Why Grant Writers Shouldn’t Work For a Percentage of The Grant?

Non-profits like to hire writers on commission. That way if the grant isn’t funded they are not out any money. It’s also attractive for a freelance writer, anxious for work, to accept a job like this, in hopes of getting that grant.

However, The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) considers this practice unethical and will withdraw the membership of any writer who works on commission. Not a good business practice. Foundations frown upon it as well.

Here’s why:

1. Grant writers have little control over whether nonprofits win grants. An expert writer is going to deliver a nonprofit a more competitive proposal, but in the end the decision rests with the foundation. Even the most well written, most compelling grants get turned down, at no fault of the grant writer. Foundations have many more applicants than funds available. In addition, much of what goes into a grant proposal is out of the grant writer’s control. It’s not the grant writer’s fault if an organization isn’t grant ready, is disorganized, or if the program just isn’t as strong as other applicant’s. Another reason is that the funder may already know which of their “pet” projects they are going to fund. It’s simply unfair to punish the writer by not paying them for their work.

2. The foundation/government funding source probably won’t pay for your grant writer. Foundations generally restrict their funding to direct project costs. Even if they don’t, they are still likely to be a little unsettled by a grant request that includes a percentage for the grant writer. You should ask the Foundation ahead of time if this is an acceptable budget item. As far as government grants you can put a line item in your budget for Administrative Expenses not to exceed 10% but you must remember that 10% is also for you to do quarterly and final reports and provide overall grant management.

I have recently worked with a non-profit who had a state, a federal and a foundation grant for one of their many successful projects. However, they don’t have funding to pay for a professional writer, which they need because they underestimated the amount of their program support. They expect someone to work for them for free, when they have a million dollar budget. How fair is this to a grant writer who is trying to make a living? They are also so busy that they can’t write it in house.

If you are a technical writer who is looking for work, please don’t work for a percentage of the grant if it is awarded. Remember it is unethical. It also makes non-profits believe it is okay to take advantage of the grant writer.

We need to stick together!

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Where to Get Grant Information For Applying For Free Grant Money – Cash You Never Pay Back

Because of the number of government and private grant programs, finding appropriate grant information to help you find and apply for these program may not be as easy as you would think. Unlike a bank loan that has a fairly standard and straightforward to applying for a loan, grants can vary greatly in their application requirements and terms.

One reason for the difficulty in finding grant information is that these funds come and go rather quickly. Once a grant program is funded, the money can be completely accounted for in just a few day. However, there government grant programs that are funded with billions of dollars that may never go entirely claimed.

Because these programs are rarely advertised, it is mostly up to the consumer to seek out the availability of grant funds that are currently being provided. While popular books exists that will list common grant programs, it is often the smaller financial aid programs that can provide money to individuals. By the time these books publish, they are already outdated.

That’s why the best resources tend to be online grant directories. Because information can be maintained, the grant information that is provided should be current and up-to-date. Many of these online directories will even tell you how much money is still available, as well as exactly how to appropriately apply for these funds.

While you have a few choices when it comes to gaining access to these programs, you’ll want to be sure that you are accessing grant information that is updated regularly and includes the details you are looking for.

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Apply For Free Grant Money and Never Pay it Back

There's over millions of dollars in free grant money that is given away to everyday people through various government and private foundations. These are not to be confused with loans. That's mainly because the money you are awarded by submitting a grant application never has to be paid back.

This free money was budgeted for through tax payer dollars and tax incentives provided to organizations, and it allows American citizens to obtain cash grants for their personal use.

Applying for some of this free government grant money and private foundation grants can be done by searching the online grant database program. There you'll find many of the available programs with various funding amounts. Just review the eligibility requirements and qualifications to see if you feel you match the criteria for receiving these funds.

Often times many people can be awarded money for the same grant, so it does not hurt to submit an applications. There is also no limit on the number of grants you can apply for or receive. If you feel there are a number of programs you can qualify for, then you are free to apply for all of them.

