Increasing Crime and Society

Today’s newspapers are flooded with day light robbery cases, theft, murders etc. which are rampant everywhere. Nobody is sure about his safety as the criminals are always ready to snatch our lives just for a little amount of money. There are many cases where the hardcore criminals commit heinous crimes and put lives of common people in danger. Apparently there is a great decline in social order in today’s life. Newspapers, media reports and TV channels are full of crime reports these days as there has become a great increase in crime as compared to the past. Fear of horror shakes us deep down into our nerves and this leads us to have a serious thought over the uncontrollable series of crimes taking place in all directions around us.

Acts of crime are detrimental to the society as there is a section of depressed souls who turn into criminals and tread on the wrong path never to return. They take it as a short route to prosperity and merry-making by amassing adequate money to fulfil their desires. Unlimited forms of crimes are prevalent in the society such as extortion, kidnapping, murder, abduction,property crimes, cyber crimes, human trafficking etc. However money is the sole motive behind majority of all these crimes. There is another form of crime which is directly related to women such as sexual assault against women, rapes, eve teasing etc at public places.

It is a fact that people with criminal intentions don’t hesitate in committing crimes like stealing bikes, mobiles etc. as they have no aim in their lives and want to fulfil their desires through illegal means. Mismanagement in the field of education gives rise to unemployment and indecisive state of mind of today’s youth. In lack of proper guidance for better vocational education, a young mind is totally frustrated and continue getting higher education aimlessly. Surprisingly, in most of the cases, the educated youngsters get involved in criminal acts as they need extra pocket-money and they are bound to pursue undesirable aspirations resulting in the inclination towards making money through unfair means. Habit of taking drugs can also result in diverting the people towards criminal acts as they fail to identify between right or wrong. Moreover, poor financial conditions, over-population and inadequate moral values can also lead an individual to commit petty and heinous crimes.

Punitive measures such as imprisonment and financial penalties should be enforced strictly by the concerned agencies. People in general should come forward to support the new order and make sure to obey the new legal order so that society may be a place to live with dignity. The police should have to be more vigilant in enforcing the law effectively. Plus, surveillance cameras should be installed at crowded public places, restaurants, railway stations, airports, shopping Malls etc. So,it should be an accountability of people/authorities/concerned agencies to curb crime and improve the social conditions to make a crime-free environment to live in.

Tourism and Terrorism

Tourism is a relatively new phenomenon in the history of mankind. It appeared as such in the 19th century, when many people began to travel for pleasure and entertainment. From that moment on it has played a major role in the public life. It became possible for a lot of people to travel abroad and to get acquainted with other countries. But since then a certain negative aspects of social life have hindered the development of Tourism. One of them is terrorism. Tourism and terrorism can’t coexist in one place at the same time. On the contrary, countries where mass terrorist acts occur are not visited by many tourists and their tourist industry is in recession. A typical example in this relation is Israel. The country lies on the Mediterranean coast and has a very pleasant climatic conditions for mass recreational and cultural tourism(there are many historical sites and monuments), but the constant political tension and instability,the numerous suicidal attacks on public buildings, murders etc repel tourists. In their minds the name ‘Israel’ always will be associated with these things. Feeling threatened to loose their lives they will avoid this destination or visit it rarely. Similar example are the countries in Norther n Africa where a strong Islamic fundamentalism exists. Terrorism has a strong negative impact even in countries where there is a stable political system and strong traditions in the field of democracy. The collapse of the two twin towers in USA at 11th September 2001 was a major hit for the economy of USA and its tourism. The fear of more terrorist strikes caused many tourists,who intended to visit USA to cancel their trips. That reflected and enhanced the effect of the economic slump, which followed.

Statistical research reveals,that tourists react very sensitively to such calamities when making their choice of a tourist destination. A single terrorist attack can have a strong influence in a tourist spot or a whole tourist country. Where terrorist actions take lives of tourists the recovery of tourism is very difficult. . In Spain the renewed terrorist activity of the Basque separatists,deviated many tourists to the neighbouring destinations. The freedom of movement and restricted visa limitations for tourist travelers make it easy for terrorists disguised as tourists,to penetrate in a a certain tourist spot. A fresh example of that kind of terrorism is Egypt. Two years ago a bus full of tourists visiting the Pyramids was blown up by suicide terrorists,which merged with the crowd. As a result of that the tourism demand for Egypt dropped dramatically and the whole image of the country as a tourist destination was ruined. All these examples come to show how destructive the international terrorism may be not only for tourism but the whole economy and reputation of the country on the international stage.

