Driver Team Solo Positions: The Nitty Gritty On Truck Driving Jobs

Trucks and truck drivers are a constant presence on US highways and interstates. A person on even the shortest drive is likely to pass by a truck or two transporting goods, and even merchandise that travels by ship, train, or airplane travels on a truck for some phase of the journey to the customer. Because trucks are such a major part of industry, truck driving jobs are important positions and good paying jobs.

Truck drivers have many responsibilities. Before leaving the terminal or warehouse, truck drivers make routine checks of their vehicles, checking fuel and oil levels. They inspect the tires, brakes, and windshield wipers, and make sure that all safety equipment is loaded and functional. They report any problems to the dispatcher, who keeps track of all of these small details. Once they start driving, truck drivers must be constantly alert. They can see quite a long distance along the highway because they sit higher than most other vehicles. This puts them in a position of power on the road, as well as heightened responsibility.

Delivery requirements vary according to the type of merchandise, the driving assignment, and the final destination. Local drivers provide daily service along a specific route, while other drivers must make intercity and interstate deliveries based on specific orders. The driver’s responsibilities and salary change based on the time spent on the road, the type of product transported, and vehicle size.

New technologies are revolutionizing the way that truck drivers work. Long distance truck drivers now have satellites and global positioning systems (GPS) to link them with company headquarters. Information, directions, and weather reports can be delivered to the truck instantly no matter where it is. Company headquarters can track the truck’s location, fuel consumption, and engine performance. Inventory tracking equipment is now computerized, allowing the producer, warehouse, and customer to all check in on the products on the road. New technology is making truck driving an easier job, as seats become more comfortable, trucks have better ventilation, and cabs are better designed.

Some routes are very, very long, and these usually employ heavy truck or tractor-trailer drivers. On the longest routes, companies will hire two drivers for sleeper runs. Sleeper runs can last from days to weeks and the truck only stops for fuel, food, loading and unloading. The drivers switch off driving and sleeping in the truck.

Truck driving can be a demanding job. Some self-employed long-distance truck drivers who own and operate their own trucks spend most of the year away from home. The government restricts long distance drivers to no more than 60 hours a week as well as requiring 10 hours rest for every 11 hours driving. Many drivers work very close to this max time permitted because they are compensated according to the number of miles or hours they’ve put in. The difficulty of truck driving is well compensated, which makes it a popular job. In 2002, there were 3.2 million truck drivers.

Many trucking operations have higher standards …

Ranging the Spectrum: Accounting Jobs and IT Jobs

Accounting jobs are among today's most stable career opportunities. IT jobs, conversely, is among the least stable job fields. Both careers can pay lucratively, and both require a great deal of specialized training to enter. For those on the cusp of deciding which career field to pursue, a breakdown of the differences in these two careers may be a helpful guide in pursing the future.

Accounting has many branches of practice. Public, private, and government accounting are the three main branches. Public accountants will need a 4 to 5 year education from an accredited college to be competitive. To work in the public environment, these individuals will also have to complete four basic tests of proficiency in order to earn their CPA (Certified Personal Accountant) license.

Private accounting may have a lower entry range, and depending on the size of a company and the scope of its accounting needs, individuals may find work without a CPA, but in all cases, an accountant will need his or her Bachelor's degree. Entrance after a degree, into the field, should provide a living income between $ 40,000 and $ 70,000 dollars a year.

Government accounting and specialized sectors such as Forensic Accounting may be the desired outcome for most accountants, since these fields provide the top job security, the best benefits and the highest pay. Some corporate or management accounting jobs can pay as much as $ 170,000 a year for a traditional five day work week. However, entry level jobs in this career field often require people to work long hours, six or even seven days a week.

IT jobs contrast greatly. Because the field is ever changing, and rapidly so, most successful IT employees do not possess a traditional college degree, and instead, have obtained licenses in various specializations. Entry into IT work may be achieved in as little as a year of training, with starting salaries between $ 30,000 and $ 60,000. Advancement from entry-level work can take an IT professional to a comfortable $ 150,000. Though, unlike accounting work, the IT industry is extremely fickle.

