Tips On Picking "Sleeper" Real Estate Property

Real estate investing is all about perception. Your perception of where the market is going, in conjunction with where it’s actually going. The aim, as always is to buy low and sell high.

You want to buy a cheap tract of dirt and sell it as a high priced piece of developed real estate, after it’s appreciated enough to turn a tidy profit. Selling the property is an art in and of itself.

Buying an initial tract of dirt lends itself to some solid, rational guidelines:

First, look at trend lines for housing prices in your area. While most housing markets are in decline (and the housing markets in Florida and California are adjusting from more than a decade of over-valuation), there are markets where the housing prices are going up. This is a decent leading indicator that there’s a market for expansion.

Second, look for job related news. Home purchases require a steady source of income. New employers moving into a city, or a government branch office opening up are a strong indicator that good, well paying jobs are likely to come up. Where well paying jobs roost, home purchases follow.

Related to this, talk to your local city planning office. Are there recent purchases of “right of ways” to lay down sewer lines? Is the local telephone cable making plans to run out fiber optic lines – a “must have” trend in new home construction. These things point to areas where home growth is immanent. Other big tip offs are school bond issues (found in your local news paper) and new parks being opened up.

Before you look at the land, check out the adjacent commercial real estate usage. Look for “family friendly” or “residential friendly” commercial properties: Houses that are close to grocery and clothes shopping tend to fetch a higher price than ones that are farther away. If there’s a movie theater nearby, or plans for an elementary or middle school, factor that into the size of the homes you build, and what their amenities will be; buyers looking for those features are looking for “mover upper” homes – with a bit more floor space, and two (or three) bedrooms for the kids. Other spots to look for are anchor stores, like Wal-Mart and Best Buy. These companies spend millions on surveys of purchasing patterns before buying a store location; if they’re buying a plot of land, you’ve got about a year to a year and a half window to look into nearby real estate for single family residential and rental residential properties.

You can even flip this on its side – if you can talk to a group of commercial real estate investors, building a shopping center as the nucleus for home development is also a viable combined strategy. This also applies to highly urban areas. Many downtown areas that have been abandoned by businesses can be converted to apartment buildings, and some of the older housing projects are being torn down for mixed-use spaces …

New Labor Goes Consulting Crazy

When the Labor Party were in opposition, they lambasted the ruling Conservative government for spending up to £ 500m a year on management and IT systems consultants. This was, they thundered, "a disgraceful waste of taxpayers' money – money that should be spent on frontline services like hospitals and schools" rather than being handed over to a few already wealthy consultants. Now New Labor are in power, they seem to have changed their minds. However, New Labor have not just spent a mere £ 500m a year on consultants – they had much more ambitious plans than that. In their grand plan to modernize the delivery of public services, they seem to have sidelined the Civil Service and have decided to both make their new policies and implement them using their favorite management and IT systems consultants. This is turning out to be an expensive exercise – it will cost us, the taxpayers, well over £ 70bn – more than £ 20bn for management consultants and at least another £ 50bn for IT systems consultants

The vast amounts of taxpayers' money being handed over to consultants could be seen as evidence of a dynamic, forward-looking government investing in modernizing their country. At least, it would be positive were these massive investments successful. However, experience to date is less than promising. Judging by what has happened, New Labor's investments in management and IT systems consulting appear to have just been a series of unmitigated and shameful disasters. So bad was the situation, that in an all-party committee of MPs criticized the British Government for both wasting taxpayers' money and trying to cover up the truth about its financial mismanagement. The committee connected that the British Government's record on IT consulting projects was 'an appalling waste of public money which Whitehall was trying to conceal behind a cloak of commercial confidentiality'. There have been so many disasters like the Child Support Agency – £ 1bn wasted on consultants, the National Offender Management Service – about £ 300m wasted and the Ministry of Defense – at least £ 500m spent on consulting that gave absolutely no results. The most shameful project of all must be the new NHS IT system which was planned to take 3 years to complete and cost just £ 2.3bn – it will actually take over 10 years, will cost over £ 12bn and won't even work properly.


