It's a Wonderful Life Bluray Review

Director Frank Capra explored the theme of the innate goodness of the young at heart, as personified by James Stewart, overcoming the evil schemes of black-hearted older men once before in 1939's Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, a scathing attack on corruption and misuse of power as demonstrated by the Taylor machine; a combination of local government, private industry and the mass media to manipulate public opinion and steam-roll the political affiliations of crooked magnate 'Boss' Jim Taylor.

Both Capra and Stewart served in World War II and their first film together in peacetime would be 1946's It's A Wonderful Life which takes the ideals of Mr. Smith and blends them with elements of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol to examine the life of George Bailey, a man who sacrifices his personal ambitions for travel and adventure for the better of those around him in the sleepy town of Bedford Falls which he yearns to escape.

The film also recapitulates the homespun wisdom and family values ​​offered in Capra's first star vehicle for James Stewart, 1938's You Can't Take It With You in which he plays Tony Kirby the idealist son of wealthy and snobbish parents who disapprove of him dating the daughter of the highly eccentric neighborhood Sycamore family who don't share the Kirby's respect for money.

All three films are great but Capra and Stewart's collaboration reaches maturity with It's A Wonderful Life and structurally, on balance, it is the better film. In fact the movie's plotting is what makes it so remarkable, a less ambitious director would have started at the scene where George Bailey reaches the end of his tether on Christmas Eve and contemplates suicide, as he is convinced his life insurance policy makes him of more value to his family dead than alive, and then flash back to reveal his past. Instead we arrive at this point a good hour into the film after we have observed the course of George's life from a young age courtesy of Clarence Oddbody's orientation as his Guardian Angel; if Clarence's mission to save George is successful it will earn him his wings.

This episodic plot device allows us to become very familiar with the folks who live in Bedford Falls and discover how the Bailey family Building and Loan Association founded by George's father, allowed so many of them to afford their own homes and escape the clutches of the merciless landlord Mr. Potter who owns the slums in which so many of them are forced to rent at extortionate prices. George has always hoped to leave the small town and pursue a life of adventure but we see how at potentially life changing moments he puts his own aspirations aside for the sake of his family and when his father dies circumstances see to it that he stays once more to take over the day to day running of the Building and Loan firm.

George marries his childhood sweetheart Mary and in a key scene they …

North by Northwest Bluray Review

After his intensely personal psychological thriller Vertigo received mixed reviews due to its length and obsessive attention to detail Hitchcock set out to follow it with a fast paced, action packed, stylish, comic, chase picture to end all chase pictures. Screenwriter Ernest Lehman wonderfully parodies and trumps all of Hitch's previous films of the 1950s making North by Northwest the quintessential ironic comedy thriller.

The success of the film is largely due to the effortlessly charming and hilarious star performance by Cary Grant as the hapless Madison Avenue advertising executive Roger Thornhill, a bachelor approaching middle age and stuck in a rut, juggling a routine job between lunch dates with his doting mother and the worry of gaining a few extra pounds each year, he is cruising through life unencumbered by real responsibility or commitment; that is until he is mistaken for a government agent by a gang of foreign spies headed by the suavely sinister phillip vandamm played by james mason.

What ensues is the prototype Hollywood action comedy in which we see the reluctant hero Thornhill's comfortable life turned upside down as he is chased across America. Cary Grant plays the part with such utter bemusement that you empathise totally with his predicament, however he is also able to subtly send up his own on-screen persona which heightens the comedy. The scene where the bad guys force him to drink a whole bottle of whiskey and then put him behind the wheel of a car is a case in point, as is Thornhill's attempt to sober up and try to explain what's going on to the police.

Eva Marie Saint provides the love interest as Eve Kendall, an undercover agent who appears to be Vandamm's lover but seduces Thornhill on a train bound for Chicago in a scene packed with double entendre and repressed sexuality. Eve's true allegiances help to propel the narrative as we realise that Thornhill has fallen in love with her and finally found someone to commit to and take responsibility for but then inadvertently blows her cover to Vandamm and puts her in jeopardy setting up the final chase across Mount Rushmore and specifically President Lincoln's nose, a set piece Hitchcock had been dying to film for many years.