Successful IT companies may miss a trend and fail overnight, resulting in the loss of employment for most of their workforce. Because of the volatile nature of the field, many workers compile a portfolio that shows various kinds of experience to assure future work. With these two lucrative career fields, someone considering their future should decide when to begin their education. Accounting education happens up front. IT education continues throughout a career, and both have long-term financial gains and a variety of enjoyable outlets for growth and fulfillment.

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Jobs Teaching English Overseas

Jobs teaching English overseas are plentiful for college graduates with a TESOL certificate. TESOL is an abbreviation of Teaching English to Speaker of Other Languages.

The highest paying jobs are university jobs and go to the people with some teaching experience and a teaching degree. However, there are plenty of jobs for those with a bachelor’s degree and a TESOL certificate. There are even some jobs where only a TESOL certificate will suffice.The best jobs are given to teachers with experience and a teaching certification, however there are many good jobs which do not require teaching certification if a TESOL certificate is obtained. The preferred age is between 20 and 30 although 50 years is not too old. Many countries expect you to retire in your 60’s so it is harder to get a job at this age. Some countries prefer women to teach young children, but again gender is not always a factor. A country which pays well and has a great demand for teachers is China.

There are government schools, private schools, language schools and corporate training classes in most countries with jobs teaching English overseas. The government schools do not pay as well as the private schools, but the jobs are easier to get. Asia is known for paying higher salaries, but sometimes the cost of living is also higher there than other places.

The schools which provide TESOL certification often can help with job search as well as work visas and other requirements for getting in the country. It is important to research the requirements for a work visa; most countries require a bachelor’s degree, although in countries where there is a great demand, this may not be a requirement. There are a few places which do not require a bachelor’s degree for jobs teaching English overseas, however, most of the desirable employers will.

The easiest way to get a job teaching English overseas would be to take a TESOL certification course from a school which will help you find employment in the country of your choice. There are agencies which will get you a job, but you must be careful that they do not take a big cut of your salary. Before you commit, do your research and make sure you have a constitution which is adventurous and willing to experience some ups and downs as getting used to a new culture, especially when you don’t know the language can initially be difficult.

Most people who take the step to get their TESOL certificate, however, find a great deal of satisfaction in obtaining a job teaching English overseas.

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10 Jobs With High Pay and High Satisfaction

People are generally happiest in their jobs when they do something fulfilling or that they are passionate about. Confucious says, "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life." Love doesn't run the world though, money does (unfortunately.) All of these jobs are listed not only pay very well but also have reportedly high satisfaction ratings.

User Experience Designers have an average annual pay of $ 79,100. These specialized designers are the ones behind the user interfaces and other elements that make the things we interact with every day more "user friendly." This can be anything from making a website more visually appealing to making your car's buttons and dials easier to distinguish and operate.

Since this job usually has you running the show, you don't have to worry about the stress of doing things you don't want to do. Sounds like a great career to me!

An Interior Design Director makes an average annual pay of $ 79,300. Good interior design has become a staple in almost every building that has people in it! It has been shown that great interior design contributes to increased productivity, market value, and personal well-being. This career is rapidly growing in popularity and competition, so be ready to put your best designs forward and stick to your guns.

Using your design talents on a daily basis and enriching people lives through your creations is a great feeling. Take a career in design and you can feel that every day you go in to work. Not a bad salary to top it off, either!

High School Principals make an average annual pay of $ 82,200. Principals often get a bad rap for being all fire and brimstone, but not only keeping the students in line in addition to supervising the faculty AND keeping the parents happy is a monumental task. There are several hoops you have to go through to attain this position, but the job can be very rewarding if you are personally invested in your community and are eager to shape young peoples' minds. This job should be in very high demand within the next couple of years, because most principals will be retiring.

Aeronautical Engineers make an average annual pay of $ 82,800. Ever since the sad tale of Daedalus and Icarus was told right up to when the Wright Brothers learned how to show humans can fly, people have been around to try to expand on this phenomenon. Only for a little while in Human history has this career been given a proper name: The Aeronautical Engineers. These inventors of the world have been hard at work to modernize that same effort. If you share this timeless passion you can join their ranks, and continue the legacy that Humankind has been trying to attain since the events have been recorded and passed down through generations.