As a result, you could receive as much as $ 50,000 to build your own business, $ 13,000 to pay your bills, or even $ 19,000 to help you pay for school. There are hundreds of grant programs for various reasons. Single parents, college students, minorities, and many other groups may qualify to receive some of these funds. Once your application is reviewed and accepted, you'll receive the cash grant you need that never has to be paid back.

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Free Grant Money For Debt Relief

If you are carrying credit card debt, have a mortgage loan or have any other outstanding bills, you can qualify to receive thousands of dollars in free grant money from the government that you never have to pay back. This is all part of the economic stimulus plan that the government has in order to get the American economy moving again, and you can benefit greatly.

One of the biggest problems America is facing is the debt crisis. As we've seen with the mortgage crisis, when too many people can't pay their mortgage, the economy hurts as a whole. People lose their homes, their cars and their jobs. Banks fail and the economy crumbles.

The excessive amounts of credit card debt is another concern, and debt relief grants can help you get out of the bills you may owe. There's billions of dollars available in free grant money from the government and other private foundations, and millions of people are cashing grant checks every day to use for their personal use.

One challenge that the government is facing is filtering out the the people who need help versus those who are trying to get their hands on some of these debt grants. The government has to act quickly in order to provide financial relief to Americans, and they may not have the appropriate resources to accurately approve or deny these request.

The other challenge is that most people do not know exactly where to find these programs and how to ask for the government grant money. The government does not advertise these programs, and there are hundreds of other private agencies that provide similar grant funds. Once you have the resources you need to find and quickly apply for grants for debt relief, it is just a matter of asking for the money.

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The Long and Winding Road to Getting a Government Grant

There are many programs set up for government grants through a multitude of different government agencies. A government grant is not a loan and so does not need to be paid back. For this reason grants can be a very path to pursue, but these grants are awarded only to non-profit companies and government entities for the purpose of public benefit, not to for-profit businesses however.

The stipulations in regard to qualifying for grants are tremendous. Qualification is based on necessity and purpose, but even if a non-profit organization does qualify to receive grant funding, there is no guarantee it will actually get a grant.

Professional grant writers are often necessary in order to bypass the narrow straits set up by the government on grant funding. For instance, a local government entity might use the services of such a person in writing a grant proposal order to get subsidies from the state or federal government to fund a local public project. When submitted and written in the appropriate manner, grants have a much higher chance of being accepted. There are also cases where grants that were previously available are no longer, as in many cases the grant system was being abused by knowledgeable grant writers who were able to take advantage of certain provisions that allowed them to get multiple grants for the same or similar purposes .

Government grants can be used for a number of different purposes. Grants for land, agriculture, arts, environmental health and natural resources, and many other public uses are available. Each year thousands of grants are issued all around the country for public benefit. Like any other grant, these are only obtainable through the correct sources, and then only with the right grant proposal. The government does not want to give out free money without a good reason, and this accounts for the clandestine system of hurdles that impedes most from getting the funding they seek. In a great many instances it is actually much easier to apply, qualify for, and obtain a loan, such as through the Small Business Administration, than to search for a grant.

In recent years and small but wealthy industry has sprung up around government grants. Many companies promise that individuals and for-profit businesses can get grants, touting the benefits of grants as a reason to hire a grant writer. In some cases these companies and professionals that have grown up around getting paid for writing grant proposals have engaged in illegal conduct, which resulted at times in lawsuits. For the most part it is usually best for anyone seeking a government grant to avoid unsolicited attempts to get them to spend money in order to get a grant.

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Grant Writing – Government Grant Facts & Writing Tips

Although no one single source of information covers all federal government grants, most federal agencies have some type of grant-making program. This article will help you become familiar with government grants by providing you with important federal government grant facts and grant writing tips.

