The Shocking State of American Politics

Throughout my life, and possibly the same for most Australians, there have been only a couple of Presidents of the USA that have had low range respect from this country. The current one, however, is without any form of regard as most are laughing at the antics and the shocking state of American politics. This is obviously also the case in other nations. The big question is when and how will things change?

While it’s probably not ethical for an outsider to speak of it perhaps it is time someone said something. The issue is serious enough to be of global concern and one that flies in the face of security for the free world. Does this sound over the top? Then think about it in the light of the lies that are constant from his mouth and that is causing a great deal of confusion for his staff. How can anyone believe him or support his office.

He has become an object of comedy on at least one local TV show that is watched by a large audience. Plus he is the subject of ridicule by almost all who speak of him.

While politics is renowned as a ‘dirty’ business by most Australians (because of the underhanded deals and methods of persuasion used) no one has ever been laughed out of office. It comes as no shock, therefore, to hear an American journalist describe Trump as a ‘dead duck’ president because he has not been able to get a single thing done in six months.

Well, to clarify that he has not done anything he said he would do. He has sacked a few people, rubbed some leaders the wrong way, verbally abused Muslims and anyone he has a grudge against, and been snubbed at the G20 meeting held recently in Germany.

Australians love giving people a fair go and letting them get on with things. We like people who give others a fair go and that is not what is happening from this administration. While the politics in the USA has taken a dive there are some bright spots. The one where Senator McCain voted against dumping Obama Care has to be one of them. The appointment of the Grand Jury to look into Trump’s affairs is another. Lets hope they straight things out.…

Public Speaking: How Public Speakers Influence the Population With Propaganda

As public speakers we have tremendous influence over the behavior, opinions and decisions of people. When our words are a vehicle for propaganda, they can become dangerous but this isn’t always the case. Public speakers have used propaganda to influence people in topics ranging from joining the war effort to stop smoking to beautifying the nation.

Originating from an old English term “to propagate,” the purpose of propaganda is to plant ideas to influence attitudes for a specific cause. Public speakers use a variety of techniques.

Here are some common propaganda methods:

• Appeal to fear

This plays on people’s fear, building support by instilling anxieties and panic in the general population.

• Bandwagon

This is a method of persuading people to do something by telling them others are doing it.

• Testimonial

One of the most common forms of propaganda in the public speaking realm, testimonials use the words of a famous person to persuade you.

• Transfer

This technique uses the names or pictures of famous people, but not direct quotations.

• Repetition

In this type the product name is repeated at least four times.

• Emotional words

Public speakers often use words that will evoke emotions, making you feel strongly about someone or something.

Propaganda is frequently used in political speeches and during times of war, when it is an especially powerful weapon. Speakers used it to dehumanize and create hatred toward an enemy by creating a false image in the mind. This is achieved by using offensive or racist terms, evading certain words or by making allegations of enemy atrocities.

One of the most notorious abuses of propaganda in public speaking contributed to Hitler’s surge to power in Nazi Germany during World War II. British speakers employed their own propaganda campaign to portray the Germans as bloodthirsty, murderous Huns, gaining public support for the war. In America Rosie the Riveter pleaded with women to take on the jobs of men who were fighting the war.

Other instances when public speakers used propaganda to influence people.

• It’s been used in many public health recommendations such as getting flu shots, quitting smoking and losing weight.

• Political speakers often encourage citizens to participate in a census or election.

• Advertisers hire speakers to promote their products to convey their message.

Propaganda has left an indelible stamp on history. Undoubtedly, it’s destined to influence future generations, as well.…

The Treaty of Westphalia: Description, Analysis and Prescription

Peace of Westphalia, treaty, signed October 24, 1648, closed the Thirty-Years War and readjusted the religious and political affairs of Europe. It is called like that because the negotiations, which began in 1644, took place in the German cities of Münster and Osnabrück, in Westphalia. The main participants were France and Sweden and their opponents Spain and the Holy Roman Empire. By the terms of the treaty, the sovereignty and independence of each state of the Holy Roman Empire was fully recognized, making the Holy Roman emperor virtually powerless.