Economists usually make about $ 85,600. If you're a number-cruncher and you love organizing and quantifying things, …

Where to Look for Online Jobs

It used to be that finding a job meant getting the newspaper, preferable the Sunday paper, and scouring over the want ads. At that time you would probably find quite a few ads that look promising. You would then send off your resume and hope for the best. Of course that time was before the internet and specifically the World Wide Web. Not only are there job listing on the newspaper sites but there are also web sites that are dedicated to listing available employment. The problem is where do you begin to look, the internet is vast and cluttered so much so that you could become frustrated at all the bad leads that your internet browsers will send you on. Before you even turn on your computer you will need to know and write down exactly what type of job that you are seeking.

Since the search engine is the main tool of the web you should know a few things about how to navigate through it find the best retrieved web sites. Google is by far the most popular browser with Bing and yahoo coming in second and third. So let’s concentrate on how to narrow our job searches on Google. You probably have used Google before if you have had anything to do with the web. You would type a phrase or a name in the search box and up would come thousands and millions of search results, with the over whelming number of them unrelated to what you want. One way to cut down on the number of search retrievals is to use as few words as possible in your search. If you are looking for accounting jobs then you just want to put “accounting jobs (the area that you’re in)”. After you submit your search terms the first page will have a listing of related searches at the bottom of the page. You should be able to find something more specific to your search.

Another popular way to find jobs is to go directly to the major job sites such as and Both these sites have job listings all over the country. They have an easy interface to use that can zero in on the exact types of jobs that you want and in the location that you desire. A great added benefit of these sites is all the helpful information that they give about job hunting in general as well as forums where folks like you can discuss unemployment challenges.

One last place that you really should look at the Department of labor’s website there is a tremendous amount of information and they will also show you where to look for government jobs.

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Know About the Availability of Latest Jobs in India!

Over the years India has become the fastest growing economy of the world. In keeping pace with fast growth of economy the number of jobs in India too has risen. Earlier there’s was a fascination among Indian youths to opt for government jobs. But today the scenario has changed though there are some youths who still prefer to go for government jobs in India as it offers life long security, good pay scale and attractive remunerations too.

Because of the carefully taken privatization and globalization policies by the government of India many jobs in India are created. Its reported that employers in the sectors of finance, insurance and real estate sectors are very optimistic about increasing the number of employees in these very sectors. These sectors were followed by increase of jobs in India in the varied services sector, where 45 per cent of the employers showed an increase in level of staffing requirements.

The signs of improved hiring were actually reported in sectors of finance, as there was marked growth in multinational banking in India. Many of these multinational bank jobs in Mumbai enhanced the commercial activities in the particular region in Western India. Teaching jobs in India too are in great demand as many youths have opted for IT jobs which has led to vast vacancy in the field of higher education and research. The dwindling number of quality teachers in India’s government schools stands testimony to the fact.

Jobs in India grew remarkably in software sectors. Though the development of IT jobs were practically confined to some metropolis of India, yet they are slowly penetrating in smaller towns. Jobs in Hyderabad essentially deals with varied software jobs. While we talk of varied jobs in India special mention needs to be made of outsourcing jobs. Its important to note that with the advent of globalization, more jobs are being outsourced to India, these outsourcing jobs has led to the creation of many jobs in India and increased the employment opportunities across India. However its worth mentioning that outsourcing in India has virtually improved because of the inherent development in the communication system of the country.

Since communication now a days has become faster, simpler and easy to use this has improved advancements were made in infrastructure throughout and today video conferencing is easily possible. The outsourcing of jobs in India adds to certain benefits as lower costs of communication, transportation and efficiency in production. Since because of improved telecommunications the numerous trade barriers and cultural barriers have been removed.

Another advantage for jobs in India is the fact that India has highest number of young and skilled labor English speaking force. Down south after Bangalore, Chennai has become the next best destination for pursuing education and establishment of business in the city. Jobs in Chennai offers immense scope for growth for employees.

Because of the growth in IT hub in Chennai the real estate in the city is undergoing a face lift as more and more IT/ITeS industry …

Destruction and Creation – A New Jobs Hyperbole

What does it take to go from here to there and back again? C'mon, let's not kid, sugarcoat, or oversimplify our situation. As business model processes and new or current technologies replace legacy ones, it is absolutely essential to question "Creative Destruction."