Management and IT systems consultancies are businesses. As businesses, their aim is profit maximisation. This means they must try and sell as much of their product as they can at the highest price possible. Just like any other business – manufacturers of soft drinks, breakfast cereals, photocopiers, paperclips, cars, burgers, cigarettes or whatever. When you sell management or IT systems consulting to another commercial company like a bank, insurance company or an oil company, you are playing a commercial game, where you both know the rules. You try and get as much of …

Draw Out Benefits of Online SSC Coaching

SSC (Staff Selection Commission) exams lure a gazillion candidates across the country into taking a shot at the posts available with various government offices and departments. The candidates, vying for these vacancies, go through a written examination in order to make the cut for the personal interview round. Once they have cruised through the interview rounds, they become entitled to secure job positions in government offices.

It is worth noting that SSC recruitment is a challenging order of business, especially considering the cut-throat competition, which continues to loom among government job aspirants. As a result, candidates leave no stone unturned to ensure that their preparations are enough to beat out their rivals, set against them in the fray.

Need for Online Preparation

Online coaching is a great resort for candidates in this regard. Internet-based preparation for government exams allows candidates to get a head-start with their preparations without killing a valuable time in commuting back and forth between a coaching institute and home. Such programs are designed to familiarize the aspirants with every facet of the test and give tips concerning a particular exam.

Broadening Horizon of Online Preparation

Online preparation is still in its infancy as far as its scope of reach is concerned. Moreover, the advent of internet and expansion of network infrastructure across the remotest corners in the country has paved the way for a staggering rise of internet-based coaching avenues. However, students should exercise due caution while investing money in these programs. Conduct an in-depth research about the institute as well as the content of courses.

Avenue for Full-Fledged Preparation

The aspirants receive the full internet-based program modules once they have subscribed for these courses. Apart from this, these courses are available at relatively affordable rates as compared to conventional coaching institutes. However, aspirants should make it a point to draw comparisons among the rates of various internet-based programs and make a comparative perusal among these institutes in order to make an informed decision.

Polish up with Practice Questions

These courses contain sets of practice questions so that students can tune their preparations up in the light of how they perform in mock tests. Apart from this, these practice papers are set out keeping the time frame for actual exams into consideration. Further, students can prepare for these courses at their own pace, unlike coaching institutes where they have to match the pace with faculties. As a result, you can prepare for the examination without a single qualm.

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10 Smart Financial Moves You Should Make in 2018

"Financial planning is about more than just good advice or investment returns. It is about providing guidance that you can trust."

It is always beneficial to plan out and have a blueprint of your future finances ready. You certainly don't want to make a same financial blunder that you have made earlier. It's also important to plan your investments well.

The Budget 2018 was announced recently and while there is no change in personal income tax, long-term capital gains will be taxed at 10% for amount exceeding Rs. 1 Lakh, without indexing.

So, how should you plan 2018 to make it financially viable?

To make your financial year of 2018 a big HIT, here are 10 financial moves that you can take:

1.) Venture on a Term's Plan or Insurance

Life has its own course of running. You can never be aware of what is going to happen next. It is unpredictable and therefore it's important that you plan ahead.

Invest on a Term Plan, as a way to secure your family's future. Term plan or Term Insurance is a financial protection that helps your family financially in your absence. Term insurances are increasing becoming popular as they come with loads of benefits.

2.) Have a Health Insurance

Health is wealth and there is no denying that fact.

Whether you've family or you're living an independent life, it must be your priority to invest on a health plan. Accidents and ailments aren't uncommon, and the sad part is that medical treatment isn't cheap in our country.

Having a Health Insurance helps you overcome sudden medical emergencies.

3.) Invest in a Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs)

It is one of the most simple and convenient manner to invest money in mutual funds. You have the liberty to venture your money either weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Systematic Investment Plans grant you an already decided amount to be paid uniformly at regular terms. This type of investment in mutual funds is regarded as the most safe and suitable kind in the market.

4.) Buy Real Estate

After the implementation of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) in the year 2017, realty investors weren't very sure about their financial security. However, the picture is likely to change in the year 2018. It seems the government is looking for new ways to revive growth in the real estate sector.

