Ingratitude is Monstrous: A reaction to Mr. Aziz Nabe&#039s response to the short article

It is not typically that I would indulge in addressing a brother who evidently is down and out on his knees owing to a self-inflicted, misguided and blind occasion loyalty induced diatribe which brought about him to foolishly publish threats from the Ambassador of the United States in Sierra Leone, though accomplishing her formal obligations and a lot more not too long ago threaten to unleash violence from any opposition to APC governance in his short article in Patriotic Vanguard titled “Provocation is up coming to madness”.

I nevertheless would be remiss not to remark on a new response,  by this APC occasion chief,  albeit verbal thug and mouthpiece,  Mr. Mohamed Aziz Nabe, a notoriously rabid but now uncovered unrepentant irrational  intellectual lightweight and blind APC supporter in New Jersey to my well balanced evaluation and expose on Sierra Leone’s democracy, titled “Sierra Leone Democracy Needs Far more Than a Management Change”, revealed by the intercontinental website : Patriotic Vanguard (December 29, 2008) and various online and community Sierra Leone newspapers.

Mr. Nabe’s response, revealed at the conclude of January, 2009 by the APC Times, Cocorioko Newspaper, Patriotic Vanguard and other online websites, though I was on a 6-week trip in Sierra Leone has only not too long ago been introduced to my notice and glaringly highlights the magnitude of the challenges confronting adjust and the brokers of adjust in our nation.

Mr. Nabe’s insinuation that President Koroma’s APC administration and procedures ought to be outside of reproach and evaluation fly’s in the confront of every single tenet of accountability, transparency and democratic values that leaders entrusted with the peoples belief are held values nevertheless really a great deal lacking in our nation’s governance and which he evidently seeks to make sure does not prevail owing to blind allegiance to occasion at the expenditure of the nation.

I am nevertheless not astonished as this mentality seems to be really popular in APC circles in Freetown, wherever vital evaluation and constructive criticism of procedures and courses is erroneously equated with opposition.   As an case in point, though not too long ago in Freetown I was labeled as “vital” by some members of the APC federal government, as a result of various insurance policy related article content and proposals advocating adjust I had formerly advocated.  Mr. Nabe is only serving as an echo chamber for his masters.

As I indicated in the short article, “democracy in Sierra Leone is becoming marred by a adjust of leadership syndrome that carries on to be driven predominantly by tribal, regional and other concerns. This standing quo has resulted in the latest stagnation, exhibited in all aspects of national endeavor that carries on impeding the strategy of constant enhancement ideal for upward spiral of growth in nations”.

Mr. Nabe’s blind loyalty to the occasion is consequently not only retrogressive, backward imagining and a risk to our nation’s democracy, akin to the outdated APC of Siaka Stevens which imposed a just one-occasion APC oligarchy in our nation by way of violence, political intimidation and a “team- believe” philosophy, which persons of Mr. Nabe’s ilk are presently propagating in our human body-politic, but furthermore even more exposes his basic misunderstanding of why the APC and President Koroma were being elected in 2007.

As is publicly acknowledged in Sierra Leone and overseas, in spite of law enforcement brutality and incarceration at the infamous Clarkson Hall at Pademba Highway prisons in 1980 at the fingers of the APC federal government of Siaka Stevens for daring to advocate adjust for our nation, I in contrast to Mr. Nabe, for the duration of the elections and run-off elections in 2007 went to Sierra Leone and stayed an mixture of 5 months campaigning for adjust resulting in the top final result that ushered the APC to ability. It is consequently from this backdrop that I uncover Mr. Nabe’s assaults from me not only as a self-serving hard work at ingratiating himself to his masters but really nauseating and regrettable.

For I am confident if Mr. Nabe were being formerly apprised of the purpose some of us played despite the attempts of really strong persons in our society to not only charm to our collective basest instincts, which we soundly turned down in favor of adjust, he would not be espousing the type of assaults from me or making an attempt to besmirch my track record. Exactly where was Mr. Nabe and many others of his ilk who have considering the fact that flocked into Freetown in search of positions though we were being campaigning in Pujehun, Potoru, Freetown, Moyamba, Tiaama, Makeni, Bo, Kenema, Blama, Segbwema and enroute to Kailahun and undergoing vicious assaults from the SLPP?

For starters, Mr. Nabe desires to be reminded that President Koroma is a colleague of mine, whom I worked with for 4 many years from 1981 to 1985, first at the statements division at the Countrywide Coverage Company (NIC) and subsequently at the maritime division in Freetown. While he served as the Assistant Promises Manager I concurrently was the Superintendent in the Marine Underwriting Department till I travelled to the United States in 1985. I as a result refuse to be schooled by Mr. Nabe in the imagining of President Koroma and or any of the other insurance policy experts in his federal government, all of whom I was privileged to have worked with as colleagues.

Eventually, having just returned from Sierra Leone, I can emphatically condition that the amount of tribal polarization permeating our nation is a trigger for issue and unless tackled in the brief expression by way of proactive steps of national inclusion and cohesion the nation pitfalls becoming torn asunder. We in the PMDC occasion made the decision on an alliance with the APC occasion in 2007, in portion in an hard work at breaking the barriers of tribalism and regionalism in our human body-politic, which we felt had hindered enhancement of our nation.

Having said that, it is regrettable to notice that considering the fact that having ability President Koroma has embarked on enlarging the gulf and schisms between the locations of our beloved nation and his new cupboard reshuffle, in accordance to most political commentators unsuccessful to adjust this developing perception specifically in the south and eastern locations of the nation.

President Koroma is evidently a really descent and articulate advocate for the kind of adjust our nation desires and I want him every single achievements in this endeavor, nevertheless with persons like Mr. Aziz Nabe as his reliable advisers espousing the politics of intimidation, polarization and violence, he pitfalls squandering the massive goodwill from a bulk of Sierra Leoneans.