Government Grant Facts

  • In 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act – or Stimulus Package – injected a historic $463 Billion in additional grant funding into the grant pipeline.
  • Typically, federal funding annually for grants is around $100 Billion, depending on who you talk to.
  • Despite a decline in funding for social service, health, and welfare programs in the mid-to-late 1980s, over a 20-year period starting in 1980, the U.S. government funding for grants more than doubled, increasing from $40 to $90 billion.
  • According to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance, there are 1,999 Federal assistance programs.
  • At the time of writing this article, there are 64 federal granting departments and agencies. The top 5 grant-making departments – in terms of grant programs offered – are Health and Human Services (376), Agriculture (229), The Interior (203), Education (168), and Justice (124).

Government Grant Writing Tips

  • Find the Organizational Chart – To find information about federal grant programs, familiarize yourself with the organizational structure of the federal agencies. Check their website or ask for an organizational chart. Once you are familiar with the organizational structure, you can delve into appropriate reference materials that describe grant opportunities.
  • Ask About Technical Assistance – Often, governmental agencies conduct training – often referred to as technical assistance. These are sessions to familiarize you with funding guidelines and priorities. They assist you with completing appropriate forms and applications. These are informative and provide grant writers with opportunities to meet agency staff and ask questions.
  • Contact Your U.S. Senator and Representative – Elected officials are sometimes able to assist you in your grant writing efforts. They can help search for funding for initiatives they find particularly relevant to their constituents, political platforms, and geographic regions they represent. They can even introduce new legislation to provide funding.
  • Keep Taxpayers In Mind – Keep foremost in your mind that federal funds are the result of taxes paid by people like you and me. It is your responsibility to make sure the plan you propose shows how you will account for these tax dollars. One way to do this is by closely aligning your project outcomes with your budget. Avoid padding budgets and rounding up numbers that might threaten your credibility.

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Getting Free Grant Money – Government Grants You Never Pay Back

The biggest difference between a grant and a loan is that the cash that is awarded to you through a grant never has to be paid back. That's why they are often referred to as obtaining free grant money. These funds don't accumulate interest, you don't have to pay taxes on them, and as long as you spend the money appropriately they never have to be repaid.

But are government grant funds available for individuals?

There are over $ 80 billion in free grant money sent to tax paying citizens, organizations, and communities every year. While a lot of this money is allocated for community development, research and bigger picture items, there are millions of dollars given away to everyday people for personal use.

Free grant money can be obtained through various government and private foundations. This is money that, when obtained, can help you get out of debt, pay for your college tuition and related educational expenses, and even help you get a business idea off the ground and running. There are even grant funds for first time home buyers and for home improvement projects.

If you were to search an online grant directory, you'd also find that there are grants for specific groups as well, including single mothers, minorities, and other special interest groups. By finding the funds that are currently available and applying for those you are most likely to qualify for, it is possible to obtain as much as $ 50,000 in cash grants that never have to be paid back.

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Free Government Loans – Grant Money That Never Has to Be Paid Back

Free government loans…is this an oxymoron or what? I mean the definition of the word “loan” is something you are required to pay back, while “free” means you don’t have to pay. There is no wonder that many American citizens are reluctant to believe that there are free government loans available to them, there are not. However, you may still be eligible to receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in free government money, and never have to pay it back. The misinterpretation is in the terminology used to describe government free grant programs.

The free government loans that are commonly dismissed by thousands of qualified would be applicant each year due to disbelief, are actually free government grant programs. While the application process for free grant awards is quite similar to that of the loan process, and you will receive generous funding and supplemental income support if found eligible to qualify, there is one major and extreme difference between government loans and government grants. A loan must be paid back with interest, and a free grant is just that…free money, granted to you.

For obvious reasons a government grant may be much more appealing to those interested in acquiring supplemental monetary support when embarking upon any number of financial endeavors, or trying to overcome monetary obstacles and relieve themselves of debt. I mean if you didn’t need money, you wouldn’t be looking for it right? So who wouldn’t prefer not having to pay your loans back? With the ready availability of free cash awards through magnificent programs like single mothers grants, minority grants, first time home buyers grants, small business grants, and hundreds more, the most sensible first step to take when exploring finance options is achieving free government grants.

