‘real-politic’ Vs. Moral-politic: Quick Background of European Hypocrisy

A single of the most attention-grabbing functions of the European involvement in the Center – East conflict, is the wholly awareness, emphatic therapy and high identification with the Palestinian side (as very well as with all Arabs). This is in contrast to the hostility from Israel, complete ignorance and indifference to the suffering of our people today and the total assistance of the European public and media to the Arab side, in any violent explosion, no matter who is dependable for it. The battle in Gaza is a very clear example to clearly show it: A lot more than seven many years are our  gentleman, women, small children and toddlers, in the south, dwelling in an limitless distress of rockets, alarms, ruined properties, closed college and businesses, but the European media and public, are wholly indifferent. The media channels are not fascinated and when there is an function of especially large shelling on a town, the European reporters are not coming to the region since “they have no transport”… Under no circumstances was employed in Europe the idea ‘war crimes’ to describe the systematic shelling of civilians, even not the suicide murderers which killed so lots of civilians.  However, when Israel is trying to cease those legal functions, than the Europeans are awake, demonstrating in the streets and screaming about ‘civilian victims’, ‘war crimes’, ‘disproportion’ etc.

All those specifics are acknowledged tranquil very well, but why? What is the rational powering all this? What is the ‘history’ of that actions, is it only applied to the Center East conflict, or is it just the mentality and a purely natural feature of the Europeans along their background? It is tranquil very clear that the therapy which Europeans gave to other nations, this sort of as Africans, Indians and other people, was awful plenty of. Awful was also the therapy which they gave each and every other, but the most awful therapy was completely specified to the Jewish people today. All this existed parallel to the great achievements of European civilization in each individual possible matter: tradition, technological innovation, human rights, juridical technique, democracy, and in fact we are part of the European tradition and democratic technique. So what is the explanation for that duality, for that deep gap involving the negative and the optimistic actions of the Europeans? why do they choose ‘real-politic’ about ‘moral politic’? It is critical to discus those questions in information.

It would be trivial to say, that the outlined duality begun lengthy time ago, in the Greek and Roman periods. Everybody know that beside their achievements in so lots of fields, there were in the two technique functions like corruption, brutality – especially from slaves and nations in their provinces, vanity and double expectations – a excellent starting level for the European dualism. But the true push to that duality, was specified by the introduction of Christianity. The Christian ideology is primarily based on compassion, non-violence, forgiveness, and the appropriate for existence of each individual human becoming. But how this sort of a attractive ideology could co-exist with violence of the Crusaders, the violence from non-European nations, the violence involving the distinctive churches, the planet wars and lots of other examples?  The violence from Jewish people today along the last 2000 many years, is the best and the most awful example, starting with the idea of ‘God Murderers’, going to stories about ‘religious rituals’ in which blood of Christian small children is employed, or poisoning wells, going to just killings, and than to the ‘Protocols of Old Zion Leaders’, to the ‘Scientific’ Anti-Semitism down to the holocaust. So, this sort of a gap, this sort of a rigidity involving ideology and exercise, is the best components for the development of human-form which is generally a hypocrite. But the hypocrisy has a twin brother: cowardice. Each functions are resulted in clinging to comfort daily life on the account of fundamental human concepts, selfishness, denial of real truth (when the real truth is not comfortable…), self deception, surrender to brutal forces and lots of other final results. All those functions played an critical roll in the European background and the famous Swiss author, Direnmat, summarized brilliantly those functions in his perform “The Take a look at of the Old girl”. Thus it is critical to overview some activities in the European background, in gentle of the outlined functions, especially the activities around the planet war 2, and Israeli-Arab conflict.