By the early 1640s, after witnessing so much abuse by the Hapsburg Emperor’s feudal authority against the peoples of the small and war-devastated German states; and realizing that the horrors of the Thirty Years’ War were leading toward the destruction of civilization, Cardinal Jules de Mazarin acted to shift the attention of Europe away from religious conflicts. He sought to base a peace on the economic recovery and political sovereignty of the German Electorates and States, to move them towards freedom from the tyranny of the Emperor.

According to the treaty both sides must forget whatever happened to them and each side must avoid any act of hostility towards the other side as taking revenge. Neither this side nor the other must help the other’s enemies. Both sides must try to reconstruct and reestablish the damages remained since the war.

Before the Treaty of Westphalia, according to the treaty of Augsburg (1555), the religion of each German state was to be determined by the religion of its prince-Roman Catholic, Lutheran, or Calvinist. If a prince changed his religion he would forfeit his lands; this provision was included as a method of checking the spread of the Reformation. The Peace of Westphalia marked the close of the period of religious wars. Thereafter, European armed struggles were waged principally for political ends.

After the Thirty-Years War which was on the independence of lands ruled by the Holy Roman Empire and on religions, each of the German states of the Holy Roman Empire became independent enough not to be obliged to obey the Empire on peace and war. In terms of religion they could have the religion they wanted to have and have private or public churches and even the Calvin followers were respected.

Despite the many results and consequences that the treaty had, I think the most important and influential result of the Treaty of Westphalia was fully recognition of the independence and territorial sovereignty of each of the states. That is since the Treaty of Westphalia, territory is the most significant and the determining factor of a state. Since then, a state is not recognized by its people or by its legitimacy or authority, but it is recognized by its territory. Territory of a state became valuable and borders got sacred.

Although Germany was not recognized as an independent state and it was a collection of many states, and despite the fact that the treaty resulted in Germany’s weakness, it had an …

The Fine Line Between Politics, Rhetoric, Vitriol, And Mean-Thinking

Much of what the general public observes, is, at least, somewhat, manipulated, etc! Politicians spend an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and money, performing acts, such as political polling (to try to measure the popularity and preferences of certain issues, and/ or policies), using empty rhetoric, and making often – unfulfilled promises, rather than focusing on producing the service, their constituents deserve and need! How, therefore, might the public, be ready and prepared to evaluate when, what they hear and witness, is pure politics, mere rhetoric, vitriol – based, or simply mean (and nasty).

1. Politics as usual: Too often, we witness, politics, as usual, where the elected official, places his party and/ or political factors, over service to the nation, and its citizens! We have witnessed, in the last several years, and, perhaps, even more so, in the last 6 months, dysfunction, at a level, rarely witnessed in the past! The recent debate over health care and insurance, might have exemplified this, because it was less about the issue, and far more about politics. What ever happened to bipartisan leadership, in order to serve the public’s best interests?

2. Empty rhetoric/ promises: While we somewhat expect, candidates to make lots of empty promises, and using rhetoric (rather than reality), why do these individuals, seem to never transform, to statesmen! What good does this over – reliance on rhetoric, blaming and complaining, etc, service, unless it is solutions – oriented?

3. Vitriol: Consider the most recent Presidential campaign, conducted during 2015 and 2016. Then – candidate Donald Trump, used a wide variety of nasty names, to describe his opponents, such as Lying Ted (to describe Ted Cruz), Little Marco (for Marco Rubio), or the many nasty statements he made, directed at the then – Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton. At one time or another, he referred to opponents as lacking energy, hinted at health issues (which did not exist), made nasty and mean statements about family members (remember what was said about Cruz’ father and wife), or the accusations and statements, such as Lock her up, directed at Mrs. Clinton. He often riled – up his core followers, by making inflammatory, vile – based statements, and accusations!

