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Data Breach Investigation

There are many cases of data breaching worldwide, which needs investigation to find resolution. It is important to find the answers in order to secure the privacy of people. This is a very serious situation wherein corporate officers, information technology executives, and board of directors need to earn the right knowledge in order to solve this issue. They should protect their business from the people who are planning to destroy the name of the company. The following questions can help you and the company in the long run:

Do you know what is inside the stolen intellectual property? If external hard drives and tapes are monitored, you will know what media is missing.

Are there people who are showing interest to the company’s files, such as a previous employee or a hacker from a competitor? If the hacker has entered into your data, you also need to know what he took.

What can happen to the victims after the hacking of their accounts?

If the hacker has accessed some files, did he took the personal information of the victims, such as the addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers? Do you know how many people are at stake?

Is your company following the data breach notification laws?

Important files should be encrypted to prevent people to do unauthorized access. If files are not encrypted, you need to know if these are not important. You need to bare in mind that the people who are affected by the breach has the right to know what is happening.

Refraining from malicious people means your company is doing everything in order to protect all the important data. There are a lot more of ways in protecting your company’s files aside from having a firewall or an anti-virus.
You must be aware that a lot of companies and organizations out there are having a hard time in protecting their reputation with this data breach spree. Breaches keep on updating every singles day. This kind of incident needs to be solved right away in order for the business to resume.

These are the steps that your company should take when handling a data breach: You need to think of a good cross-functional plan. Tell your affected clients about the data breach quickly after the incident. Respond to your clients problem immediately. In order to avoid penalties, make sure that you will comply with the legal requirements.

If you think that data breaches are not a big deal, you better think again. Your business and your clients deserve full protection from this kind of incident. There are strategies you should consider to avoid data breaches.

Encryption of data is needed to ensure that they are protected 24 hours a day. You must have a control over the access of data storage. Bringing portable gadgets within the business establishment should be guided by the company’s policies. There is an appropriate way in disposing old records