Nigeria and Ghana political imbroglio

Nigeria and Ghana Imbroglio: A situation of Envy or Stupidity?

            Envy and distrust can not be divided from accepting and recognizing the truth that we are guilty of the really thing we accuse of others. A country that will take delight in pulling others down will not only be digging the gap of perdition on by itself but be will be making an unfavorable foundation for its coming generations and the prevalent guy throughout the borders of the two nations will bear the effects.

            In the past handful of years, nations all around the earth, were praising the goodwill of authorities of the country  called  Ghana, a single of  the sixteen nations in West Africa, a state fewer than or equal to the populace of Lagos Point out in Nigeria, but had rooted by itself in the doctrine of Kwameh Nkrumah its independence founding father considering that 1959 but has long gone by way of plenty of favourable internal variations by way of numerous management until finally a really young Air power officer Rawlings sanitized the really outdated and primitive doctrines which some of  the greater nations in West Africa nevertheless cling on to.

            Ghana as a country, went by way of political wilderness, like the Jews it did not forgets that if you are faithful to the process of very good authorities you will reap what you sow. The country determined to do absent with its decadent structure as enacted by way of the connivance of the British in 1959 for a more progressive process virtually identical to America which focuses on range of the country and up-liftment of the sources of particular person as nicely as next the key word to every thing “faithfulness” to the process and the consequence of this is what is positively shaping the country as the most progressive country in West Africa.

            Kwameh Nkrumah who was in the course of Papa Awolowo of blessed memory in Nigeria, or Leopold Sedar Senghol of  Senegal the winner of Negritude doctrine claimed to all Ghanaians in a phrase that was virtually Biblical “Request ye very first the political independence of Ghana the rest shall be added unto you”  his  people that resided in the outdated Gold Coastline and his text like the Jeremiah in the Bible echoes down on all corners of Takoradi, Asamankese, Accra, Kumasi, kuforidua, Tema and all villages of the outdated Gold Coastline which has the outdated kingdoms of Ashanti , Ewe, Ga and Fanti  they did more that what Kwameh Nkrumah requested, they also worked for economic independence of the country.

            Ghanaians like the Jews, they were persecuted all around the earth, turned cleaners on Nigeria Cities, underpaid laborers on Nigeria street, individuals who were academics were never ever permitted to head the really establishments we Nigerians  knew they were much better than  other Nigerian educational instructors in the very same department or establishments, Kojo was the most effective instructor in the new Ogun Point out Polytechnic in Abeokuta, he was deprived of all added benefits he could have because he was a Ghanaians, very same thing occurred to all Ghanaians that arrived as economic refugees  to Nigeria when  Sheu Shagari was President.


            At a single phase, in the economic turmoil of this country called Ghana, the total once-a-year Spending plan of the state was equal to 290 million naira the very same amount Nigeria management under President Sheu Shagari applied to import Rice from China when Umaru Didiko was transportation Minister. Culturally, it was even considered under one’s acceptable social normal to date a Ghanaian girl due to the discriminating and economic circumstance of the state

            The cedi the Ghana dollars turned so worthless that it was exchanging for 3000 cedi to a dollar, but people today of Ghana never ever dropped hope they toiled, they planted, they watered the economic climate, they glimpse up and ahead , they turned substantially more committed and faithful to their country and suggestions of their new structure, like the Bible the Gate of heaven opened its favor and blessings to all who are faithful, the country is now reaping what they sowed, like  what occurred when Joseph requested Pharos of Egypt to just take treatment of the foreseeable future, the nations now besieging the country of Ghana to get pleasure from the flavor of the what the Ghanaians sowed “Great Government”

Nigeria businesses moved in 1000’s to Ghana to partake and get pleasure from uninterrupted energy offer which they lacked at property, very good and fair taxes, and full favorable financial commitment climate, like this author virtually did in 1991 in the look for of relocation of New earth Paints at Sango Otta which was pissed off by unreasonable law enforcement examine points, Ghana eradicated and developed a friendly climate for its economic progress.

            Nigeria have to just take a cue from Ghana , this author perception process is easy, there is almost nothing poor in copying  what at any time is very good and is doing work nicely for your neighbor, it is ungodly to use a God provided sources to divert the progress of the country of Ghana by Nigeria authorities, its management have to wake up to this truth, re-arrange its process, eliminate all the unfavorable climate in Nigeria, create, state and metropolis law enforcement to overcome the internal safety lapses, devote in very good roadways, let the most effective be in demand of all our establishments, let the regulation makers display screen and examine the qualifications of individuals that operate our authorities, eliminate the council of earlier leaders in our governance or structure, let us put our home in orders and borrow the text of Kwameh Nkrumah’ See ye very first the political and economic independence of Nigeria the most effective shall be added unto us” to search for to destroy will not profit each nations.

            Ultimately, the earth is like the large sky it ought to be opened to all nations to develop and develop, Nigeria will be the best beneficiary of the very good authorities in Ghana, and other fourteen nations around the world in West Africa with is populations, its people today will on the lengthy operate distribute all around the South of Sahara, by way of marriages and make contact with it will form the progress of all tribes and people today of West Africa, they will on the lengthy operate have the Nigerian blood and Nigeria mentality. 

Nigeria have to borrow very good suggestions from all its neighbors the require to acknowledge and acknowledge favourable improve is very good for all nations and working with crude tactics to frustrate nations will not be acceptable to polished minds in the 21st century. Allow our management glimpse in because that is where by the remedy to our economic failure lies. Polished management, audio and prudent economic process with workable structure, not arm-twisting/gorilla tactics will retain Nigeria target that will make us compete with Nations of the very same measurement not small nations like Ghana to descend to the amount of chasing Ghana foreseeable future is to acknowledge we have failed as a Nation. Nigeria Bless your Hearts.

Zents Kunle Sowunmi

Bronx New York Usa   is the creator of the ebook”In advance of the Journey Became Residence”