Start an Online Home Business Using Your Computer – Staggering Evidence Says You Must

If you are employed you should start an online home business using a computer. If you are unemployed you should go to your computer right now and start a home business on the Internet.

If you are breathing you are a very good candidate to make money online. Think about this.

I just read that nearly 1 out of 10 Americans are unemployed. There are 5 applicants for every job opening. Businesses are hesitant to hire because of the unstable economy.

Even industries thought to have job surpluses recently are showing more people applying than there are jobs. For example 9News in Denver did a story last night that students just out of nursing school are not getting hired.

You probably already know that in many states teachers jobs have been cut as school districts try to balance their budgets. Not everyone can just print money and run up more debt like the U.S. Government.

I was talking to my son last night about building websites, getting them established online, and then selling them for a profit. He is a sophomore in college majoring in education. Everyone should be starting an online business no matter where they are in their life.

Doctors and lawyers would be smart to create additional income streams online. So should truck drivers and car salesmen.

Here is what it does not take to get stared with an online business.

1. You do not need a college degree.

2. It does not matter where you live as long as you have internet access.

3. How much start up capital do you have? It doesn’t matter because there are many free ways to make money online.

4. Are you a man or a woman? The Internet does not care.

5. Your ethnicity makes no difference either.

Think about the reversal of numbers. 9 out of 10 people are employed and they are still buying things. Many of them shop online every month.

They have to buy things somewhere. Why not from you!

Digital information products from affiliate programs like ClickBank have always sold well online. Now you see more affiliate marketers selling physical products online too.

The nice thing about affiliate marketing is you do not need a product of your own to sell. The affiliate merchant provides it. They even give you a website coded with your affiliate i.d. number so you get credited whenever a purchase is made.

Many affiliate programs pay weekly, 2 times a month, or monthly. There are even instant commission affiliate programs if you need money right now!

Think long and hard about why you should start an online home business using your computer. Doing even a little research will show you how easy it is to get started.

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Draw Out Benefits of Online SSC Coaching

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) exams lure a gazillion candidates across the country into taking a shot at the posts available with various government offices and departments. The candidates, vying for these vacancies, go through a written examination in order to make the cut for the personal interview round. Once they have cruised through the interview rounds, they become entitled to secure job positions in government offices.

It is worth noting that SSC recruitment is a challenging order of business, especially considering the cut-throat competition, which continues to loom among government job aspirants. As a result, candidates leave no stone unturned to ensure that their preparations are enough to beat out their rivals, set against them in the fray.

Need for Online Preparation

Online coaching is a great resort for candidates in this regard. Internet-based preparation for government exams allows candidates to get a head-start with their preparations without killing a valuable time in commuting back and forth between a coaching institute and home. Such programs are designed to familiarize the aspirants with every facet of the test and give tips concerning a particular exam.

Broadening Horizon of Online Preparation

Online preparation is still in its infancy as far as its scope of reach is concerned. Moreover, the advent of internet and expansion of network infrastructure across the remotest corners in the country has paved the way for a staggering rise of internet-based coaching avenues. However, students should exercise due caution while investing money in these programs. Conduct an in-depth research about the institute as well as the content of courses.

Avenue for Full-Fledged Preparation

The aspirants receive the full internet-based program modules once they have subscribed for these courses. Apart from this, these courses are available at relatively affordable rates as compared to conventional coaching institutes. However, aspirants should make it a point to draw comparisons among the rates of various internet-based programs and make a comparative perusal among these institutes in order to make an informed decision.

Polish up with Practice Questions

These courses contain sets of practice questions so that students can tune their preparations up in the light of how they perform in mock tests. Apart from this, these practice papers are set out keeping the time frame for actual exams into consideration. Further, students can prepare for these courses at their own pace, unlike coaching institutes where they have to match the pace with faculties. As a result, you can prepare for the examination without a single qualm.