North by Northwest looks incredibly good for its 50 years on Blu-ray sporting a pristine full 1080p / VC-1 encoded vibrant picture and a Dolby TrueHD 5.1 soundtrack which, surprisingly for a film of its age, are demo quality especially in the iconic Crop Duster sequence. The movie's appeal will long endure because of the universal themes of mistaken identity, innocence overcoming evil and love prevailing in the face of adversity, delivered with plenty of good humor and genuine wit; it may not be Hitchcock's most complex thriller but it's certainly one of his most entertaining.

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Motions to Compel Further Responses in California: A Review of the Mandatory Codes and Rules

There is a rule for everything in California State Court civil litigation. A particular procedure may be governed by the Code of Civil Procedure (“C.C.P.”) or the California Rules of Court (“C.R.C.”), or, as is usually the case, both. There may also be required court forms. Failure to apply a code, a rule, or use a mandatory form can have serious consequences, among them, waiving the right to do whatever it was you were attempting to do. That’s why it is so important to use an up-to-date guide devoted solely to California civil litigation.

The C.R.C. dictate the required format of a particular document (the type of paper which must be used, where on the page certain information must appear); the contents of a particular document (good faith declaration, separate statement); time limitations within which to file and serve a document (discovery cut-off, motion cut-off, notice of motion deadlines); how to calculate deadlines (how to count days, extending time depending on service method, what to do when you land on a holiday), and much, much more.

A motion to compel further responses to discovery is a prime example. Drafting, filing, and serving a motion to compel further responses and calendaring all associated deadlines demands strict compliance with scores of requirements, including, at a minimum, the following:

  • C.C.P. § 12c (effective 1/1/11) and C.C.P. § 1005(b)) (to calculate the last day to serve the notice, opposition, and reply)
  • C.C.P. § 1013 or 1010.6 (to calculate the last day to bring the motion)
  • C.C.P. § 2023.040 (to seek monetary sanctions)
  • C.C.P.§ 2024.020 (to set the hearing date prior to the discovery motion cut-off date)
  • C.C.P. § 2030.300 (to determine the time for bringing the motion, grounds for bringing the motion, meet and confer requirement, possible sanctions against moving or opposing party)
  • Government Code §70617(a) (to determine the filing fee)
  • C.R.C., Rule 3.1110 (for general format)
  • C.R.C., Rule 3.1112 (for specific format of motions)
  • C.R.C., Rule 3.1113 (for specific format of memorandum)
  • C.R.C., Rule 3.1308 (to determine the court’s tentative ruling and what to do about it)
  • C.R.C., Rule 3.1345 (for specific format of discovery motions)

Assuming you find all of the codes and rules, it is not enough to just read them. They have to be digested, understood, and melded together… in the right order. Many, particularly those related to calculating deadlines, interrelate and must be applied at the right time.

Here are some slightly more in-depth examples of the intricacy involved in motions to compel further responses.

Time in Which to Bring a Motion to Compel Further Responses

It is essential to bring the motion and to have it heard within strict time constraints. The motion to compel further responses has to be brought within 45 days of service of the response. (C.C.P. § 2030.300) To calculate that 45-day deadline, you have to understand when something is deemed served. You have to know how to determine the day which is 45 days after the responses were served, what to do if …

A Review on Krugman's Argument – Japan – Still Trapped

1. Introduction

Japanese economy has caught in a stagnation and deflation in almost a decade. Svensson (2003) summarizes that two factors which trigger Japan caught in a trap are policy mistakes and a failure to coordinate policies to recover Japanese economy.

There are some debatable arguments related to the Japanese policy to escape Japan from the liquidity trap. One of debates comes from Krugman that said Japanese economy has caught in a liquidity trap. He highlights the importance of a negative real rate of interest to equilibrate the economy, to match saving with investment in Japan.