That is why an international cooperation in the field of politics is needed to offset the negative consequences and if possible to prevent any future terrorist acts. The war against terror demands collective efforts of governments of all states and strong coordination between them. This will allow the terrorism to be rooted out from our modern society once and for all.

Look Into a Person’s History With a Background Check!

Getting all the personal details about a person by performing a background check has become very common. With so much crime rate, it has become essential to see what kind of a person you are dealing with, either personally or professionally.

Strangers are hard to trust and when employers receive applications, they now know that many of the details provided by them in the resumes and applications may not be correct. Even when hiring a nanny for the baby or a baby sitter or even a driver for the family, it becomes essential to have someone trustworthy. A background check can give you the insight you need about a person. If you find that the person has a criminal record for sex offences, you know you are never ever going to hire such a person.

A background check helps you keep yourself, your business and family safe at all times.

Since the government maintains public records on each and every person, performing a check is possible by visiting the government agencies. However, this is a time consuming task. You can do it more efficiently by visiting a good and reputed online background check service.

Using an online service, you can retrieve any type of information instantly, without having to get up from your chair. They may charge a small fee, but it is certainly worth it because you are assured that you are getting the most accurate records.

For more information about this article try to visit the Background Check

Accounting for Government Contracts – Fringe, Overhead and G&A

If you are planning to have the U.S. Government as a client, you will need to have your accounting systems set up so you can handle their accounting requirements. Regardless of whether you are engaging in a plain vanilla contract or an SBIR grant, you will be required to negotiate fringe benefit rates, overhead rates, and general and administrative rates.

Fringe benefits rates include

  • Compensated Absences, such as Vacation, Holidays, and Sick Leave;
  • Medical Programs, such as Health and Dental Insurance;
  • Retirement, such as the Defined Contribution Portion of your Retirement Plan and Plan Service Fees;
  • Long-term Disability Coverage;
  • Worker’s Compensation Coverage; and
  • Employee Wellness, such as Fitness Club Membership and Other Wellness Programs

Overhead covers direct and indirect support of the employees whose time is being billed to the Government. This includes items like

  • Rent (only for the space that those employees use);
  • Depreciation of their furniture and equipment;
  • Utilities (based on the space allotment for those employees); and
  • Supplies that these employees share, such as office supplies.

General and administration covers other costs that are necessary for the company to perform in this contract, including:

  • Management (and their associated fringe, direct, and indirect costs)
  • Legal costs
  • State and Federal taxes
  • Marketing to the Government costs
  • Accounting

Note, however, that they have extensive regulations covering was is not considered an allowable cost (see the FAR section 31.205 – Selected Costs [] to get a specific description as to what is allowable and what is not.

Once you have negotiated these rates, you will be required to back them up yearly using an indirect cost model to show that you are matching your negotiated rates. This model is subject to audit.

Although you can figure out what needs to go into these calculations, it will take a long time to read all the regulations. If you believe that you want to win Government contracts, you must think ahead or hire a consultant to assist you with the process.

Wisconsin Contract Law – What Makes a Legally Binding Contract?

As a business owner, you probably enter into contractual relationships every day. Many of you deal with written contracts on a fairly regular basis. However, do you understand the basic concepts of contract law and what makes a legally binding contract? Do you know what to look for when reviewing contracts prepared by the other party, or your own attorney that make it a legally binding contract?

Under Wisconsin contract law, legally binding contracts, whether oral or written, require three basic components: offer, acceptance, and consideration. An “offer” requires that one party offers to provide something of value to another party, which is then “accepted” by that other party. “Consideration” is what the two parties are obligated to exchange with each other as part of the contract. Consideration must be something of value, and the consideration must be mutual, i.e. both sides must provide something of value under the contract. For example, an agreement whereby a party agrees to pay you $1,000.00, without receiving anything in exchange, is by definition not a contract.