4. Mean – thinking: When does this behavior go too far? When it is mean – thinking, contains vitriolic, biased, prejudiced, inflammatory statements, etc, with the apparent attempt, to do little more than rile – up his political core!

We have never observed any public official, who behaved, spoke, seemed as ill – prepared, etc, as President Donald Trump! Now, more than ever, we need our other elected officials, to step forward, to protect the freedoms, rights, etc, we’ve come to expect, in America!…

Air Force One Should Have An Escalator Ramp For The President

Have you noticed that our President and Dignitaries on Air Force One and Air Force Two have to walk up stairs to get in? Why? Shouldn’t they have escalators on those portable stairs? Remember how much trouble Hillary Clinton had getting into her little leased Boeing 737? If she had won the presidency in November of 2016, she wouldn’t be able to make it up all those stairs into a 747 which is twice the uphill hike as that little 737. Russian President Putin doesn’t have an escalator either but his aircraft is much smaller than a Boeing 747 like Air Force One, in fact side-by-side, it looks like a toy, although it does have a nice interior (cite: 1).

Recently, Donald Trump was in a hurry to go, so he jogged up the stairs, got into the aircraft without waving good bye to the media, and that upset the leftist media quite a bit. No matter he was just trying to get going, as he was late and also had to use the rest room. Now then, if the ground equipment – moveable staircase – was an escalator – President Trump could have turned to the crowd to wave good bye and satisfied the media so they could have the iconic picture of him at that moment.

Of course, in the interest of time – the stair case would need to be operated on double time for Trump, because he could run up the thing at that speed anyway. Still, as everyone knows when you run up a moving escalator going the same way you can really make good time, and time is money. This system needs to be electric, and still viable as a stair case when not moving. This allows regular folks, assistants and reporters to board by walking up the stairs. It also allows maintenance, security detail, and flight crew to do the same.

The escalator system should have motion sensors once activated for the President or dignitary. It should go both ways – up and down, in the down motion it should be slower, and going up at 3-different speed settings, slow, fast, and expedite. It’s interesting this doesn’t exist yet, and a wonder why we have an aircraft of this caliber without this upgraded ground equipment feature. Please consider all this and think on it.


(1) YouTube Video: “Russian IL-96!Flying Fortress!Putin’s Plane!” Russian Presidential Aircraft.

(2) YouTube Video: “Trump Didn’t Wave Goodbye to Media When Boarding Air Force One – And They’re Upset.”…

Cataract Surgery: Advantages and Disadvantages

Are you suffering from cataract in one or both eyes? Is the cloudiness of the eye’s natural lens is robbing you of your vision and quality of life? You no longer need to live with the vision impairment due to cataracts, thanks to cataract surgery.

Anyone thinking about undergoing Cataract surgery should first understand what is cataract.

The simplest definition for cataract is that it is a clouding of the natural lens, also called crystalline lens, in the eye that affects your daily activities and your ability to drive or read, and eventually leads to vision loss.

The only permanent way to repair a cataract is to have a cataract surgery. People with blurred or misty vision decide to have cataract surgery when the cloudiness in the eye’s natural lens gets bad enough where the vision cannot be improved with glasses or contact lens.

The surgical removal of cataract is also recommended to prevent other progressive eye disease s, such as diabetic retinopathy- a leading cause of blindness; and macular degeneration- deterioration of the center of the retina which leads to loss of central vision.

Cataract surgery, medically known as phacoemulsification, is performed with minimal sedation and typically takes around 20 minutes.

With the use of an operating microscope, the surgeon makes a very small incision about 3mm wide in the surface of the eye in or near the cornea. The clouded lens is then painlessly dissolved (phacoemulsify) using a fine needle that emits ultrasound waves. After the tiny fragmented pieces are sucked out, a folded artificial lens made from plastic or silicon is placed into the thin capsular bag. This artificial lens unfolds naturally in the eye.


Cataract surgery is very simple and almost painless.

It is generally the safest and effective way to restore vision with no serious complications.

After having the surgery, you will be allowed to return home the same day.