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AnyWho Reverse Lookup – A Way Of Searching Online Directory Non-Conventionally

AnyWho reverse lookup service is one of the free online service directory offered by AT&T. It is a way of searching through online directory non-conventionally. It contains personal and or residential listings, business listings, and government’s white and yellow listings. It is an online directory assistance which provides services that allows users to search the person’s name and residential address. There is a search box where users put phone numbers of the person they are looking for to search.

Here, contact numbers of business establishments are used in searching for business listings as well as business addresses. Once the user has finished inputting the numbers of phone in the search box and upon submitting it, the results which shows listing of the names together with addresses of the registered residences and businesses will then be displayed which are related and based on the information inputted by the user on the search box.

Different types of people can obtain benefits from this type of service. Parents who wants to monitor who their children are talking to on the phone can just grab a copy of the contact number in their caller id and then use the AnyWho reverse lookup service for then to find out the registered owners of whom the number belongs to. It will also work in finding out pranks that are always calling at your home.

In AnyWho lookup service, all you just need to do is to jot down the phone numbers of the person then through online searching, users can search for the registered owner of the number. This service can also help us avoid embarrassment because through this we will be able to know information on the person whom the number belongs to first before calling that certain person.

Now, let’s tackle down phone number reverse lookup which is related to AnyWho reverse lookup. Phone number reverse lookup has been so common nowadays specially for those people who wanted to ensure themselves that they know who the person they are calling to. Reverse lookup is applicable to both cellular and landline numbers. The databases of the reverse phone number lookup provides users with the most accurate list of matches. This saves the users from worrying about missing an important call from an important caller. Using reverse phone number lookup in searching the registered contact number is so accessible and saves a lot of time since results will be displayed in just seconds away.

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Where to Look for Online Jobs

It used to be that finding a job meant getting the newspaper, preferable the Sunday paper, and scouring over the want ads. At that time you would probably find quite a few ads that look promising. You would then send off your resume and hope for the best. Of course that time was before the internet and specifically the World Wide Web. Not only are there job listing on the newspaper sites but there are also web sites that are dedicated to listing available employment. The problem is where do you begin to look, the internet is vast and cluttered so much so that you could become frustrated at all the bad leads that your internet browsers will send you on. Before you even turn on your computer you will need to know and write down exactly what type of job that you are seeking.

Since the search engine is the main tool of the web you should know a few things about how to navigate through it find the best retrieved web sites. Google is by far the most popular browser with Bing and yahoo coming in second and third. So let’s concentrate on how to narrow our job searches on Google. You probably have used Google before if you have had anything to do with the web. You would type a phrase or a name in the search box and up would come thousands and millions of search results, with the over whelming number of them unrelated to what you want. One way to cut down on the number of search retrievals is to use as few words as possible in your search. If you are looking for accounting jobs then you just want to put “accounting jobs (the area that you’re in)”. After you submit your search terms the first page will have a listing of related searches at the bottom of the page. You should be able to find something more specific to your search.

Another popular way to find jobs is to go directly to the major job sites such as and Both these sites have job listings all over the country. They have an easy interface to use that can zero in on the exact types of jobs that you want and in the location that you desire. A great added benefit of these sites is all the helpful information that they give about job hunting in general as well as forums where folks like you can discuss unemployment challenges.

One last place that you really should look at the Department of labor’s website there is a tremendous amount of information and they will also show you where to look for government jobs.

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Identity Theft and Your Online Job Search

While identity theft is nothing new, the Web has opened up whole new world of opportunity for identity thieves.

According to the FBI, identity theft is the top online fraud. The US Federal Trade Commission says that identity theft is it's number one source of consumer complaints – 42 percent of all complaints, in 2001.

The thief will use your personal information to open credit card accounts, cell phone accounts, open bank accounts in your name and write bad checks-leaving the victim with the bills and ruined credit ratings. Identity thieves may pose as representatives of banks, Internet service providers and even government agencies to get you to reveal your Social Security number, mother's maiden name, financial account numbers and identifying information.