Typically, consideration takes the form of money paid in exchange for the provision of goods or services. This holds true for multi-million dollar transactions between international conglomerates, and when you take your car in for repairs by a mechanic. One corporation agrees to pay millions of dollars for another corporation to develop specific software or some other product, and you pay your mechanic to replace your spark plugs. In either case, there is an offer, acceptance, and consideration, and therefore an enforceable and legally binding contract. Keep in mind, however, that legally binding contracts may require consideration other than money, for example when two parties agree to exchange parcels of real estate.

Under Wisconsin contract law, all contracts also come with an implied duty of “good faith and fair dealing” on the part of both parties to the contract. While this is admittedly a rather broad phrase, in essence it means that, once an agreement has been reached, both parties have an obligation to make reasonable efforts to fulfill their respective obligations, and to avoid taking actions that would hinder the performance of the contract.

Parties to contracts have the right to enforce them in courts of law. Generally, the remedies for breach of contract take one of two forms, either specific performance or monetary damages. Specific performance is an equitable remedy most often awarded in cases involving real estate transactions, and consists of the Court ordering the breaching party to fulfill its obligations, i.e. “specifically perform” the contract.

In most cases, the remedy for breach of contract is money damages, usually in the form of “consequential” damages. Consequential damages are those damages that flow naturally from one party’s breach of a contract, and can include the cost to replace a product that was never delivered, the cost to repair a defective product, and any resulting lost profits. However, consequential damages must be “reasonably foreseeable” at the time the contract was created in order to be recoverable.

With certain exceptions, oral contracts may be just as valid and legally binding as a written contract. As an attorney, I recommend that whenever possible, contractual obligations be set forth in a written document signed by both parties. As a general rule, courts are required to look only at the written contract itself to interpret the parties’ obligations, unless there is some ambiguity in the contract. In the absence of a written agreement, or when an ambiguity exists in a written contract, the court may look to extrinsic evidence, including the testimony of the parties, to determine their intent. In other words, the judge or the jury will be determining the fate of the parties, as opposed to the parties themselves. Therefore, written contracts that clearly define the obligations of the parties are almost always preferable to oral contracts.

I will close with a suggestion. Never ignore the “boilerplate” language that you often find at the end of contracts. While these provisions may seem like an afterthought added by the attorneys to make the contract longer, they are often of vital importance, specifying among other things where written notices (for example, terminating the contract) must be sent under the contract, to where a lawsuit must be filed and what jurisdiction’s laws will govern the contract. While it is important to review the detailed provisions of the contract, it can be just as important to understand the “standard” provisions at the end of the contract.

How Does a Panama Foundation Work?

One of the world’s best means of asset protection is a Panama private interest foundation. A Panama private interest foundation is an effective holding entity for assets. What follows is an overview of how such an entity works and how to set one up. As with all legal matters consult a competent authority to set up and maintain a Panama Foundation. Deal with or through someone who speaks your language. Make sure that you understand every step you take and why you are taking it. That having been said let’s start with what it will cost.

Cost of a Panama Private Interest Foundation

  • $300 per year to government, typically less than $400 a year to attorney
  • Minimum Capital Investment: $10,000
  • Attorney cost to set up: Less than $2,000

These are typical costs. Part of this is payment to the government and part is to the attorney. If prices you are quoted seem to high don’t be afraid to comparison shop. By all means make sure that you are comfortable with whom you deal with from the outset as these entities are meant to last for a very long time.

What a Panama Private Interest Foundation Is Used For

Use a Panama foundation as a holding entity for asset protection and privacy. Overseas assets of a Panama foundation are not taxed in Panama. The only taxation related to a Panama foundation would be if the foundation owned a business operating in Panama. In that case the business would be taxed, not the foundation. The foundation could receive post-tax dollars from the business. Consider joining a foundation with an offshore corporation, in Panama or elsewhere, for increased asset protection.

A Panama foundation can own assets anywhere in the world. This includes bank accounts, patents, real estate, companies, personal assets such as airplanes, cars, etc., royalty rights, stocks and bonds, and collectibles such as coins and stamps as a partial list.

An example of the asset protection of a Panama private interest foundation is that there is a three year statute of limitations on “fraudulent conveyance.” That is after three years no on can successfully challenge you in a Panamanian court for transferring assets to the foundation. Thus a Panama foundation will provide long term asset protection free from challenge of foreign jurisdictions after the initial three year period.

