidate brings to the job.” Simply put, KSAs alone will not disqualify you but they are essential to receiving a high proficiency rating.

KSA’s are only one of many reasons why hiring a professional federal resume service is the smartest move you can make when applying for a federal job. So don’t leave your federal hiring to chance–to increase your chances of being hired for a federal job, put your chances in the hands of professional today.

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Choosing Locksmith Services – Look For The Following Qualities

The only times we remember a locksmith is when we are locked out of home or when we’ve lost a key. Yet, we cannot neglect their importance in the smooth function of our lives. Every day, dozens of people seek the assistance of locksmiths concerning home security needs. If you want to get the best services for the best value, you need to go for an experienced professional with the right set of skills, specializations and business qualities.

Locksmith Services You Can Avail Of

Locksmiths offer clients a range of services. These include light automotive services right up to high-end sophisticated services for commercial applications. Following are some of the services offered by locksmiths.

  • They open locked doors.
  • They install new locks and repair and replace damaged locking mechanisms.
  • They make duplicate and new keys.
  • They fit high-end security equipment in homes, government agencies and business corporations.
  • They not only install high-technology equipment but also design and manage key control systems.
  • They also sell locking mechanisms to customers.

Qualities to Look For in Locksmith Company

Specializations –

A locksmith can do practically everything from picking locks to installing laser security systems. However, a few offer specialized services to suit your specific needs. There are those that deal in residential services while many others that specialize in commercial locksmith services. Choosing according to the area of specialization will save time and will guarantee an efficient job. For instance, a locksmith dealing in commercial applications is capable of fulfilling the security demands of a large corporation as against one catering to residential needs. Trained professionals belonging to industry associations are usually referred to as master locksmiths.

Experience –

Experience is another major requirement. A locksmith should know what he is doing and what the situation at hand demands. The number of years in the business and customer testimonials act as indicators of the person’s know-how of the trade. Before you hire a locksmith you should enquire about the different aspects of lock-smithing that they are familiar with.

Licensure –

A locksmith might offer quality services and might be experienced in the trade. However, at the same time, home and business owners should make it a point to check that they are dealing with a licensed locksmith. Licensure is a proof of credibility; he is legally permitted to function in your locality or state. Also, only well-trained locksmiths are granted a work license. Here, by well-trained it means experienced and educated in the trade. Many states require candidates to pass certain written and practical examinations to get a work permit.

Individual locksmith or firm –

When choosing locksmith services, there are two options to go by. You can hire an individual locksmith or hire a company offering security and locksmith services. If you go for an individual you need to check licensure. Examining individual documents is not necessary in case you will be using the services of a company because they hire only licensed individuals. In such a situation, you will have to …

5 Reasons to Outsource Paralegal Support Services

Paralegal support provided to attorneys, legal corporate departments, organizations, government entities and individuals is an important function for the delivery of quality service. The legal profession would have a hard time operating without the help of paralegals. Hiring a paralegal with sufficient education and experience can be a daunting task, especially in time sensitive cases. Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is on the rise and is very beneficial to firms seeking to improve processes while cutting cost. The information age has revolutionized the world’s capacity to do business; however in the legal profession there is a level of accountability for attorneys. Many law firms and legal departments have outsourced services off shore because of cheaper labor rates; however hiring domestic paralegals would be in the best interest of the company long-term through the development of an on-going business to business relationship. My motto is: “If it is done right the first time there is no need to repeat the effort.” In essence you get what you pay for. Quality of service is a valuable asset. Five reasons to outsource paralegal support services domestically:

1. Timing and Cost: The fundamental question during the decision making process is whether or not there is sufficient time for the project to be outsourced? Time is a valuable asset. A domestic relationship allows ample time for the project to be completed in an efficient manner. Who becomes the responsible party in the event of production failure of the outsourced project?

2. Quality: Experience matters. The legal profession is complex; specialization in a particular subject matter is desirable for service delivery of a high grade of excellence which every client deserves. Knowledgeable and experienced staff should be a prerequisite. The credentials of most paralegals can be verified through the University or technical school they have attended, Paralegal Associations, and Bar Associations.

3. Communication: Communication is the bridge that connects worlds; however not all people speak the same language. Most telecommunication companies’ have a call center offshore and I know that you have received or have called and spoken with a representative who couldn’t articulate your message or vice versa. The battle can be quite bothersome and the moment you are unable to obtain the result anticipated the line of communication is dropped. Communication is key. The work performance objective must be outlined in details and domestic paralegals are well versed in this arena and are able to assess your needs.