A few activities are critical in the discussion about the planet war: The sacrificing of Spanish Republic to the fascists in 1936 The sacrificing of Czhecoslovakia to Hitler in 1938 and the sacrificing of Jewish inhabitants, disclosing them to the Nazi`s. When the Spanish Republic was bleeding and combating from Franco and his allies – Hitler and Mussolini, the European nations, refused to sent any help to the republicans, disclosing them the two to the Fascists, which ruined the republic from outside, and to Stalin with his agents, which ruined the republic from within. In 1938 the Europeans ‘donated’ Czhecoslovakia to Hitler, for the illusion of ‘peace on earth’. Each activities were ‘products’ of the outlined European functions and the end result was awful – the war. Several professionals say that if the fascists and the Nazi`s were stopped in Spain or in Czhecoslovakia, it could cease Hitler and his allies from continuing their triumph parade. But the most awful therapy was specified to the Jewish people today: Commenced with people today closing their eyes (“it is not our business”), coming to those who refused to support,  and  coming to the lots of Europeans which collaborated willingly with the Nazi procedure from Jews. The examples earlier mentioned are not showing just miscalculation, or erroneous judgment, the erroneous judgment is a immediate end result of hypocrisy and cowardice. The Europeans so wished to keep on their comfort daily life that they have overlooked the fundamental concepts of dignity and humanity.

It would be purely natural to asses that just after this sort of a awful working experience people today will open up their eyes and adjust something in their actions. Actually, it took place just just after the war, resulted in the assistance to the institution of Israel, but it was a quite small period of time, and Europe turned back to its fundamental functions. Thus, a strait line is connecting involving the a few outlined activities and the therapy which Israel is specified by the Europeans and their media. The loathe, the automatic justification of the Arab side (and also the Islamic) in any conflict, putting the blame often on Israel, creates an atmosphere in which Israel has no justification to exist. Just about every hypocrite has excuses to his unjust actions and so the Europeans, they have the ‘occupation’. Even so, in the last many years most of the Israeli’s accept the solution of two states and they concur to end profession, but only if protection is preserved. The victory of Hamas, in the elections, acquiring 70% of Palestinian votes and the activities just after the withdrawal from Gaza, show  who desires the profession to continue… the Palestinians. The explanation is very clear, the desire (which they share with the Europeans) of elimination Israel, which Hamas promise them is a lot extra exiting than the reality of two states. Thus, the ‘occupation’ as an excuse for the Europeans is not legitimate anymore. From time to time we in Israel are inquiring ourselves if it is truly so that most of the Europeans are hating us? The remedy could be by analyzing the opinions of people today in a public poll – right here everyone is privately with himself. These kinds of a poll was manufactured a number of many years ago by the European group, inquiring the people today what nation is ‘a threat to the planet peace’. This poll was manufactured at the middle of the suicide-murderers assault from Israeli civilians, the threats of elimination Israel, expressed by Iranian leaders (accompanied by nuclear menace), the assassination of leaders by the Syrians profession military in Lebanon and the nuclear action of North Korea. Not Iran, not Syria, even not North Korea… Israel (and US) were defined by the majority of Europeans as ‘the best threat to the planet peace’. The injustice and hypocrisy was so very clear, so brutal that the European Community did not publish the final results, but this is the correct view of their people today and hiding the real truth is not a solution. Of system, the loathe and all factors demonstrated earlier mentioned, could make clear those final results but there is something extra: right here was actively playing critical roll the Spanish and Czhecoslovakian examples, in which the victims results in being ‘trouble makers’, which has to be sacrificed since their battle for survive is ‘annoying’ the brutal forces and thus they are ‘a danger’ to ‘peace on world’. In this situation, the loathe to Israel is a lot extra more robust that the other two nations seasoned, since each individual European is familiar with that we shall combat for our existence in this sort of a way that not only the fluent stream of oil to Europe would be in threat, but also the life of lots of Europeans. Thus we are ‘the best threat to peace on world’.

That outlined poll is the clearest example of European hypocrisy and cowardice and it shows that involving the two contradictory ideas – ‘real politic’ and ‘moral politic’, the to start with is the European pick.  Even so, public and media opinions, potent and helpful as they are, they require ‘leaders’ to promote those opinions. Who are the ‘leaders’ of the anti Israeli marketing campaign in Europe? see the upcoming report ‘The Holly Alliance‘.