With the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act (RERA) in place, there is no place for false promises by real estate developers. You'll also most likely not have to deal with cheating or delay in possessions. Also, the rates are low all across the country. Owing to the good market conditions, this can be the right time to purchase a house or a commercial property. But, make sure to leverage the benefits of a home loan while doing this costly transaction. Instead of paying the complete cost in cash, use a home loan to pay a part of the total cost and save on taxes. What better time …

How to Get Your Own Kickstarter Company

In the old days, if you had an idea and you wanted to mass produce an item for a company, you had to go to a bank or some other form of government funding before you could even start work as a company.

You would have to start the business off by being in debt. Therefore, not a lot of people would open their own businesses because they didn’t even know if the item would sell and they didn’t want to be stuck with a product that didn’t sell and be thousands of pounds worth of debt.

However, all of that changed with the introduction of Kickstarter. Kickstarter is crowd-funding website. So, members would put their idea on the site, tell people how much they need to make their business or idea work and then people from all over the world will donate money.

Provide a Service

The money that they donate will be because they are getting something in return. You don’t have to pay the money back, but they aren’t giving you the money for nothing.

Once they have decided to pay into the kickstarter idea, they will get something back for the value of their money. The lowest amount is usually for a t-shirt, a pack of cards or a download of a movie or song.

People then have the opportunity to choose higher donation tiers and the more money that they give, the better the return that they will get on the item. For example, if your kickstarter idea is for a movie, then on the lower tier, they will get a copy of the movie, and on the higher tier they could get to meet the cast.

That way, people get to choose what they want in return and how much money that they want to invest in your idea. People are more likely to donate to this sort of thing because they are getting something back for their money, it is not like they are giving their money away.

Card Games

Card Games are brilliant ideas for a crowdsourcing company because they could attract a lot of investors. If you look at the toy industry, or comic book industry, there are plenty of card games that people buy into. Top Trumps, Cards for Humanity, Magic the Gathering, The Walking Dead and Pokemon, are all examples of very popular card games.

The trick is to get an idea and get the idea copyrighted and on the site before someone else has the chance to make the same idea.


Before the cards are even on the site, you will have to get a sample pack printed and you will have to make a contract with a printing company for the mass production of the cards once the business is off the ground.

Therefore, you will be looking for a printing company, but it is best if you choose a company that specialises in a printing card games because they will be able to give you …

Suboxone Treatment: The Frontline of Recovery

Doctors have turned to the use of new medications to treat the disease of addiction. To curb the ever-growing problem of opioid abuse, Suboxone treatment is on the rise and is now a popular option among physicians. Traditional methods such as methadone or inpatient rehabilitation, while still in use, are being replaced as a primary option. In combination with counseling and social support, Suboxone carries people along the process of recovery and restores hope to countless individuals.

Catalysts of Recovery

The life-changing drug is a combination of Buprenorphine, a synthetic opiate, and Naloxone, which acts as an opioid blocker. Buprenorphine attaches to the same pain receptors as other narcotics such as heroin or oxycontin. Due to its chemical structure, it relieves the patient of detox symptoms but does not produce the "high" associated with painkillers. Also, its ceiling effect lowers the risk of overdose which can be a danger of methadone use.

Sturdy Foundations

Physicians report its use as being a critical part of the recovery process for their patients. While allowing outpatient access, patients adhere to strict dosing limits and times during the first phase of their treatment. Being a requirement for some programs, group therapy and meetings with counselors create a well-rounded regimen. Patients are still able to fulfill vocational requirements and meet family obligations without having to attend a costly inpatient rehabilitation center.

Assistance of Authorities Key to Ending Abuse

To combat the accelerating opioid epidemic, the federal government has shown support for suboxone treatment. Expanding availability and allowing providers to prescribe the drug to more patients has been proposed by the US Department of Health and Human Services. In defense of the proposal, the previous limits on the number of possible patients cut down access to the pharmaceutical. Therefore, people who need the assistance will not be able to get it.

The Affordable Care Act has created several more opportunities for patients seeking Suboxone treatment. Substance abuse is now required coverage by plans on the government insurance marketplace. Likewise, new plans seeking to lower drug abuse and overdoses have been proposed. Naloxone has also been encouraged by federal programs as an effective drug in combatting addiction.