In a recent article ( ), MSNBC reported the case of a man who fell victim to a fraudulent job listing that was posted at According to the article:

"It was just the job lead Jim needed: a marketing manager position with Arthur Gallagher, a leading international insurance broker. And only days after Jim responded to the job posting on, a human resources director sent along a promising e-mail . We're interested in you, the note said. The salary is negotiable, the clients big. In fact, the clients are so valuable and sensitive that you'll have to submit to a background check as part of the interview process. for work, Jim complied- and sent off just about every key to his digital identity, including his age, height, weight, Social Security number, bank account numbers, even his mother's maiden name. "

Jim spent the day canceling his credit cards, checking his balances and contacting the credit bureaus, but he's concerned that his information is now "out there".

There are warning signs that can tip you off to fraudulent job listings. While these items don't necessarily mean that the listing is a scam, they are indications that you should do further checking.

–Incorrect grammar and spelling errors

–Phone or fax number area codes don't match the address given

–Unrealistic salary

Online job databases are not the only places that identity thieves cruise for personal information. In recent indictments across the US, individuals have been charged with obtaining and using personal information through various ways. In Miami, two individuals were indicted for illegally tapping the computer networks of restaurants using the cover of a dummy corporation. A clerical worker at the New York State Insurance Fund pilfered office files and used stolen identities (of people across the country as well as fellow office workers) to obtain goods and services. A phlebotomist at Kaiser Permanente admitted to using the personal information of patients and employees in order to open credit card accounts in various names.

Recently, an FTC investigation into a work-at-home scheme spawned an incredible "scam-within-a-scam" when a man pretending to be an FTC employee emailed hundreds of the scam's victims. He requested personal information stating that it was to be used as evidence in the case.

While …

Online Pharmacies and Telemedicine

Not a day goes by when our email inboxes do not fill with advertisements for prescription drugs. Many of these emails promise to deliver drugs of all classes by overnight courier without a prescription. While there are legitimate online pharmacies, and the practice of telemedicine or cyber-medicine is gaining acceptance, this change in the way medicine is being practiced is rocking the foundations of the medical establishment. Being able to consult a doctor online, and obtain prescription drugs delivered to your doorstep by UPS has broad social and legal implications. The Internet facilitates making drugs available to those who may not be able to afford to pay US prices, are embarrassed to see a doctor face-to-face, or are suffering from pain, the treatment of which puts most doctors in direct conflict with the 'war on drugs' but on the other hand there is the question whether these pharmacies make drugs available to recreational drug users without the oversight of a licensed medical practitioner.

The Need for Alternatives

Medical care in the US has reached a point where it is expensive and impersonal which has caused the consumer to become generally unsatisfied with the medical establishment as a whole. Examples include the huge differences between the cost of drugs in the US and Canada, long wait times in US pharmacies, and poor service in general. Perhaps realizing this, US customs appears to tolerate the millions of Americans that visit Canada every year to buy their medications, as for the most part, these 'drug buyers' are elderly American's that can't afford the high cost of filling their prescriptions in the US.

Rather than to travel to Canada or Mexico millions of Americans are now turning to the Internet for both their medical needs. Telemedicine (or cyber medicine) provides consumers with the ability to both consult with a doctor online and order drugs over the Internet at discounted prices. This has resulted in consumers turning to online pharmacies for their medical needs, and in particular pharmacies with a relationships with a physician, which allow the consumer to completely bypass the traditional brick and mortar pharmacies, with the added benefit of having their physician act as an intermediary between the consumer and the pharmacy. According to Johnson (2005) this is as a result of consumers becoming very dissatisfied when it comes to dealing with both brick and mortar pharmacies and medical practitioners. As Johnson, notes, "Consumers are more likely to know the name of their hairdresser than their pharmacist." When Johnson (2005) rated the various professions within the health care system, he found that pharmacists had the lowest interaction with their patients than did any other group. Today, as a result of this "consumers are buying 25.5 percent of their prescriptions online, compared to 13.5 percent of which are picked up at a brick and mortar pharmacy" (Johnson 2005).