Technology, without a doubt, is and remains to be the biggest job creators in the country and quite possibly the world. In fact, our country has been bleeding jobs all over the shores of other countries.

As many hierarchal "talking-heads" made promises regarding the mobile industry and public-private Wi-Fi networks, partnerships were being forged. These clandestine plans included Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York, and other smaller metro areas. They were all devising a way to create hundreds of thousands of jobs and close the digital divide as well. This challenge was being addressed with the implementation of heavily weighed underpinnings.

"Such large deployment are tenuous," says Rob Preston. Mr. Preston is the Vice President and Editor in Chief of Information Week's Technical Magazine. He says metro Wi-Fi service providers went bankrupt while equipment vendors sought higher ground. In addition, the government opportunists moved on to the next big project.

Even as the national unemployment rate remains at a disconsolate nine percent, tech vendors and policy makers are taking credit for creating jobs – millions of brand new United States jobs.

Many of you may well be aware, other parts of the economy is losing jobs as fast as the tech industry creates them. These job-creation claims are at best, an overstatement – a Bunch of Bull.

According to Preston, Cloud, Mobile, Apps, and Big Data are all claiming to create millions of US jobs. And yet, the national unemployment rate is 8.3 percent – and most probably, higher than that. A great many people are not counted due to their inability to qualify for unemployment compensation benefits. These folks are most likely to not be counted or added to the roles of which they constantly quote, creating a mis-count.

The jobs creation claims it's logical for Microsoft to point to the cloud providers. Tech vendors plan to double its' workforce this year. They're saying cloud and mobile applications are giving birth to millions of US jobs.

That perplexing boast causes me to wonder; if that's the case, why is the national unemployment rate at record highs? The United States Unemployment numbers read between eight and ten percent. These numbers are devastating to the US economical system.

IDC reported, in a recent claim, the cloud computing movement would generate more than thirteen million worldwide tech and related jobs by 2015.

Mr. Preston also recorded in his report, Seattle based Vorsite and partners plan to double its workforce before years end. However, IDC and Microsoft argue the scale of public and private cloud economies. To free up funds for new business ventures, they would have to lower customer IT and processing costs. This move will add jobs as well. Their analysis left out the efficiencies achieved through infrastructure consolidation. This …

Career Opportunities and Constraints in Getting Government Jobs

Career is a crucial aspect for every one. Getting a job after studies is very important though very one has to face a lot of hardship to get a perfect job. Due to recession and global economic depression every job market has come under lot of scrutiny. No one has the immunity in this type of situation regardless of the education background and work experience. Yet the government employees are immune to this but the chances to get through any government jobs is very minimal. There are a lot of competitions with less opportunities as external forces such resources plays a pivotal role to get a government job.

Government jobs in India include everything starting for cleaning or working as a swipper in any state government to working as a prime minister. If you get a government job then your future is immune to financial depressions unlike private sector jobs. The job opens the forum to every public sector work. Still you have to give entrance exams for getting a job in the government. To become an IS officer or custom, income tax officer one has to go through a very rigid entrance examination. Getting through the police department or the crime branch bureau, we need to physical as well as mental ability. The government tests the physical and mental ability of the candidate aspiring to be a police officer or a crime branch officer. Indian railway is the highest employer all over world. To secure your place in Indian railways we need to crack entrance examination which are held all over India. The government aided universities take those teachers and professor which have a proper education background under any stream with a degree in education properly known as B.ED. The teachers require a good teaching experience with the education requirements. The Indian navy and the military looks for god mechanical engineers to build their research department. In fact invites every Indian to work for the Indian army. A person must be physically, mentally and logically equip to get a place in the Indian army. Apart from these individuals with leadership qualities and good rational knowledge can look for place in the politics of the nation. For individuals who want to help the society can work in any state municipal corporation. Yet the main factor that prevails throughout every government department is the external resource a person has in the government. There are loads of opportunities in the Indian government in every department, be financial, security, politics, social etc.

Corruption is at its peak and many undeserving individuals get the chance to work for the government. It totally depends on us as we are the ones spreading this contagious disease. Though getting through and developing your self as an individual in government agencies is very crucial and is the only constraint one faces.