This paper will outline Krugman's point of view on his article "Japan: still trapped", and give an opinion about his argument that a negative real rate of interest is necessary to restore full employment. This paper will also relate cagan's stability model to krugman analysis and point out the role of fiscal policy in maintaining stability of the Japanese economy.

2. An overview about Japanese economy and Krugman's argument

Since 1990, Japan has fallen to a stagnation and deflation in economy. There are several causes which make Japan continued to recession. A high saving's rate and low consumption rate in Japan, for example, have led to a terrible drop in demand and cause Japan difficult to recover the economy. Furthermore, yen appreciation to dollar has also been a serious problem which led to cause the economic bubble, asset price deflation, and the liquidity trap. (Okimoto, 1999)

Krugman reveals some facts that Japan caught in a trap, such as: the low short term interest rate which have reached nearly zero, BOJ actions to stimulate demand by lowering interest rate is ineffective and some money hoarding transactions. To explain the economic situations on Japan, he started his analysis from the basic IS-LM model. (1) (2)

From the first equation, saving (S) and investment (I) are contingent on the level of real income (y) and real interest rate (r). Meanwhile in the second equation, i is the nominal interest rate, the real rate plus expected inflation.

He argues that the concept of liquidity trap happens when saving exceed investment at full employment even at zero real interest rate – that. It can be clear from the graph above that the solution for the interest rate to match saving and investment equal at full employment is a negative real rate of interest. This is the critical point for Krugman to stress the importance of negative real rate of interest to restore full employment. In this point of view, he argues that, given zero interest rate, a positive expected rate of inflation is needed to generate negative real interest rates, which will stimulate aggregate demand and restore full employment.

3. Critiques on Krugman's argument

In order to make an understanding about Krugman's argument, its better to review about the concept of liquidity trap. What make Krugman's is incomprehensible is about the distinction between the cost and the return on capital. Rogers (na) argue that Krugman is not clearly to …

Careers Plus Resumes Review

There are hundreds of resume writing services out there. Job seekers often struggle trying to find the best one for their needs. is a great option for job seekers looking to create a strong resume. In fact, they were created because the founders were passionate about helping people achieve employment success. A great resume leads to higher paying jobs. Careers Plus does cost money, but the investment is well worth it. The money you spend may be returned in the high quality position that you may land.

Customers are generally very satisfied with the services that they receive from Careers Plus. This site claims to have an impressive 99.9% customer satisfaction rating. You can’t get much better than that. Many people may use this service and only a small few are dissatisfied. Careers Plus offers both resume writing and editing services.

Careers Plus is confident that they can help you get interviews. In fact, they guarantee it. The resume that they create will help you land interviews. If doesn’t, simply come back and ask for a revision. They will revise your completed resume an unlimited number of times for the first 90 days after creation. You will surely be able to create a stellar resume in this amount of time.

Careers Plus is experienced and can help almost anyone with their resume needs. They create great resumes for: entry level workers, professionals, executives and even those looking for government work. Contact them for specific pricing information on the exact services that you are looking for. You can also see detailed pricing information on their website for each category of resume.

They have joined multiple professional associations including the National Resume Writers Association and Certified Professional Resume Writers. You will know that your writer is skilled and certified with the experience that you need.

One of the best features of the Career Plus website is the transparent pricing. You will not need to wonder how much you will spend on each item you request. This makes it possible to budget, plan ahead and determine which resume services you can afford. Help is easy to obtain via a toll free number or live chat which is always available.

If you are still unsure, take a few minutes to read some testimonials on their site from past customers. Or browse the internet looking for reviews of their services. You will find that when it comes to resume writing, Careers Plus has the skill and service that you need.

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Book Review: My Heart Shook Like a Drum

Most people do not fully understand the trauma and pain that resulted for thousands of children who were taken from their parents and placed in mission residential schools by the Canadian Government in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. There are over 80,000 Aboriginal people who lived in these institutions and are still alive today.