4. Skills and Resources: The paralegal firm performing the outsourced work should have the appropriate training and understanding of federal, administrative, state or local laws and regulations. Evaluating your supplier to ensure they possess access to the resources necessary and the ability to perform the task which includes both primary and secondary resources. Anyone can tell you they can perform a particular task, but the delivery speaks volumes. Staffing capacity plays an essential role in the delivery as well. A due diligence check can provide you with all the answers you are looking for. It is much …

Advantages of Civil Services

When it comes to choosing one from government and private jobs, the choice always favors the civil services. However, the choice cannot be doubted. Government jobs come up with so many benefits like security, good pay scales and other facilities that it is out of the question to say “No” to it. A government job looks like a perfect position for almost all the economic conditions and other perspectives. The article discusses the five chief advantages of joining as a civil servant.

Stability and Security

The foremost advantage of choosing civil services is that there is no risk of losing your job like the private sector. Once you have got it, it’s yours until you retire from it. On the other hand, private companies neither offer such security nor the stability. After a certain period of time, they may not offer you the package you deserve. So, in that case, you will definitely have to switch from one company to another, which is not the case with government jobs. Thus, civil services are the priority because of the security it offers.

Solid Packages

Another benefit that the government jobs offer is the solid salary package. Although, it is believed that the private sectors offer more than the government sectors, but it is true to limited spheres only. A private financer’s package may beat the civil servants package, but there’s a lot of room for growth of a civil servant. In addition to it, their salary increases with an increase in the living cost and with stability.

Enough Vacations and Leaves

The government jobs offer a lot of holidays and leaves as compared to the private companies. As there is not much workload, you can avail paid leaves and you also enjoy a large number of holidays.


Government jobs offer so many allowances that inflation hardly affects you. You get travelling allowance, dearness allowance, grocery shopping discounts, etc. Not only you get it during you are on the job, but these allowances can be availed for personal usage. For e.g. you can travel anywhere in the country with concessions, can get special reservations, etc., which may not be enjoyed by the private employees.

Health Benefits

The Doctor’s fee is the most expensive affair these days. An ordinary man cannot think of reaching the doctor’s demands and get the treatment done. For this, government employees get extra health allowances. So, being a civil servant you need not worry about footing the doctor’s bill or about the mortgages. The government takes care of all your medical expenses.

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Civil Services As a Career in India

The Indian Administrative service (IAS) is the administrative unit of the Executive branch of the Government of India. The IAS officers handle all the important affairs of the Government. At the Central level, this involves the framing as well as the implementation of the Government policies. Every Indian eligible candidate shall be permitted 6 attempts at the examination.

The IAS officers look at the management of various administrative departments and their respective functions. This includes framing of policies & acting as advisors to the ministers as well as executing officers in charge of the administration of other smaller Indian administrative units. For Example, the District Magistrate is in charge of a district taking care of the law and order situation as well as the administration and the overall development of the district.

The Indian Police Service has major responsibility of a law and order in the state of India, constantly looking after the safety of the citizens of India. The Indian Police Service has various branches and associated departments like the Border Security Force – BSF, the Department of Home Guards, the Central Bureau of Investigation – CBI, the Department of Traffic Control, the Criminal Investigation Department, the Central Reserve Police force, the Crime Branch, etc. An IPS officer often shares his duty with the IAS officer within the same district.

Indian Foreign Service is concerned with India's External Affairs Ministry. The officers are responsible for framing the foreign policies plus maintaining and regulating the Indian embassies in other countries of the world. The third most important of Civil Services, the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), is the body of diplomats of India.

The Indian Railway Service is in charge of the huge network of Indian railways which is further divided into the Indian Railway Traffic Services, the Indian Railway Personnel Services, the Indian Railway Accounts Services & the Railway Police Service. The Railway Police Service looks after the security of the whole system, especially the passengers. The Indian Railway Traffic Service takes care of the scheduling of trains. The Indian Railway Personnel Service deals with recruitments of the officers.

The Indian Postal Service looks after the workings of the country's postal network which covers the telegraph service. Officers start out as Senior Superintendent of Post Offices in India. Postings can be anywhere in the country, also in the Central Ministry.

ICCES deals with the Indian customs and excise departments, while customs deals with the levying of taxes on things brought into the country and the later excise Duties deals with the taxation on goods which are produced in India.

It maintains the accounts of all the States of India. It has various branches such as the Indian Defense Accounts Service which deals with the expense of the Indian Defense. There is also an Indian …