Even though free government money is a very appealing option, not all will qualify. But all hope is not lost for the rejected applicant, because there is definitely something to be said for government loans too. The first thing to be said is, they are not free. Let us just dispel that notion once and for all. As we’ve already talked about, the only “free government loan” is not a loan at all, it’s a grant. Government loans do indeed require repayment. However, the interest rates are considerably lower than that of banks, credit unions, or private lenders, and you eliminate your need to provide any form of collateral.

Sometimes, depending on your acceptable needs and desires, you may be able to obtain both government loans and free grants to support whatever cause you may be working on. Do a free grant search online and see what is available to you in your area. And now that you know the difference, you should be able to find all the opportunities you need, and believe in them.

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Free Grant Money to Pay Utility Bills

Free grant money from the federal government is a welcome relief for many low income earners looking to pay their bills. There can be a huge list of necessary expenses in daily life that deprived people might find difficulty in paying off. If you own a home then you have the constant concern of the approaching date to shell out money for utility bills. Well great news! Now your worries are of the government or the state in which you reside. There are multiple free grant programs offering funds to help you pay your utility bills that never need to be paid back. Let’s take a tour through the article to find the grants that you can avail.

Grants Money to Apply For Paying Off Utility Bills

Just dealing with the costs of purchasing a home is not enough, you also need to deal with electricity, water, heating and cooling expenses which can generate a huge bill at times. It is in such cases that you need free money or funds in the form of grants to pay off the utility bills if you have limited money at your disposal. State, federal government, utility companies, non-profit organizations and accredited agencies offer help for the utility bills.

Government Grants

First look for help in your state or with the local authorities for special programs for utility bill assistance. All government grants are provided at the state and federal level. Let’s have a look at the grants.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant: it offers two categories of services: low income individuals can avail weatherization services for their homes for energy efficiency and/or receive funds to offset the cooling and heating costs.

LIHEAP Crisis Program: it provides assistance to low income families facing disconnection or those who have insufficient heating oil or fuel. The payouts are made directly to the energy company against the unpaid bills. The Weatherization Assistance Program: it provides services like weather stripping, energy saving measures, wall and attic insulation and minor home repairs to the eligible families that reduce bills and make homes energy efficient.

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) families requiring finance to pay utility bills can get resources through HEAP to compensate for the heating-cooling bills.

Most states have laws that restrict utility companies from disconnecting service even if your payment is due. They also have individual programs that help with paying utility bills or reducing electricity bills through energy saving techniques.

Assistance by Utility Companies

Even utility companies extend a helping hand in your times of crisis.

They have various payment plans, energy assistance programs, weatherization programs, operation roundup, home energy audits, assistance with water bills through American Water initiated programs like Low-Income Payment plan and H2O – Help to Others. Moreover, they also offer aid through shareholders or community funded programs that provide credits to compensate for the bills or give cash assistance.

Non-profits, charities, and agencies also give away funds. Some prominent names to seek help from are: Community …

Do You Desire to Get Free Government Grant Money?

Billions and billions of dollars are given away to American citizens by means of free government grant programs every year, and this year is no anomaly. There is an abundance of capital expenditure being shoved into these government grant programs, which lets any US citizen over the age of 18 to petition for and qualify to acquire.

How will you use this money? Rather than what could you do, the genuine question is what can’t you do with this money? There are a few government and even private grant foundations that are here to help people for a broad array of purposes.

There might be hundreds of grants that you might qualify for, and since these are not loans it does not matter which kind of credit score you have. You will get free government money outside a credit check, outside a down payment, and without a cosigner. This is money that is given away to help Americans that could use some financial support, and grants at no time have to be paid back. As long as you utilize the grant money for the reason that you agreed to when you submitted your grant application, the cash is yours to have.

With all the contrasting government grant programs, you could be confused as to which one to petition for. Applying for multiple grants and programs is not against the rules, so feel free to aim for as many as you can learn. Anybody is able to attempt for as many grants as they would feel inclined to petition for. Once you obtain access to the resources to promptly find and apply for these programs, you could request to have this money over and over again.

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