Alice Blondin-Perrin, the author of “My Heart Shook Like a Drum” was only four years old when she was separated from most of her family members and put into the St. Joseph’s Mission School at Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories. Her book outlines the experiences and abuse that she encountered during the years that she was forced under Canadian legislation to live in four different residential schools and the negative affects that have plagued her as a result.

Ms. Blondin was born into a Dene family who lived at Cameron Bay in the Northwest Territories. Her parents, who had several children, were well-respected individuals who worked hard and practiced the native traditional ways of hunting, fishing, trapping, gathering and living off the land. They were hardy people who were used to living in sub-zero temperatures. But their daughter never had an opportunity to learn all of these skills from them as she grew up.

The Canadian Government had a perspective that it was best for native children to live in residential schools run by Christin organizations in order to receive an education. The native perspective, however, was that children and families were horribly disadvantaged as they lost their time together as well as the things such as language, culture, and practises of their heritage that was their identity.

Besides the devastating situation of being away from family and community, the children suffered from very abusive Grey Nun supervisors who were in charge of the schools.

Ms. Blondin was frequently in trouble because she did not understand the languages spoken by the Nuns. She was punished when she spoke her native language or did not respond to the English or French that was spoken to her.

Besides physical and mental abuse, the children in these boarding schools were often the victims of sexual abuse.

Many of the children became stuck in dysfunctional patterns that affected the rest of their lives. Some committed suicide. Others suffered from mental illnesses or addictions.

Besides living at St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Mission School in Fort Resolution, Ms. Blondin was also a resident at Federal Hostels in Breynat Hall at Fort Smith, Lapointe Hall in Fort Simpson and Akaitcho Hall in Yellowknife. Her story therefore offers a perspective of those children who lived in different environments but under the same mandate.

It is now several decades since Ms. Blondin was discharged and returned to her family. She has invested in herself since then in her attempts to recapture her spirituality and ethnic customs. She not only has struggled to forgive the Canadian Government and Catholic Church, but also to help others with their healing journeys.

Residential schools began operating in 1840 and shut …

Movie Review – "Imagine a School-Summerhill" – Innovative Boarding School Faces Government Closure

“Imagine a School – Summerhill” is a documentary about a famous coed alternative boarding school that faced closure by Tony Blair’s Labor Government. Directed by William Tyler Smith, this extraordinary story is about how big government and its cookie cutter mentality attempts to rein in a remarkably successful program. Founded by educator A.S. Neill, Summerhill is the world’s oldest and most influential democratic free school. It was established in 1927 in the village of Leiston on the northern coast of England.

The film begins by presenting A. S. Neill’s principles and educational philosophies, which to many may at first appear irresponsible. Yet as the film unfolds, skepticism turns toward curiosity and finally to admiration. A. S. Neill’s methods not only work, they work better than the standardized British curriculum. Summerhill’s test scores are often well above the national average.

Summerhill students, teachers, and alumni explain this unconventional learning process using short conversational clips. There are numerous facets and I’ll try to clarify it as best I can. As I see it, Summerhill is a democracy where students and teachers together determine the rules of conduct; and the punishment for breaking them. Thus, there is a code of behavior, which is reached by consensus rather than imposed by school administrators. At Summerhill, each child is free to make their own decisions: whether to attend lessons, play on the school grounds, or read a book all day, as long as their actions don’t interfere with anyone else’s life. The school also creates an environment where the human capacity for learning and coöperation hidden within each person is explored and nurtured to the fullest. It frees up the child’s natural instinct to learn.

This explanation is reached via interviews with engaging students and teachers. Celebrities such as alumni Jake Weber and Rebecca DeMornay add to this testimonial. This image of unrestraint flow of ideas is likewise reinforced with images of class discussions and students exploring topics among themselves. To the one-size-fits-all educators this method would create anarchy and chaos. To these educators structure, discipline, and standardize methods are the accepted mantra. Summerhill, on the other hand, feels that every child is unique and if given freedom, will find the proper learning pathways. The school points out that once a child decides to learn, he or she will typically learn five years worth of material in two.