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Numerology and Jobs – Finding the Career That Matches Your Life Path

Do you like your Job? Are you doing something you love and getting paid for it, or are you just struggling to get to the weekend? Most Americans change jobs over five times during their lifetime. If you don’t feel good about what your doing, perhaps you’d like to learn which kinds of jobs Numerology says are right for you. Most spiritual paths and religions suggest that to be truly happy at your job, you need to do what you love. Read on and learn how your Life Path influences which kinds of jobs best fit your personality.

Life Path – Your main number in Numerology

Your Life Path is your primary number in Numerology. Similar to your sun sign in Astrology, it predicts your basic personality type, along with what kind of career you will be drawn to. The basic calculation involves summing all eight digits of your Gregorian date of birth, and then reducing the sum to a single digit using fadic addition. To see how this works, lets take an example. Actress Angelina Jolie was born on June 4th, 1975, so her Life Path number is a (5).

Angelina Jolie’s Life Path = (06-04-1975) = (6 + 4 + 1975) = (1985) = (1 + 9 + 8 + 5) = (23) = (2 + 3) = (5).

The following table shows the nine main Life Paths along with their talents and recommended jobs.

Life Path (1) – The Leader

If this is your Life Path, you are a born leader. You are independent, self-starting, and creative. You are also not a good follower. Suggested careers include: Journalism, stage and film industry, fashion, all kinds of design work, and technology research.

Life Path (2) – The Diplomat

If this is your Life Path, you live to get along and to serve others. You are the deal maker, the consoler. Suggested careers include: Social sector work, government jobs at all levels, and things in the Medical field, excluding being a surgeon.

Life Path (3) – The Entertainer

If this is your Life Path, you live to experience the adoration of other people. You love the limelight for it makes you feel alive. Suggested careers include: Entertainment industry, athletics, acting, modeling, tourism, and any job which promotes public speaking. Careers to avoid: anything where you must work in isolation part of the time. You hate being alone at work.

Life Path (4) – The Creator

If this is your Life Path, you were born to create things. You have good practical knowledge in many areas, and a keen mind for details. Suggested careers include: Construction, Banking and Insurance, Accounting, Computer programming, driving, and craftsmanship. Careers to avoid: the Stock Market, Sales, and any job where there are lots of unpredictable risk as part of the work.

Life Path (5) – The Salesman

If this is your Life Path, you are the born salesman. You are exceptional at getting your ideas across in ways that people like and understand. Suggested …

Jobs For Felons, Federal Government Issuing Licenses to Felons in the Auto Transport Industry

Jobs for felons are always hard to find and as most felons looking for a job know, any job or business that requires a license is usually a waste of time to try and apply for or try to start. Well I’ve found one profession that will give you a license, assuming you meet the regular qualifications, even if you have a felony conviction. Cargo Transportation Brokers; people who broker shipments of freight, household goods, or even cars and other types of vehicles.

There is one exception however. If you were convicted of a drug related felony then you are disqualified. I know that’s messed up, but at least, if your felony was not drug related, you may be good to go.

Transport brokering does not entail driving a truck. Its a job for felons that can be run out of your house or apartment if you want. Basically, you find people or companies that need to get something large moved within the country. Let’s say somebody in NYC doesn’t want to drive their car to Florida, where they’ll be spending the winter. People in this situation usually hire an auto transport company to take their car, on a car carrier, to Florida, so that they don’t have to drive it themselves all the way there. In this example you’re probably talking about people who are retired or close to retiring and can’t or don’t want to do an all-nighter driving to Florida.

So where do you come in. Well as an auto transport broker, you basically find the people who need this type of service and match them with a transport company. When the deal is agreed upon, to you get paid, sometimes up to $500 per car.

Who else would need this kind of service? Well, lets say your daughter just got accepted to a college 1,500 miles away from where you live. Do you really want your 18 year old daughter driving from say Georgia to California all by herself?….I didn’t think so.

This is another example of the type of customer a transport broker is looking for. Plus, in a case like this, you could also broker the transport of anything else she is bringing to college, like furniture boxes of clothes etc.

The mere fact that you need a license for this business sets you apart from the crowd, whether you’re a felon or not. But the fact that you can get a license like this, even with a felony conviction, seems like a great opportunity for any felon looking for a job.

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