Accessibility: From First Responders to Local Pharmacies

Naloxone quickly reverses the effects painkillers have on the body. It is commonly used by emergency rooms to recover users from overdoses, but in the past, its availability has been confined only to hospitals. On some occasions, people have died en route to the hospital or while waiting for ambulances to arrive. In 2016, the federal government issued funds to states to help distribute the drug and train first responders on how to use it. In some states, Naloxone can now be purchased over the counter at local pharmacies.

Suboxone treatment, with the support of the government and the number of lives being saved, has given new hope to people suffering from drug addiction and doctors alike. Buprenorphine, a safer opiate replacement to assist in detox, in combination with the life-saving properties of …

The True Source of Self Esteem

No matter where you are today it seems as if the expression “self esteem” keeps cropping up. If a person is successful in business and in life they are said to have “high self esteem” whereas if they are unsuccessful they are said to have low self esteem, but is it really that simple? What exactly IS self esteem and why is it seemingly so important of a concept to so many people?

Defining Self Esteem

The process of defining self esteem can be a tricky business. For one thing, when listening to people talk it comes across as both a “thing” and an “experience.” For another thing the concept seems to be all tangled up with societal expectations and commonly held misconceptions.

A stripped down definition of self esteem would be to say that it is an experience; specifically that it is a way of experiencing the self and of analyzing one’s self-worth.

Far more than a simple feeling, the concept of self esteem (or experiencing the self) includes emotional, cognitive and evaluative aspects which, when taken together constitute a person’s ability of coping with life’s basic challenges and whether they view themselves of being worthy of happiness.

The Societal Disconnect

Can you see the disconnect here? In today’s society individuals have been conditioned to view themselves as successful (or not) by judging what they have or don’t have in the way of jobs and possessions; what they have achieved (or not) in the way of financial success or social status, and this view of success is tied directly to how an individual feels about themselves; about how their experience themselves and whether or not they view themselves as worthy of happiness.

So how can a person’s way of experiencing their self be separated from the expectations and commonly held misconceptions that have commonly been tangled up with the concept of self esteem? Perhaps the answer lies in understanding the true source of self esteem.

Finding the Source

The true source of self esteem does not lie in achieving or not achieving a preconceived level of success or in obtaining (or failing to obtain) a certain status or even having or not having certain things, because the self cannot be defined by things or status; by positions or power. Granted we have been conditioned to believe that our self-worth can be gauged by those things that we have or do not have, but the true source of self esteem, of feeling worthy of happiness, comes from our ability to see ourselves as human beings and the ability to accept and respect ourselves exactly the way we are.

Does that sound too simplistic? Perhaps it does, and perhaps it will leave you with your eyebrows knit and asking “well, that’s nice, but how does one go from connecting one’s self esteem by ones successes or failures to seeing ourselves worthy of respect and happiness?” That, my friends, is the real challenge, for now that you know the true source of …

AnyWho Reverse Lookup – A Way Of Searching Online Directory Non-Conventionally

AnyWho reverse lookup service is one of the free online service directory offered by AT&T. It is a way of searching through online directory non-conventionally. It contains personal and or residential listings, business listings, and government’s white and yellow listings. It is an online directory assistance which provides services that allows users to search the person’s name and residential address. There is a search box where users put phone numbers of the person they are looking for to search.

Here, contact numbers of business establishments are used in searching for business listings as well as business addresses. Once the user has finished inputting the numbers of phone in the search box and upon submitting it, the results which shows listing of the names together with addresses of the registered residences and businesses will then be displayed which are related and based on the information inputted by the user on the search box.

Different types of people can obtain benefits from this type of service. Parents who wants to monitor who their children are talking to on the phone can just grab a copy of the contact number in their caller id and then use the AnyWho reverse lookup service for then to find out the registered owners of whom the number belongs to. It will also work in finding out pranks that are always calling at your home.

In AnyWho lookup service, all you just need to do is to jot down the phone numbers of the person then through online searching, users can search for the registered owner of the number. This service can also help us avoid embarrassment because through this we will be able to know information on the person whom the number belongs to first before calling that certain person.