One of the biggest advantages of having cataract surgery is undoubtedly the dramatic improvement in the quality of vision.

It helps you get rid of blurry vision and have a better and clearer vision.

The surgery has little or no risks. The percentage of risk associated with the surgical removal of the cataract film from the lens is less than 10{512b763ef340c1c7e529c41476c7e03bc66d8daea696e1162822661d30dde056}.

Following the surgery, your surgeon keeps you under observation for a couple of hours before marking you to be cleared for discharge.

The recovery time for a cataract surgery is very short. The tiny incision size allows the eye to recover faster.

With greater vision, you can walk, climb stairs, drive car and do household chores more actively.


Like any other surgery, unexpected complications can occur during, or after, cataract surgery, albeit on rare occasions. The possible complications include:

Similar to any other major operation, the surgery may lead to blood loss

Abnormal reaction to the anaesthetic such as stickiness or itchiness of the eye is possible

Eye infection is also a possibility

Tearing of the lens capsule during surgery, causing reduced …

The Influence of Basketball Throughout Your Life

Basketball, just like any sport, is important for any child during their development and growth. Basketball can be played by both boys and girls and men and women. Organized kid’s teams start as early as 6-7 years old. Basketball promotes team work, team spirit and helps get children into better physical shape.

Not only do people play organized basketball in some sort of league but it is also played in a pick up format. Pick up basketball can be played by just showing up to the park and getting in a game among people who you may or may not know. As an added bonus playing basketball is a great way of meeting other people whether in organized leagues or during the weekend at outdoor pick up games at the park. Quite often, people who meet each other on the basketball court end up being off the court friends further down the road. These relationships can last many years, which all begin on the basketball court.

Basketball is a great sport, since you don’t always need someone else to play with to enjoy the game. You can practice shooting free throws, dribbling the ball and do some wind sprints to keep you in shape. Even playing with one other person is a lot of fun and there are many games like five-three-one and horse that you can play for hours at a time, while trying to improve your shot. If you find a few other people, you can play two on two, three on three or five on five. You can choose to either play full court games or half court which demands less running. There is just so much flexibility in getting out there and playing.…

Critical Review of Saladin’s Achievements in the Era of the Crusaders

Saladin was a prominent figure in the Medieval history. He was the most famous of the Muslim military heroes. His achievements were not limited to the military sphere alone, but transgressed across the political, diplomatic and administrative arenas. He succeeded to unite the Muslims and defeated the Crusaders and recapture Jerusalem.

His Youth

Saladin was born in Tikrit (present Iraq) in the year of 1138. His father, Najmuddin, was a Kurdish from Azarbaijan. On the night of his birth, his father, Najmudin, decided to move to Aleppo and worked for Imaddin Zangi, the powerful Turkish governor in northern Syria.

He received a taste of military life under the guided eyes of his uncle, Asaddin, and the academic and religious elements from his father. Following the tradition in those days, Saladin was trained to be expert horse rider and handled various weapons of combat, such as the sword in and archery. While growing up, Saladin was an ordinary undistinguished youth, with a greater interest in religious studies, rather than military achievement.

Uniting the Muslims.

Egypt became the stepping stone for Saladin’s ambition to recapture Jerusalem. This opportunity came when he was part of the triumphant army sent to Egypt by the Emir of Damascus to face the onslaught of the Crusaders. Upon the death of the vizier and his uncle, (army commander Asaddin), he was appointed as the Vizier of Egypt, keeping alliance to the emir in Damascus. When the Emir in Damascus died, Saladin proceeded in his plan to unite the fractional Muslims states with single minded intention to stage a holy war.

Battle of Hattin.

This is the beginning of the downfall of the crusaders. The exhausted army was trapped. So great were the losses in the ranks of the crusaders in this single battle that the Muslims were able to overrun over nearly the entire Kingdom of Jerusalem. One by one their stronghold fell under the power of Saladin, Acre, Toron, Beirut, Sidon, Nazareth, Caesarea, Nabulus, Jaffa (Yafo), and Ascalon (Ashqelon) within three months.

