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Deciding When to Hire an Auto Accident Lawyer You won’t need a lawyer to assist with usual car accident claims if you just take some time to understand the claims process. The trick is to determine which cases you can take care of yourself, and which demand an attorney. Below are five things to consider when deciding which route to take: The following are five considerations as you decide which path to take: Fault Contestation
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Where fault for a car accident is being contested – that is, the other party’s accountability could not be proven – you will lose your case and go home with nothing. Therefore, you cannot take a risk on this. If there will be a fight over fault, especially if you go to court where the technical rules of evidence apply, then too much at stake for you to do it yourself, and you should hire a car accident lawyer.
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Out-of-Pocket Expenses and Lost Income You may be fine settling your own claims if your out-of-pocket expenses are below $5,000, but not if they’re at least $15,000. You must decide up to what level you’re willing to handle your case yourself, which may be higher or lower than the examples provided. Seriousness of Injury If your injury is serious (for example, an herniated disk or a broken bone) enough that it has affected you for a long time, especially if it is an irreversible injury, you have a potentially large claim, and should thus hire an attorney to present it as professionally as possible. The larger the claim and the greater the stakes, the wiser having a legal professional on your side will be. As a rule of thumb, the bigger your case, the more the other party will resist your claim. Going to Court Should you need to take your case to court, and there is no small claims court or any other alternative dispute resolution at hand, hire an attorney who is a master of court rules. This way, you get a fair chance of winning and have your legal rights protected. Settling Your Claim on Your Own How much time you’ll take to study the claims process is different from one case to another, but most likely, this would be 5 to 10 hours. It is possible for you to settle your own claim and gain from it too. Lawyers often charge 1/3 of your recovery as their fee, so if your case is worth $12,000, for example, you can pocket some $4,000 in extra cash. Of course, it your case is too complicated, or if you simply don’t have the confidence to handle it yourself, a lawyer is always there to ensure good results. There are a lot of claims that you can probably take care of yourself if you educate yourself, but it would be downright foolish to handle a big one that obviously require the expertise of an attorney.