Drugs and Society

What has brought so much attention to online pharmacies is that it is possible to obtain just about any drug without a …

Start Your Online Store Business In Arizona – How To

It’s been a year now, since I started the online store business with my partners. We have gone through a lot of learn steps. I think it will be useful to put down the processes of starting an online retail business in Arizona. Who knows what will happen tomorrow. I may start a new business again.

These are the brief steps.

  1. Search availability of the new company name at Arizona corporation commission from the link below.
  2. Filing the required documents to register the company as s-corporation. If you prefer to start as LLC, you can do so by choose different corporation type and fee schedule.
  3. Download the filing forms from the link below
    • Covert Sheet
    • Articles of Incorporation for Domestic Corporations
    • Certificate of Disclosure for Business Corporations
    • $95 check write to Arizona Corporation Commission
  4. If the document is filed with Expedited process ($60 + $35), it will take about a week to get the Article of corporation document return ($5/each). Otherwise, it will take about 55 days.
  5. Once received the article of corporation, publish the article in 60 days. AZ capital time can complete the whole process for about $91, including mail the published copy to AZ corporation commission. Of course, there are many public newspaper can do it for you. Find the best one for your need.
  6. Once the process is completed, call to get a new EIN (employee Identify Number)
  7. Download and file the 2553 S-corporation election form to form the s-corporation
  8. Apply the Arizona retailer license online at
  9. Apply a new business check account with bank
  10. Apply a new business credit card
  11. Find a good company to buy the startup package (including bylaw, minute book, etc)
  12. Register the desired domain name at, which contains reasonable price.
  13. Find a good hosting company.
  14. Setup open source shopping cart from It’s FREE!
  15. Customize the logo and layout
  16. Input the products
  17. Setup Paypal business account and link to the shopping cart (Paypal IPN)
  18. Get a SSL certification either on your own or with your hosting company. Without SSL, Paypal won’t accept your credit card processing request.

The time to complete the entire corporation filing is about a month. Now. It’s up to your to run the business. Few notes to remember.

AZ requires to file the tax return monthly. Fedral requires to file tax return quarterly. Do well research on your product supplier. Many drop ship companies charges your extra amount if want to cancel your relationship with them. Also be aware of where the product was made and shipped. If the product is made in China, most likely you can find different shipper carrier the same product with different brand name. You can bargain the price.

To succeeded as online business, your customer services and quality of your products are both important. Ignore your customer’s feed will cost you a lot more to recover the damage your did.

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Job Hunting? Eight Tips to Avoid Fake Ads – Online Scams – And Labor Abuse

It’s the middle of recession; you are looking for a job. As you become more desperate, you are more vulnerable to fake job ads, online scam, and labor abuse. Yes, these traps are everywhere – in fact, new legislations are necessary to protect job seekers like you. Before we ask our politicians to take actions, here are eight tips for you to avoid job-hunting traps.

1. Spot fake job postings. Why does anyone post fake job ads? Because recruiters build their own job seekers database by collecting resumes – even jobs don’t exist at that moment. In addition, companies in bad shape, usually start-ups, publish fake job ads, so they can make their potential investors believe that the company is hiring and expanding. Fake jobs ads appear on both free and non-free websites. If you have seen a recruiter repeatedly advertising a common job position, that’s probably a fake one.

2. If a job posting doesn’t contain the company name or contact information, the company is not confident about its reputation, or the employer is not serious at all. In either case, you don’t want to work for a company like that.