Yet the film is more than a testimonial to its educational method. It’s the struggle to maintain its very existence. When Tony Blair’s Labor Government attempts to shut them down as part of their promise to improve standards of education, the fight is on to save this prestigious institution. Lack of supervision, non-compulsory attendance, and no standardized curriculum are the main grievances. However, the government under estimates the intuitive and persuasive powers of students and faculty. Using effective arguments, formidable barristers take the case to court where discrepancies in the indictment are openly exposed. In court, the testimony of the headmistress, other adults, and, most effectively, the …

An Unbiased Review on Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills – Does it Really Work?

What is Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills?

Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills is a book that discusses ways to apply for available government funds. The book gives information on over 3000 government, state and local grants and programs, that according to Lesko, the government does not want a lot of people to know about. Exactly what are an individuals chances of actually obtaining this “free money?” The truth is that the average person most likely will not qualify.

Just because somebody is eligible to apply does not guarantee they will qualify for any of the funds. This is because, as with any other system results will vary. Unfortunately, the infomercial for the book can seem misleading and give one the idea that they will most likely be able to qualify for one or more programs. There is legitimate ways to get these funds and this book does cover them, but the expectations set in the infomercial are very much a stretch of reality.

Is Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills legitimate?

The book is legitimate because it does cover various funds available through the government. As mentioned earlier, most people do not qualify for these, but there are people who do qualify so it is worth a shot, right? If someone needs financial assistance they should at least think about applying. But the premise that all of us (or the 140 million of us eligible as the book claims) should all run to these funds for free hand outs is sort of unsettling.

Money given out in this way is it is easy to lose track of making it almost impossible to know if it is actually being used for the right reasons. In many cases a person or family that absolutely needs help is already receiving government aid in some fashion. However, these are tough times for the majority of us. Most folks can probably think of something that they do not have that they think they need or maybe they just have bills to pay or unexpected medical costs or maybe other costs associated with the economy such as rising utility payments or the price of food and gasoline.

The truth is that the information in Matthew Lesko’s Free Money to Pay Your Bills can be found online for free. There is an endless amount of other money making opportunities online that are also legitimate and have possibilities for long term success. Internet marketing and affiliate programs are the most common.

Having an online business is not easy, but either is worrying about bills or dealing with a mean boss or waiting in traffic jams during rush hour, etc. I have personally been there and done that, and now I work from home, love what I do, make my own hours and most importantly, I get to spend more time with family and friends. I encourage you to take a look at some real opportunities to make money. The internet …

Career Book Review: Job Searching After 50 by Carol Silvis – A Mature Worker's Competitive Advantage

Long-term unemployment is recognized as any individual who has been jobless for six months or longer. Currently, 5.8 million Americans define that category; and among them, are many people over the age of 50. Older adults face unique challenges when seeking employment.

Course Technology publishes a variety of Professional, Reference and Technology titles. One of its current releases is Job Hunting After 50 by Carol A. Silvis.

Silvis has a master's degree in Adult Education and is an assistant director and department chair at a Pennsylvania business institute. She also presents workshops and seminars for schools, businesses and professional organizations.

Eight chapters comprise Silvis's message. Following are highlights from each topic to help jumpstart your job search as a mature worker:

Skills and Qualifications

The job search process begins by matching your unique abilities with a company that needs them. Define your purpose for working. Whether it's full or part-time will guide your employment pursuits. Shift the focus from your age to how your workplace, transferable and life skills meet the needs of the employer. Consider too, your personal traits, like energetic and forward thinking, vs. the old-fashioned ways of a mature worker. Share only relevant abilities vs. listing every duty you've done over your 30-year career span. Too much experience can shun an employer. This is the age of lifelong learning. Keep your skills current by attending classes, workshops, earning a degree or certification, participating in online webinars, etc.