The Foundation’s assets can only be frozen if the foundation itself is accused of doing something illegal it its own business dealings. Standard advice for a Panama foundation is to use the foundation as a holding company. If a company owned by the foundation has to deal with legal issues they do not spill over into other foundation business.

Attorneys in Panama often suggest a Panama private interest foundation as a means of protecting you again a foreign attack on your assets as well as any possibility that Panama might ever change its laws regarding foreign ownership.

A Panama Foundation cannot engage in commercial activities in Panama but it can own a business that does so. This rule is strictly meant to prevent use of the corporation to avoid paying taxes on income derived from a business in Panama. With a Panama foundation and/or corporation you can still invest in Panama but not tax free.

A Panama private interest foundation can continue in existence to provide asset protection in Panama for 120 years.

The Cast of Characters in a Panama Private Interest Foundation

Panama Foundation Founder

A Panama foundation has a founder. This need not be you. This is the person who files the papers with the public registry in Panama to register the foundation’s existence. Typically the law firm that sets up the foundation for your will hire a person who does not know you to file the papers. This person has no knowledge of the assets or activities of the foundation and no control.

Panama Foundation Council

A Panama foundation has a council. Each member is recorded in the public registry in Panama. The council members need not know the identity of the beneficiary nor protector of the foundation. Each council member provides you with an updated letter of resignation. The foundation can be set up so that council members have no control over assets and no banking privileges. The primary purpose of the council is to appoint the foundation’s protector by means of a Private Protectorate Document. This document is not registered anywhere.

Panama Foundation Protector

The Panama foundation council appoints the protector. Then the council can be replaced. The protector’s identity can be kept out of public records.

The control of the foundation is exercised by the protector. After being anonymously appointed by the council the protector may remove and change the council.

The protector produces a private written set of instructions which is not placed in any public registry. These instructions describe what the foundation does and how it will do it. The beneficiary can change with circumstances.

Panama Foundation Beneficiary

A Panama foundation has beneficiaries. No one owns the foundation. It is a legal entity that functions for the benefit of its beneficiaries at the direction of its protector. Beneficiaries may be anyone or any entity, including the protector. For example, you can have yourself appointed protector and appoint yourself beneficiary with the stipulation that upon your death your children become the beneficiaries.

Panama Foundation Registered Agent

The law requires that each foundation has a registered agent. This is has to be a law firm or single attorney in Panama.


Use a Panama private interest foundation if your goal is privacy and asset protection. Use a foundation in Panama along with an offshore corporation in Belize or Panama as an alternative to a trust or will. Think about what you want to do in regard to protecting your hard-earned wealth. Then consult an expert to see how a Panama Private Interest Foundation can help you accomplish what you need to do. Start with someone whom you can trust and, ideally, someone who speaks your language.

A Buyers Guide to Lima Model Trains

Ever since Lima Model Trains collapsed in 2004, collectors have been looking to stock up on the more unique models the company had to offer. What is interesting to note is the company was in the business of making train parts for the Italian rail system before they entered the industry of building model trains. The reason why this is so interesting is because the market the company entered into after the Italian rail system started building its own parts was the market of making toys. They offered boats, trains and cars. Many will argue they never stopped selling trains as toys, which is what led to the company struggling.

The reason why the models made by the company are sought after is because they are unique. The company produced over 100 different models in highly unique production runs. These were created specifically for stores such as the Cheltenham Model Centers D1015 Western Champion. This particular model is highly prized because it was one of the first production runs by the company in making trains for a specific buyer instead of just for general sale.

Another of the very popular Lima Model Trains for sale today is the General Motors 201 Class diesel locomotive. The Irish modelers desired this at the time because it allowed them to be able to create the first Irish scene specific RTR diesel locomotive. This was a production run which was created for Murphy Models of Dublin. The company has gone on to have Bachmann create a newer version of the Baby GM in 2008. The rich history has the original models being sold at high margins in auctions and is expected to go up in value over the years

Other limited edition pieces include the Class 50 Thunderer. This train immediately went up in value by 300{512b763ef340c1c7e529c41476c7e03bc66d8daea696e1162822661d30dde056} right after it hit the market. The price it is worth today is much higher because it is hard to find and if you are able to find it in good condition, you will be able to make even more money. This is a model that is best suited to sit in a scene rather than to roll down the tracks. This is partly because of the dubious quality, but also because you would do well to keep it in good condition should you want to resell it for a profit.