3. Avoid being abused as free labor. If a small company gives you a take-home test of writing an article about its product or designing the company’s website in two days, refuse it. This isn’t a test; this is labor abuse. However, it’s okay to take a 4-hour exam at an established company. Don’t accept any non-payment internship at a small company of less than two people. After all, that company may disappear after your internship.

4. If a job posting requires your credit card number or ask you to buy their products first, that’s a scam. A real job pays you, not the other way around.

5. Don’t apply for any sales job that doesn’t offer a base salary. Pure commission usually means pure exploitation. A genuine sales position always offers a fixed base salary, with commissions to reward great performance.

6. Avoid pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing traps. Here is a classic example: “you recruit 10 people, then each of them recruits 10 people, who in turn recruit 10 people each…you will make millions in commissions”. This is a scam, not a business model.

7. Use reliable job search websites. Even in the recession, there are still lots of well-paid and secure jobs, especially in the expanding public sector. For example, provides federal government jobs; offers state and city-level government jobs; lists many university and school staff jobs.

8. Always question experts, even on CNN. Experts are not always correct – that’s why we are now in recession. Moreover, every individual is different; you know yourself better than those experts talking on TV to attract advertisers. If you need any career advice, ask people around you first.

Without laws to protect job seekers, fake ads, online scam, and labor abuse become increasingly common. Raise your awareness, and I hope my tips can help …

Government Grants For Debt Relief – Apply For Free Grants Online To Pay Various Debts

Financially burdened people or families with low-income levels often face a shortage of funds and remain in heavy debts that prevents them from maintaining minimum standards of living. Also, affording the expenses of everyday life seems overwhelming especially with credit collectors persistently asking for payments.

To offer financial assistance the U.S. government offers federal debt relief grants that pull out families from their economic crisis and helps them compensate their debts and overdue bills. Get your federal debt relief grants now.

Debt Relief Grants for Medical Bills

Medical needs are indispensable for all but the expenses can be beyond the reach of low-income families. Paying for exorbitant hospital bills or medicine, doctor visits, and lab test bills can be intimidating for monetarily crunched families which can lead to debts or fund shortage. Federal debt relief grants are disbursed to help needy families overcome their debts and meet their medical needs. The federal medical grants are:

• Medicaid and Medicare

• Federal Government Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA)

• United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)

• Healthy Families Program

• Pregnant Women Support Act

• Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

Medical debt relief grants are also available from hospitals, community agencies, local and state offices and nonprofit organizations like Net Wish, Jewish Federation of North America, American Red Cross and The Aubrey Rose Foundation. Even private organizations like The Aubrey Rose Foundation, United Healthcare Children’s Foundation and The Addison H. Gibson Foundation grant financial assistance for medical needs.

Debt Relief Grants for Housing Bills

Affording a secured shelter for a family within limited income levels or paying the exorbitant monthly rents, home loans or mortgages can be unfeasible for financially burdened people. Often debts or lack of money leads to evictions and homelessness. To offer financial support for compensating rental bills and debts federal debt relief grants for housing are offered by:




• Public Housing programs

• Nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity, Fannie Mae, Mercy Housing, Catholic Charities, American Red Cross and Salvation Army

Debt Relief Grants for Daily Expenses

There are endless daily needs like cable bills, transport, water bills, internet bills, telephone bills, healthy food, gas and fuel, groceries, home repair work, transportation etc. The expenses are quite high and consume a major portion of the income causing a dearth of funds and debts. Debt relief grant programs are available that aid needy families to meet their everyday needs:

• Special Milk Program, grocery vouchers, food grants, Child and Adult Care Food Program, SNAP The Low Income Payment Program (LIPP) and H2O Help to Others Program for water bills

• US and State Department of Transportation

• Free Gas USA Inc for gas bills

• Life-line, link-up for telephone bills

• TANF funds for other expenses

Debt Relief Grants for Utility and Energy Bills

For economically crunched families the constantly escalating utility and energy bills can be tough to pay off. The utility bills might claim a huge chunk …