Resumes and Cover Letters

No career assessment would be complete without attention to resumes and cover letters. For older workers, key elements to a successful approach include:

  • Accomplishments vs. Duties. Highlight your unique value-added accomplishments at companies you worked for, vs. mere duties.
  • Contact Information. Provide any links to your professional online presence, including blogs and / or websites.
  • Digital Resumes. Write a targeted resume for each desired position. Use industry-specific keywords to help with search engine optimization (SEO), to increase the odds of being read by a person.
  • Education and Training. If you earned your degree more than 20 years ago, omit your graduation date.
  • Qualifications Summary vs. Objective. A qualifications summary highlights your major accomplishments, skills, education and personal traits. It's a brief paragraph or bulleted list that employers can easily scan; and provides more insight than an objective.

Always include a well-written cover letter. It increases your odds of grabbing an employer's attention; and provides an opportunity to expand on information not resume appropriate, including salary history.


Today, computer skills are essential, both in the workplace and during your job search. Increasingly, employers require such abilities for hire; and many available jobs are now posted exclusively online. Research a company website to determine its key players. Use industry-related key words in online applications, cover letters and resumes. "This is not the time to say you are too old to use technology or have no use for it," says Silvis.

Now, social networking is a necessary component of your job search. Maintain a professional presence on the …

A Review of Popular Punta Cana Hotels

Punta Cana is an affordable destination in a magnificent tropical setting. There are hotels that range from average to the luxurious. Capitalizing on cheap land and the virtually insatiable desire of Europeans for sunny holidays during the depths of winter, a half-dozen European hotel chains have rushed to acquire large tracts of sugarcane plantations and pastureland. As a result there are at least a dozen mega hotels, most with over 500 rooms, that attract a large clientele.

Some hotels in Punta Cana are designed by prominent Spanish architects – and are very impressive. They include all kinds of amenities from offering delicious food, drink, exceptional entertainment to sports activities and business facilities. Visitors can find hotels to suit both their budget and taste. Some hotels have their own Web sites and booking facilities while information on others can only be accessed through government tourist centers on arrival.

Built in 1993, the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Hotel is an all-inclusive hotel that caters to every taste. The property is situated on the beach and is surrounded by impressive greenery and a lovely coconut grove. The hotel has 594 rooms, each of which have balconies or a terrace with an excellent view of the beach. Apart from the regular hotel activities, this hotel has facilities for ping-pong, water polo, badminton, and other sports and games. It also includes a business center, multilingual staff, swimming pools for children, tennis courts and access to the beach. Accommodations offer air conditioning, telephone, television, mini bar and broadband Internet access.

The Barcelo Bavaro Golf and Suites is a deluxe hotel located 13 miles from Punta Cana Airport. It is also convenient to reach the hotel from the Santo Domingo Airport. This hotel overlooks the Bavaro Golf Club and is surrounded by tropical gardens that provide a tranquil atmosphere. The Barcelo Bavaro Golf and Suites resort can be the perfect getaway from hectic city life. The nearby Bavaro beach offers a wide variety of water sport facilities. Accommodations are comprised of elegant guest rooms with all modern conveniences. The hotel offers two restaurants serving Italian and Mexican cuisine. As the name suggests, this hotel is known for its 18-hole golf course. The hotel pampers its guests with personalized service to add to the facilities it offers.

Secrets Excellence Punta Cana is a relatively new hotel located on a mile-long stretch of beach. Located approximately 50 miles from Punta Cana International Airport, this hotel is strictly for adults. The hotel has a large pool with bridges, a swim-up bar, snack bar, and six restaurants. There is also a more intimate pool. Visitors can enjoy scuba diving, 24-hour fitness programs, and evening entertainment that include both performances and interactive shows. All 446 rooms have balconies or terraces, hot tubs, bathrobes, hairdryers, vanity mirrors, data ports, mini-bars, irons, coffeemakers, and cable TV. The prices of the rooms range from $ 308 to $ 476 per night.

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