Now, let’s tackle down phone number reverse lookup which is related to AnyWho reverse lookup. Phone number reverse lookup has been so common nowadays specially for those people who wanted to ensure themselves that they know who the person they are calling to. Reverse lookup is applicable to both cellular and landline numbers. The databases of the reverse phone number lookup provides users with the most accurate list of matches. This saves the users from worrying about missing an important call from an important caller. Using reverse phone number lookup in searching the registered contact number is so accessible and saves a lot of time since results will be displayed in just seconds away.

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Government Seized Car Auction – Drive Home Used Cars Dirt Cheap!

Unless you are hibernating or watching too much football for the past years, you must have heard of government seized car selling dirt cheap. Everyday, for so many years now, government agencies have been selling seized cars to the highest bidder. (This is not only limited to surplus and repossessed cars. There are also boats, aircraft, electronic devices, office equipment, furniture, heavy machineries, and foreclosed or seized lots and houses.)

How is it possible?

It may sound to you that the government is so desperate to sell these seized cars but the truth is, seized vehicles occupy a lot of space, which in turn is equivalent to money spend on storage. So, the government agencies willfully sell these vehicles to anyone who is willing to pay for them through auction. Another reason is that the money generated from these government seized car auctions are extra income which will go back to public services.

How come I do not know this?

Government seized cars are not so commonly know to the public for obvious reasons. Government agencies will not spend on advertising these auctions. So very few people know which agencies have auctions unless the person is well informed.

Where are government seized car auctions held?

Government seized car auctions are held all across the country. There might be one near you. But no, it is not advisable to head to your local county or government building and ask about it. They will not likely give you such information. What you should do is to know where exactly to go. Here are some of the government agencies that hold seized car auctions:

– Federal law enforcement agency

– Local Police agency

– County Sheriff department

– Internal Revenue Service

– General Service Administration

– Small Business Administration

– State tax department

– US Bankruptcy Court

– US Customs

– US Postal Service

– US Marshall

Government seized car auctions are also available online. Most of these sites require a membership fee between $ 20 and $ 60 for you to be able to access the list of seized cars on sale. The main advantage of this is that you can conveniently bid for a car that is located thousands of miles from you. And since not so many people know about these plus the fact that the government wants to dispose these immediately, you can easily win any car you want at a very low price.

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Loans for Every Occasion: Home Loans, Payday Loans, Student Loans and more …

At some point in life, it is almost guaranteed that you will be applying for a loan of some sort. Paying cash for products and services is not only becoming obsolete, it's terribly inconvenient. Today, credit is a way of life, and as more and more people begin to shop online, plastic is the currency accepted everywhere.

The most basic of loans is of course, the credit card. Companies that issue credit cards make money every month that you carry a balance, and they are betting on the fact that you won't pay off the balance every month.

Some loans actually make good business sense. Why would anyone want to shell out $ 300,000 for a new home when they could get a Home Loan and pay $ 1,000.00 a month, and then deduct the interest paid from their income taxes? That three hundred grand could be put to work in other investments, and could conceivably earn more for you than you are actually paying for the house! And all that time, if you time it right, your house becomes more and more valuable.

There are also times when for many people things just aren't going well financially. An unexpected expense occurs and you find yourself just coming up short on your living expenses. Many types of loans exist for this type of situation, both secured and unsecured.

Maybe you just need some quick cash to get through the holidays, and intend to pay the loan off within the next few pay periods. Companies offering short term Payday Loans abound both on the Internet and off. Some with no credit check will transfer up to $ 1,500 into your bank account within 24 hours.

Student loans , auto loans, small business loans, personal loans, home loans, second mortgages, payday loans, government loans, bad credit loans, loans to consolidate other loans – there is a loan for just about any occasion out there.

The question is how much are you going to pay for your loan? And the answer to that depends in most cases on your credit history.

Your Credit History: Weather or not you get the loan, and how much it will cost you. It is never too early to start establishing credit, and the best way to do this is with a credit card. If you are finding it difficult to obtain a credit card because you have no history, you can always buy your history by applying for a secured credit card or line of credit. Put down $ 500 or $ 1,000 and borrow against it. Make sure the institution you are applying to reports to the major credit bureaus, use the line of credit and pay your bills on time, and voila – you have a credit history! There is nothing wrong with carrying a balance over, just pay the minimum or a bit more, and pay it on time! Creditors like to think they will be making some money off of you.

What Lenders