Saladin’s main achievement was the capture of Jerusalem (1187). In stark contrast to the Christians who captured the city 87 years earlier, the Muslim reconquest was marked by the civilized and courteous behavior of Saladin and his troops. By 1189 the crusaders occupied only three cities in the entire Middle East. Saladin’s conquest sparked the Third Crusade, which was led by the famed military leader Richard I (the Lion-Hearted). The clash between these two great powers ended in a draw, but a treaty was drawn up that allowed Christians to visit holy sites in the area. Saladin died a peaceful death in Damascus in 1193.


Saladin’s every act was inspired by an intense and undivided mindset to the idea of jihad, or holy war, taking the example from the struggle of the prophet and the companions. He opened colleges and mosque and created a system to support the quest of knowledge. He invited scholars and commissioned them to write edifying works both in …

Don’t Squander Your Income

Today’s world is brutal for anyone trying to get ahead. The expense of everything makes it hard to save and the cost of living is rising daily. Jobs are also hard to get and people falling through the cracks are now living on the streets in many cities. From the time one leaves school the pressure is on to succeed and that can take many twists and turns. The first and most vital thing to do is to get a good job.

From the first pay packet one must have a strategy for long-term survival. Set it out on paper and begin a bank account in which a certain percentage of the money is lodged each payday. This is essential for future benefits.

It makes me shudder to see images of people pouring money into poker machines or other gambling devices. These are money cows for the clubs, pubs, and societies that use them to boost their income. What it does to one financially is often so tragic that they end us losing everything. Families can be broken home, homes repossessed or tenants tossed out.

Living on the streets is a dead-end. There is hardly any way up unless you do it by sheer will power and clever tactics. The best thing is not to get into that situation.

While the going is tough it’s really time to get going and do yourself a favour. Don’t squander your income and make doubly sure that you bank as much as possible each week. If you do that then when these times have passed you will be overjoyed because of your sacrifice…

Benefits of Political Marketing

Marketing is not only limited to selling or promoting a product or service. Nowadays, the political world makes use of the power of marketing mainly to gain an advantage against their opponents. Political marketing, or politicking as it has been informally coined, is a common worldwide practice that influences the people to choose a candidate. It puts a person in a desirable position, like how marketers highlight a product or service’s good points.

Political marketing is a way to make the public aware of a party or candidate’s ideology or stance on certain issues. It helps make the public be at ease with a group, allowing them to earn their trust and satisfy their political needs. It is a medium for understanding what the public wants the parties to stand for or to act upon. It puts them in a favorable position, avoiding risks and issues that can destroy the image of the candidate.

Political marketing is neither cheap nor easy. It requires patience and research. With proper investigating, a marketer will be able to do the following:

1. Identify the current position on the politician. See which areas need to be improved and how to improve them. If the candidate is not looking good to the public in regards to a certain issue, a new strategy might be needed.

2. Identify an effective approach. Just like advertising a product, there are many effective ways to put information out in the market that will generate a desirable feedback. A live forum may be more effective over a TV appearance. A city visit may leave a better impression than a simple handing out of flyers. Social media may also help to get votes from the younger generations. It will all depend on what the marketer sees as most effective.

3. Identify what the public wants. Sometimes people do not really know what they want until it introduced to them. This can be the case when it comes to political marketing. The public may believe that position A is the best option, until a candidate shows them or makes them believe that position B is the best way to go.

With these, it is safe to say that proper political marketing can really influence people’s decision making. This may sound like you’re taking advantage of them, but it certainly will help the candidate reach their goal.

Political marketing can also make a candidate look good with the media. If the media people fall in love with the candidate, chances are, they always show their good side to the public. Just as in advertising, the public should only see the good side of the product. As soon as the public sees a flaw, they can use that to question the candidate’s credibility, which will pose a great problem.

It is important to hire a smart political marketer, somebody who knows how to avoid loopholes. Also, be creative with whatever strategies you use. A smart marketer will be able to get you to your …