The original Lima Model Trains have a society of collectors, which believe they are highly valuable for a litany of different reasons. If you were looking to use the trains to drive around the tracks, you would do better to buy one of the recreated models sold by Hornby, Bachmann or Heljan. Not only will the quality be better, you will not have to worry about any structural problems the train might have. Since the trains were not made of high quality to begin with, the possibility of there being a problem with the old trains is very high. Save the original models as a collectors item instead.

International Law Degree Benefits

There has been quite some issue regarding the type of legal degree that one can get. If you are thinking of a legal career, you have an option of the normal degree or the international law degree.

There are differences between these types of degrees. The first difference would be that a normal degree will enable you to get a job as a lawyer inside your locality.

For example, if you have studied law in the United States of America, chances are high that you will get a job in the U.S only.

On the other hand if you have the international law degree, you will most likely be able to get a job anywhere in the world.

This type of degree is the one that shows you how different laws work both in your country of residence and also in other countries.

It can be studied in any country due to the rise of demand for such a certification.

With the current rise in political crimes, there has been the formation of an International Criminal Court (ICC) which is used to prosecute perpetrators of crimes in different countries.

This court has been known to also prosecute perpetrators of crimes against humanity. In such a court, you will find that most lawyers who defend or prosecute people will have the certification of an international law degree.

Apart from the fact that there is a wider range of opportunities for international degree holders, there is also the benefit of a higher remuneration package as compared to those who have normal degrees.

An international certification in any degree or diploma program will give you a higher chance of getting a better remuneration when compared to having a normal certification of the same program.

This is why people with the normal local certification are seen studying for the international certification.

Job opportunities and increased remuneration are the main benefits of having an international certification in law.

Another benefit would be the possibility of having a wider experience. Having this certification would tend to let you experience different cases around the world.

As a result, you can have a wider experience in certain cases. This experience can in turn lead to a better performance in your field.

A better performance means that you will have a great career in a very short time. These benefits are the reason behind the buzz in international legal degree programs.

How to Make Law of Attraction Work Fast

How to make the law of attraction work fast is one of the most popular questions for people practicing the law of attraction. We tend to practice the law, see no results, get frustrated, continue harder to apply this universal law and then get frustrated even more when we don’t see results.

1. Are your visualizations real enough?

Visualization is the main technique for applying the law of attraction. This is how you communicate your desires to the Universe and ask them to deliver what you want. But are your visualizations real enough for you to believe them? Are they real and clear enough for the Universe to know what to deliver to you?

When you visualize, you should feel the whole situation is actually happening. You should not be able to tell the difference whether you are visualizing or whether it is really happening.

You should be able to feel the temperature of the room, the human warmth, the colors of the clothes you’re wearing etc…

Having an effective visualization technique is very powerful to manifesting your desires.

2. Are you canceling out your desires?

When you are having positive thoughts and apply the law of attraction, make sure that when you stop, you do not immediately tell yourself to go back to reality and think about the worries you have. Don’t tell yourself “OK. It’s back to the real world now”.

By doing this you are canceling out the positive vibrations which you have released and you are giving the Universe mixed messages.

You should be consistent on your thoughts.

3. Do you believe in the law of attraction?

The most important element to making this secret work fast, is BELIEF.

You must have belief in yourself and in the law to manifest your desires fast. When you’re saying you have a harmonious family relationship, do you actually believe so? Do you actually go home and expect the whole family to be happy or do you think about the possibilities of having arguments?

If you truly believe something, you expect it to happen. There is no doubt. When you question something, you obviously don’t have a strong belief. The law of attraction works the quickest when you have total belief.

When you are trying to attract a nice camera, have no doubt that you’ll get it. See yourself taking pictures with the camera and expect you’ll have the camera in your possession. When you expect something it means you have faith..

4. Are you thinking now?

Thinking in the present now, will speed up the law of attraction a lot. When you’re using this law for more money, you need to think as though you already have the money. You are thinking that it is happening now.

Whenever you do visualization, you imagine things that happen now. Not in the past or in the future. This is what will make the Universe manifest your desires to you, quickly.

When you combine these 4 steps, you will see results much faster. Missing any one of the steps will slow down the law of attraction. Remember not to question the law and not to wonder why it’s taking a long time. These are negative thoughts and will slow down the Universe’s work.